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The Disposable Family

Updated on July 17, 2010

When Time Fails To Heal Open Wounds

Is history repeating itself...over and over?
Is history repeating itself...over and over?

Is This The Age Of Societal Collapse?

Is your family disposable? Is it your intention to go out and find a new one, after you have disposed of the current one?

I am seeing, reading, learning about new cases everywhere, every day of men dumping their families. It was badly enough back in the early 80's, when I was locating absent fathers for Social Services in NY. Now I am seeing it in droves everywhere I turn.

Is this the final thread of society unraveling? Will these hoards of men ever wake up and realize the meaning of life? I have attempted to talk to a few, and what I can conclude...the bottom line...they're chemical balance is way off.

They are absolutely experiencing improper brain cell firing, incorrect thought process, ( a product/result of long term nutritional neglect), and lashing out at the negative consequences they are forced to live, due to their own poor decision making.

Unfortunately once one has reached this low level plateau, it's extremely difficult to sway them back to health. I do mean sway, because when one is chemically off, you will have additional behaviors that are unpleasant. Road rage comes from this scenario of improper chemical make up, among other things going haywire within.

Left in a state of neglect it will morph into many permanent mental issues, physical ailments, and more. The path in ones life will be greatly effected by this, permanently. Permanently means historically, and what the future will be able to identify with, about everyone.

Mankind is meant to love each other. To grow a people who are advancing, and intelligent. Unfortunately man himself made incorrect moves in history which brought us to the here and now. Our paths were changed, involuntarily by others who are not directly related to you. Hence the bodies of politicians, etc. Our lives are dictated by these individuals in positions of power. Each with a limit on their own particular power. Joining with the bigger powers.

The human body can handle just about anything we can throw at it...if our strength is not compromised. Human beings can actually adapt to just about anything too. A great example for me would be the mass poisoning of the food supply. I can directly prove our population is being poisoned in masses. So can a lot of friends...big deal right? It is a big deal, much bigger than one could ever know.

Why am I mentioning this in the disposable family hub? It's one of the main reasons why men are completely dysfunctional in life, in marriage, and with their children. To top this already monumental problem, now the men who were already dysfunctional (track the statistics like I do) have been rendered useless.

Patriarch tyrants must maintain, or try to maintain control over at least the men. In history, they merely kill all the women, because women are a huge threat to their method of raping and pillaging. While the "slow kill" is taking place, over a period of time, and planned for population control...we watch...we witness...we experience what women and children feel like, go through, and survive the brutality, violence, and indifference to the meaning of life itself.

Meanwhile the water is tainted, the air is polluted, the food is poisoned, the planet is being killed, and the indifferent males, at the hands of power are...looking to manage huge grave yards, and mass crematoriums as their retirements. Please do not take my word for it, google conspiracy theories with Jesse Ventura, or the many individuals he exposes.

I have studied, and watch the subtle long term effects of the "slow kill" method that is in use right now. Let's examine the affect of MSG, Monosodium Glutamate. Again please do not take my word, google it. Visit, read all about it! It's all there for everyone to read, witness, and experience. If it's destroying the human body...why is in our food? Well my friends that is the $64,000,000 question for many years now...Us nutrition people know exactly why.

Do you think there is a reason why the medical industry shuns the nutrition industry? Do you think there is a reason why so many are ignorant about nutrition, and natural healing? It was designed and planned that way. Unfortunately the priorities at hand, are not to care for the human race. It's actually to kill the human race. Think that is a little dramatic? You only think that because you are ignorant to the facts about what is actually going on here. Next to you, and next to me. It's a global issue, and none of us are safe.

However, despite the incredible negatives were up against...the human race is as I said earlier, very adaptable to just about any extreme...providing they are given the facts.

Which brings us to why I write these hubs, about such negative things. Someone has to document particular things in our history. It's my mission to help educate, enlighten, and enhance peoples lives around the rise above the media, the hype, the brainwashing, and let love, and the meaning of life take you to levels of existence you do not have now.

Being at your optimum health, (through what grows from the planet naturally) allows you a freedom you have no clue exists...unless you are there already. It is imperative that you maintain your health, because you will need your strength later. Let's not forget that our society as we know falling apart, as we speak.

This hub is putting it mildly, and merely touching on the subject. In an attempt to omit the massive violence I've been witness to. It's reached levels of startling proportion today, right now. I expect it will only get worse, before anything gets better. There is a huge lack of control, and I would not be surprised if Marshal Law went into effect. Especially in NY.

I am already seeing men robbing gas from vehicles in the middle of the night. I seem to remember that being a scene from Mad Max.

Over the past 20 years or so, I have seen first hand (while studying) dramatic changes in men, the development of children, the behavioral patterns of families, and the mounting damages to women. Just to mention a few, like erectile dysfunction, obesity, diabetes, prostate cancer, birth defects, and there are so many more to discuss.

These are issues that gained momentum over the past 20 years. The subtle change at hand. If you get'll stop. If you do not get it, then your destiny is to be a statistic...on a chart, in history. Google the Juiceman, read his history. Learn the truth. It's available to everyone.

Google Edgar Cayce, He is my most important hero in history that I am very interested in. I continue to study him, and absorb as much as I can from him, as fast as I can. We are in a race against time to save ourselves.

Some of us will catch onto this, some of us will not. Some of us are so brainwashed, and influenced they cannot fathom that this could be true, or is really happening. I fear for those who are ignorant, and will become the unsuspecting victims. Which is the only nice way I can think to say that. Forgive me if it offends you, I am offended by the death in masses currently happening to our people.

