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The Devilish Plan to Impeach Trump

Updated on January 20, 2020
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A senior air warrior, graduate from the Staff College and a PG in military studies. He is qualified to write on war and allied matters.

Trump is Anathema to Many

Donald Trump won the nomination and then the presidency. His opponents were smashed and that did not go down well with the powers that be. The GOP old guard was aghast. How could an upstart, with no knowledge of politics and the art of statecraft become president? The press and the Ivy league were bewildered. They had to eat crow. Trump as President? No way they had said. All their "fixed" polls were broadcast that Donald was out and defeated and Hillary the darling of the press and the status quo were sure she would win.

Strange are the ways of politics, for Donald won and that was something nobody could stomach. By nobody, I mean his opponents. They were looking for chinks in his armor. This man who talked of friendship with Russia and out of box solutions like supporting Brexit, Not averse to meeting the Korean dictator Kim Jong and a man who called a spade a spade and said removing Saddam and Gaddafi was a mistake had to be removed. How dare this man talk like this. He must go. So a devilish plan to impeach him. It's not public yet, but sure enough, it's coming.

Well, it has come and the impeachment trial has commenced.

The Plot

The plot to Trump was hatched more by action than a plan. Slowly the anti-Trump brigade decided to catch Trump on his weakest wicket. What better than the Russian connection? Russia has always been a bugbear for America and one is reminded that Senator McCarthy started a witch hunt against Communists. It ended but it left deep scars.
President Obama played a part in trying to corner Trump. Being a Mulsim sympathizer he feared the Muslim ban of Trump and he wanted to help corner the incoming president and hence meticulously saved all " intelligence" about the Russian connection. The Intelligence agencies seeing their influence dipping and most fearful of losing their focus in the case of peace with Russia helped "manufacture" evidence of a Russian hand. Frankly, it's too preposterous to think that Russia has the capability to influence an American election, yet that is what the Int agencies want the people to believe. They are egged on by the Ant Trump brigade.

Impeach Donald

Many GOP leaders and the Democrats who have been smarting at the defeat of the pro-establishment candidate Hillary are worried. They can't allow Trump to carry on. So they will try and catch him on the Russian connection. Already the national security advisor general Flynn has gone and the AG is rendered impotent as far as the Russian investigation is concerned. He has had to recuse himself as his own party men were gunning for him.

Now people want an independent prosecutor and they won't be satisfied till the verdict of guilt is brought against Donald. The charge could be treason and be lying to Congress. Anything that will stick. Assange that die-hard investigator has released evidence of the devilish plan. Impeach Trump on the Russian connection and then ask Pence to take over. Pence has denied it vehemently but Donald better beware.

The aim to replace Donald with Pence is on and then in 2020, the establishment candidate can come back. Donald then would be like a storm in a teacup. But again a lot of things happen and yet things don't work out. Donald has to fight. Go ahead with what he believes and whether Russia and Korea must act. That will take the sails out of the boats of the opposition. Trump may then survive to fight again in 2020. One can't think of any other way.

The wheel has turned full circle now. Trump is caught not on the Russian connection but in innocuous dealings with Ukraine. Articles of impeachment are framed and the trial will take place soon. Win or lose, Trump will know that all allegations and processes have repercussions and Trump will go down in history as only one of 3 presidents to be impeached. People will forget his other achievements if any, as this impeachment will oversee all. This, in my opinion, is sad.


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