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The Difficult task of newly appointed individuals in the Executive Departments

Updated on January 30, 2017

Each time there is a new administration there are going to be changes of policy and as such those newly appointed individuals to head up each of the executive departments have their jobs cut out for them. In some cases the policies of a previous administration may not be in line with the policies of a new administration. When these situations occur it will be necessary for those newly in charge to change the focus of their respective department and the agencies within them.

As mentioned there are thousands of individuals who work in the various departments and agencies in the Executive Department who are bent on maintaining a philosophy that no longer exists. In some cases the policies of the past have been in conflict with the laws on the books and the instructions given have not been in line with the Constitution and/or the law. Some may say that this is not necessarily the case but in fact departments and agencies have initiated rules and regulations based on political policy not the laws they are tasked to enforce.

Employees must remember that there are new individuals in charge including the President. It is important for them to understand that changes will be forthcoming and they should either accept those changes or find themselves another job. The task of new individuals in charge of any department and their agencies has the responsibility and authority to direct the operations and function in line with the law and presidential instructions/policy.

In relation to the election results the focus of the new President and his policies is a drastic shift from how the government has functioned the past 8 years and in fact for decades. This culture is now dead and implementing this new philosophy and perspective is the job of department heads and those of the agencies within them.

Many individuals have not been happy with the results of the election and there may be some individuals who work in the various departments and agencies who feel this way. Actions they take will impact the success of their respective positions and they must ask themselves how they want to be remembered. Individuals who are elected are impacted differently than those who are actually hired. Political consequences are in play if they do not work for the good of the country. Individuals who have been hired and have been in their positions for years understand that changes occur between administrations and they adapt to those changes. Activities which may be in line with a previous President are no longer in effect unless the policy of the new administration is in agreement.

It may take time to make adjustments in policy, procedures and regulations in addition to legislation but adjustments will be made either through executive orders or legislation. We have a newly elected Congress who should and must work with the Trump administration and the agenda he has identified during his campaign. When President Trump gives his State of the Union address to Congress it will be one which will be watched with the utmost interest but for different reasons. The public will be interested in the specific agenda for his first year and the media or at least some of them will be interested in putting their spin of the agenda presented.

The individuals in charge of the executive departments have the responsibility to provide input to President Trump on how their respective department plays a role in implementing his agenda. Congress has a responsibility to examine the agenda presented in the budget fairly and either accept or provide input on better options. In both cases appropriate actions need to take place to ensure the decisions are not based on any political agenda or policy but what is right for America. The President’s agenda and the budget to be presented should have a fair evaluation by Congress. Gridlock is not an option. The people have spoken that they are tired of the political culture that has been in place as witnessed by their votes. Individuals who have been elected to serve their constituents need to understand the decisions by the voters or they will face political consequences in the next election.


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