I write because of love, and love is what is lacking in our current society...between the bodies of people, not the governments. Nobody of authority can tell you, you cannot love everyone. Nobody of authority can tell you not to be caring and social to your neighbor! You are supposed to do that! We are supposed to stick together as a body of people, period.

Here's something I know for fact, through my own studies. I know beyond a shadow of any doubt that NO One Person wishes to sit idle and watch their family die right before their own eyes, and have no option to help them. I know this to be a fact. Yet we are doing it every day.

The vast resources in our world, on the internet, and in libraries is available to all of us. You cannot be stopped from educating yourself on what is real, and what is not. Our Earth provides every single thing you need to survive about 100 years per human body. Will you give this right to someone else, who does not have your best interest at heart?

Make the educated decision to control your own life, and put ingredients into your body that you know are safe! The level of functioning ability surpasses anything you've ever experienced before. How do I know this? I am your living proof that Nature is all you need. I saved my own life strictly through nature. Read my profile, and hubs about my life experience, and studies.

For the good of the many, strictly for love.

For the record: I write for therapeutic purposes, for myself. Pretty soon, I will be speaking to my mac to record, and type everything I say. Hmmm...I may actually publish many more hubs that

The fact is I love even the abusive men...why? They know not what they do. They too are victims in the big picture, and are typically unaware of the patterns they've developed. Once identified, then comes rage, due to guilt over the actions which caused their consequences. There is a myriad of toxins being pushed to market that has caused this.

I see men everywhere fail to understand, or grasp the concept that you absolutely must be genuinely nice to women if you are to gain anything from them.

Should you falter from this, you will inevitably end with negative consequence. As history will demonstrate. This is the way it is, and will always be. Man, (the male species) has yet to become asexual.

Until such time, females will be in the power of the ruling order of things. Mathematically deduced, and configured, acceptance of this is what will save humanity as a race.

In depth studies have been done, and are continuing to be done on a daily basis, confirming the facts and figures of women in power is the answer for humanity to exist beyond the current predictions of Stephen Hawking, Edgar Cayce, and others.

The sleeping profit, and our world genius predict many things, (that unless you study them) most people are totally unaware of. Tip of the iceberg on what is going on in the world while, we are worried about what color pants to buy, why the person in front of us is moving to slow for our current mood.

The realm of what people do not know if monumentally more vast than what they do know. This to me is a mathematical equation of one section of existence, of the human race. To me it a monumental aspect of why you and I exist. It cannot be denied.

You cannot exist without a womb. Forget not... from where you came.

The womb of your Mother Goddess... representation and creation of the Divine Mother.

By the way Men and Women: Change your patterns of Laptop activity. Do not keep the your Laptop on your lap! Cancer survivors are not allowed near a computer device for a very long time. I happen to know quite a few.

Never should you be that close to any mechanical/electronic device. I am telling you this, from my personal studies, and research. I do not care what the medical industry says. Find another way, get used it being next to you, at least three feet away, it should be four feet! I realize that on trains, in cars, and small spaces this's difficult, if not impossible...but is it worth damaging your body, and permanently affecting your life, and any choices you may have?

We are made up of bits and pieces of everyone we encounter. Millions of experiences, causing firing of millions of brain cells, and unexpected thoughts, and feelings all at once. The human mind is so vast, and what we are experiencing is an effort to stunt that vastness of ability, and abilities that go with it. To minimize the power of the human race for control.

Today you take control of your life, and you do what is right. It's the answer to your question.

Change Your Life...Change Your Life Story


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    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from The Island

      Thanks so much, Devanni!

      I only deal with facts, and numbers. Mathematically speaking, the problems in our current society are huge. Not only do I write about it, but I have a course plotted for correcting it by the masses. What is written will remain long after I am gone. My intention is educate and correct. Knowledge, and studies of math, law, nutrition, and psychology are the main subjects of my life. It's important to transfer this knowledge to others, so you can know...what I know.

      Not only did this knowledge save my own life, but I have been able to save family, and friends too. I have 2 friends on the heart list right now, and we have been able to stop the degeneration of their hearts, through critical supplements, and proper nutrition! Imagine that!

      Although I did have an urge to punch the rude doctor in the nose, who told my friend he only had 5 months to live! That was over 6 years ago! Now I'm saying, nah nah nah were wrong, and I was right! lol ..It really is the ultimate save lives, and preserve them.

      This is what I am willing to fight for, making sure the public knows all of this information. The quicker we unite as the alliance we are supposed to be...the quicker we solve the problems our people are experiencing.

      The new order is quietly upon us...keep watching, and listening. It's going to be very memorable. Love will not be forgotten, or pushed aside...I won't let it. :)

      Take care, and thank you for visiting!

    • Devanni profile image


      8 years ago from Pacific Northwest, United States

      What an interesting hub. This is definitely one I'll be coming back to re-read at least once, probably several times, as I feel it will take that to truly glean everything from this (especially as I read this just now at 2:30 AM).

      There is so much truth in what you say. I'm not certain I am with you on the conspiracy piece of this, though I certainly will be looking into all the things you recommend for further reading in the near future, but there is so much truth here.

      I was delighted to see the phrase "medical industry" in here, because that's precisely what it is. No, not just the pharmaceutical companies, or the insurance companies, but conventional medicine as a whole has become, like so many things, has become an industry focused on profit at the expense of all else.

      If you ask me, that's to blame for much of what you discuss here - the toxicity of our world.

      I'm glad to see someone write so eloquently about these truths.

      And I love your attitude - your obvious inherent love for mankind.

      Thank you for this.


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