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The Dummying Down Of Society And The Loss of Ethics

Updated on June 20, 2017

Your Vote Matters

While you were busy watching reality TV enjoying the fabulous lifestyle of the nuevo rich. As they strutted and "twirled". The rest of America was busy paying attention to Politics. I am sick to death of hearing People who have the right to vote, People who were born here having the legal standing who are age appropriate, give voice to how much their votes don't count. Absolutely, your votes don't count if you do not vote. The pride I feel in being able to cast my vote is indescribable. I really think most Americans take for granted the opportunities they are given, to be born into a Country that allows for the advancement even though at times we have to work exceptionally hard to attain is to be appreciated.

Our African ancestors didn't fight this hard for us to stagnate. We don't just fight for Freedom, we must fight for the right to belong, to take our place in this Society that has seen to our alienation we live like the struggle is over, but it is not. When we can move about freely, purchase homes in neighborhoods we choose, when we can walk into a business and command respect instead of demanding respect then we are truly free.

For all their lack of ability to read or write in some cases, The People who came before us, the ones who fought for our rights to now be ignorant, and careless with our freedoms, their struggles should have taught us to align ourselves in such a way as to make sure our voices are heard. Instead what we pay attention to are minor in comparison to what is really at stake. We argue and debate the issue of hair our right to wear it the way we want, not realizing that Politics is the first step to ensuring that we and our cultural beliefs are accepted. If we cannot cast our votes for a Politician that sees our difference as being important, then we will forever be fighting for that right.

We are witnessed to derogatory treatment of Blacks and we cry for a change to the Police department and for the Attorney General and Judges at the State level to prosecute, and when they don't we rant about the unfairness. But what we never do is take the time to get to know the views of the Attorney Generals, the Police Chiefs, and the Judges, we don't take the time to learn when they will be up for re-election, and turn out en-masse to ensure that we vote for someone who is like minded. We may never have someone in those positions of Authority that is culturally similar, but what we can ensure is that the individual elected supports our values and belief system. These elected officials need to know that if they are not working as per the will of the People their employment can and will be terminated by you the constituents.

Victim Shaming

What is ever prevalent in Society is the habit of Victim shaming. I've been listening all Month to what was once my favorite radio station as my own playlist has been piping music through my speakers, and as my privacy has been violated my sleep pattern disrupted as my radio has been set to automatically turn on at 3:00 A.M. My home invaded, my credit card stolen, my Medical records which I reported stolen a Year ago picked apart. My Facebook account hacked, my phone hacked and my G.P.S. rerouted at will. I came to the realization that the lyrics of the song is, in fact, correct in some aspects. "The World will never change, you can't change it my Friend" I don't remember the song as it is not one I listen to. However, it addresses the plight of the World at large.

The Media has no accountability for truth, most are devoid of anything resembling a conscience. Their only agenda is sensationalism.

How can we change the World that still looks to find fault with the victim of a crime? When the Media in it's one sided reporting only highlights what they assume is a Victims shady past. Even Mother Theresa, for all her charitable and notable humanity, would not stand up to such blatant disregard and disrespect. In particular, Fox news and CNN as they are the ones that have been piping fake news on my Television and through my radio station.

You the General Public may think it is all in great fun, and that it cannot happen to you. Well, I'm here as proof that it can, a weaker Person or one not having the Mental or emotional fortitude to withstand and or determine what is real from what isn't would fold. Who would you hold accountable? When Family and Friends do what is expected, lack of independent thought would have most siding with the majority. Then there are the others who stand on principle and conviction.

The Police department would like to be acknowledged in a favorable light. Yet I reported my personal information and my personal property stolen. And to date, I am still the victim of that crime. Do I hold all the department accountable of course not, there are great cops that try to the best of their ability to do what is right, then there are others who are simply there because of the perks the code of silence offers.

"This World will never change my Friend" That is the underlying message being imparted, this is the message to the World that we would have our Children believe. Well, I don't know about you, but my Children will always hear a different message from me. This World is yours and how you live it, what you leave behind is your legacy.

There are things in this World that can either break you or make you. How strong you are and your ability to weather the storm so to speak is all up to you. It's internal fortitude. Survival of the fittest. Money and power corrupt and in most cases see's to the unfair, partial or favoritism on the side of those with enough Money to rule a corrupt Nation.

"This World will never change my Friend". No, this world will never change not because change isn't possible, but because we have become so complacent accepting as truth that we cannot make a difference. That we must continue to be brutalized, shamed, and victimized by the People we rely on to give accurate reporting and by the People we hold accountable for our everyday protection. If Martin Luther King and all the People who came before us hadn't thought that change was possible we would still be a Nation of Slaves. Unable to move around with any level of Freedom. Unfortunately, there are still some in Society that are shackled Mentally and therein lies the problem.

