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The Divinity of Politics

Updated on January 23, 2012


Candidates | Source


We all know that American politics has become all about money.

The biggest factor on whether a candidate can become his party’s hopes of winning a Presidential election is the amount of money available for ad campaigns.

This now means that all the candidates say and do whatever they think is necessary to get financial backing. Winning voters or caring what they think has become, at best, secondary.

To this end it would seem that to obtain more backing, talking about national policies and how they would change them or if they would remain the same are not important. Is this perhaps because the politicians do not yet know the answers, and won’t until they get elected and their backers tell them.

It would seem that to gain financial backing, it is more important to decry your opponents.


The media does not help. They do not try to promote the issues; they prefer to sensationalize the negative in each candidate.

Each station will ask each of their reporters their opinions, even if that reporter’s specialty is sports or weather. It really does not matter how many they ask because none of them will go against what the station’s owner, a member of the nations so called elite, wants to hear.

They keep the candidates personality flaws to the fore and encourage the viewers to concentrate on those instead of the relevant issues.


Friends in Need?
Friends in Need? | Source

The Country

As a whole the country seems to take too much interest in candidates long past indiscretions.

These indiscretions are often the only thing that identifies the candidates as real humans. They unemotionally act and respond in total oblivion to what the public want or feel.

It is almost as if the media want to elect a saint, not a President. They speak of maintaining religious and family values.

Here is the real news. America has the largest divorce rates in the world, they allow gay priests, gay marriages and are currently considering electing either a divorcee or a member of a religion that allows bigamy.

As President Obama has remained married to just one woman, no wonder they questioned his nationality. It would appear that, according to the media, no one American man is pure enough to be President.

Perhaps this is why the United States and Israel are so close. It seems that both the Jews and America are awaiting the appearance of a Messiah.


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    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 6 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      The news media is campaigning for Obama. They are trying to make these other people all look so bad that Obama will look good.