So I leave you with this thought, the one that has been piping through autoplay on my playlist for over a Month " This World will never change my Friend" but I'll go a step further and add unless you demand it.

Your Responsibility as a Citizen

The Black Community has become complacent in accepting as fact that we have reached the dream, because to a large extent we are allowed certain freedoms. The thought that your vote doesn't count is one that lacks common sense, so Historically we have not had the representation we seek in Government and Politics, but it doesn't have to stay that way, who knows what we can accomplish as a Society if we as Parents encourage our Children to seek Political aspirations. Politicians aren't born they are created, and no, not everyone is cut out for Politics or has that need to be civic minded, even if they are only interested enough to vote that is already a step in the right direction.

The sad truth is Bernie Sanders was the choice of a Majority of People, mainly theYoung College educated, but because of our failure to vote in the Primary election. We lost him as a viable candidate. We have gotten complacent expecting the voice of our Caucasian counterpart to get us through. We have shown that we will and can stand in line when it's for someone we really want. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to choose the one who closely matches our views they may not be perfect no Politician is, however, if you do not exercise your right to have your voice heard what you end up with as representation is no one's fault but yours.

Your Role as a Parent

Community Organization

The most important role a Parent can play is that of Educator, yes there are Parents who perhaps are not equipped educationally to teach as it relates to formal education, however, there are services available, free as well as paid that will ensure your Child or Children progress past the expected Societal norm.

Be a Role Model

Yes, it is always absolutely the right of a Parent to encourage self-expression through a mode of dress, to deny our Children that is to be really hypocritical, as we have all been chastised by our Parents for dressing according to our era. But at some point, we also need to teach them how to dress for success. We have to instill in them that appearances matter, that their chosen style may not be appropriate for every occasion.

How to Dress for Success

Pride in Heritage does not negate that we carry ourselves as less than professional. We as Parents need to stop setting our Children up to fail, which is what we do when we do not teach them that there are times when a suit and tie is absolutely required. We fail to teach them basic Financial responsibility, respect for property, and respect for self. If we don't teach them then Society will and you may not like the outcome.

False Expectations

Researching the job market and the anticipated or expected rate of pay should be a priority for every young Person. Young People have a very unrealistic outlook as it relates to a profession. It is assumed that just graduating College will ensure that they will meet earning capacity, and will afford them the opportunity for a really good paying Job, however, that is not the case. Most of the employment that will see or yield a return are in the areas of Business, Medicine, Science, and some service Industry. The Computer era although not diminishing is currently flooded and unless you the individual has a new and innovative approach, better than the current computer geeks/Nerds your ability to compete in that market diminishes. It takes only an hour or less of your time to do the research. Libraries are a great source of information on current employment

Libraries, are a great source of information on current employment rates and anticipated hiring and expected earning potential. Interviewing a Company that hires in your area of interest is also a great way to determine if the pay is right for you, along with those resources mentioned, there is always web browsing, although I would not rely solely on what is reported via the Worldwide web. In reality doing your own research into the current job market will guide you to a career that although it may not make you Wealthy can be satisfying.

If you are perhaps more interested in employment that you love, be realistic there are times when a labor just for love doesn't pay enough but you do it because to you it satisfies your needs. it may not help you pay off those College loans at the rate you would like and it may see you struggling to meet the needs of your own Family, but it's a job you enjoy doing. Be sure to thank a Teacher, that profession is one of the many that is a true definition of a labor of love.

In essence my theory on Conservatism with Trump Appeal only applies to those Conservatives who throughout History has fought to enslave and keep enslaved People of Color. Their reason for voting the way they did has nothing in my opinion to do with the state of the economy, but based on pure prejudice against a group of People they see as being unworthy or less than. To them I give a hearty "bfuck" you! Yes you would definitely claim to be not prejudiced by color while you help mass produce the hang mans noose (rope). Seeing to the incarceration of Black or People of color to save your own skins and that of your inbred Family members. The rest of Society we are in fact gunning for you (ready to fight injustice), we the community, America, the World at large are realizing or have come to realize that we are indeed stronger together and make up a majority of the Population the 99%.

Let's face it Culturally we all have preconceived notions about the World at large.
Learning about our shared Family values will weed out the undesirables. Criminals exists, and yes in that there is a given, however to combat crime color should not be a factor in deciding guilt, but instead that which makes us who we are individually as well as collectively. This is especially obvious within the African, Hispanic, and yes the Italian culture we tend to gesticulate with our hands, voices raised hands flailing, add head movement and the combination can appear to the observer as indications of guilt.

Eyes down and to the left

There are certain indicators the FBI, CIA, CID uses to determine if a subordinate is lying. The Death of Character. Although I charge that character by the standard definition has never existed for some especially in the Police Department as they are held by the same standards of testing as those who commit serious and heinous crime. This is plainly obvious based on my and other People of color experience.

Liar, Liar

Because of the unfair Judicial System as it concerns People of Color I have continued and hope my Children know to call me if ever they are ever incarcerated. I have imparted this time and again. Lawyer up and call leave a message. This Mother will battle demons and dragons to hell also known as the Police department and the Halls of Justice or more aptly the Unfair Judiciary.

The Police department needs to understand that the unfair badgering of those convicted needs to stop. There is questioning and then there is intimidation. People of Color will normally shut down when the good cop, bad cop routine is used. Knowledge regarding behaviors and norms plays a very big part in knowing how to question a person who is of a differing culture. My advice learn cultural differences it will help in the solving of more crimes.

The Caucasian Population are often times not treated with such disdain or disregard, especially if they are of the elite or come from Wealth. Stop being so smitten with the rich and famous, and instead learn to differentiate between honesty and a lie based on Character defining good Men and Women.

In looking at the current programs being distributed as wholesome or viewable entertainment it makes me wonder when did we become so lacking in creativity, so bored, that we would allow for the continuation of these Reality shows that cast us in the light that does not represent who we truly are. Yes, I'm all for People earning money, becoming rich, through hard work. But where does responsibility to the viewing Public begin and end?

Entertainment is supposed to grab our interest, make us laugh, think and feel but we should never accept a stereotype that cast Women as angry, ready to fight at the least provocation. We the viewers give them the authority to do just that. By continuing to turn your channels to Weekly to these negative stereotypes we raise the ratings. Our Children watch us watching these programs and learn through our behavior our perceived acceptance that this behavior defines who we are as a group of People, We need to hold these Producers accountable. There are real Black Women and Men struggling to lift themselves up from negativity while you help to foster these harmful beliefs. What is the Entertainment Value of Reality T.V. our Children are already confused regarding how society views them.

What is the Entertainment Value of Reality T.V. our Children are already confused regarding how society views them. Let me answer that for you, in a World that seems to have lost what little morals they were raised with. The obvious attraction is in viewing other Peoples lives and perhaps getting a laugh. I must admit I watched the show a few times but didn't find anything remotely enlightening or educational, it ceased to be funny when the drama seemed to be centered around fighting and hair pulling. That may be Televisions interpretation of Fighting. I, however, like to fight with my voice and with my vote. Come November 6th while the twirling and pomp of reality Television is being broadcast for your entertainment, I will be casting my vote I hope you will join me

This is the sick Society in which now live, whereby we would accept as fact that what we see being posted on Social Media sites broadcasted Daily or what is piped through our computers or television is approved for viewing. I am also guilty of that, however, only as it pertains to articles that I find interesting for use in disseminating information. Social Media allows for the posting of videos and Articles of interest, however, it goes a step further it allows the poster to change the video clips Articles or pictures at any time so what you the one sharing the information initially posted to your "wall" or page, may eventually change and something inappropriate placed in its stead.

Who do we hold accountable?

Well Personal responsibility aside, we must hold Social Media sites accountable now I'm not saying in all cases individual lawsuits should be initiated. We must look at the broader picture, often times a petition to create changes that impact the good of the Many is more acceptable. We should hold our Media accountable and to a standard that is geared to foster the wellbeing of our Children. As adult's sometimes we forget that there are Children who share space with us and it because of them we must behave in a manner that is appropriate. Are we all guilty of such behavior, yes, no one is immune, but change can only come by taking individual responsibility for our actions.

Every Day I speak to my Children and listen to them talk about their Lives I am always amazed that despite my start. I raised decent Law abiding Citizen, no they are not at all perfect but they never cease to amaze me. They are my responsibility and I raised them without having to steal, beg, or through ill begotten gains at the end of the Day being a decent Human beings is what should matter. When you head out to the polls on November 6th to cast your vote I hope it is as a Human being and not as Neanderthal devoid of much conscience, or Ethics, but of a Human being realizing that your Civil Rights like mine can be violated, that Life isn't a game, and we are all responsible for the wellbeing of each other.

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws.


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    • Juliet Stewart profile imageAUTHOR

      Juliet Stewart-Austin 

      2 years ago from San Antonio, TX.

      Junko, it is with a heartfelt gratitude that I say thank you! :-)

    • junko profile image


      2 years ago

      Write on, don't stop offering your Opinions. You are a good writer and it shows here.


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