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Thomas Hamilton and The Dunblane Massacre, The Politicians and The Paedophiles

Updated on October 11, 2012

I thought I’d research a bit more about paedophiles, and perhaps find some human interest stories to remind me of the many times paedophiles have re-offended on release from prison.

Instead I stumbled across site and after site outlining paedophilia involvement at the highest level of the British government.

Thomas Hamilton
Thomas Hamilton

Thomas Hamilton

It all seemed to start with Thomas Hamilton and the shooting down of 16 children at their school in Dunblane in 1996, before turning the gun on himself.

The Dunblane Massacre, as it became known, shocked the world and led to a massive campaign bringing about the banning of handguns in the UK.

Little did I suspect that the campaign could have been covertly started by the government to take the heat off where the real blame could lie.

Lord George Robertson
Lord George Robertson

Close Friend of George Robertson

Thomas Hamilton was a close friend of MP George Robertson, and its been claimed that it was he who sanctioned mentally-ill Thomas Hamilton to obtain a gun licence, by writing a glowing letter of recommendation to the authorities after his application had previously been refused on police objections.

A former scout master, Thomas Hamilton was suspected of being a paedophile.

There are many accusations flying around now that Thomas Hamilton was actively involved in procuring children for a high-level Masonic child porn ring, and that he flipped and killed those children as a way of ‘shutting them up’, perhaps for fear of them telling others what was going on. Did he act alone? If he was mentally ill, was he being manipulated?

We have no way of knowing, because strangely after the so called ‘Public’ Enquiry, led by Lord Cullen, the government ordered the case to be closed for 100 years! During that time, no-one is allowed to see who said what at the trial or what evidence was gathered for the trial. By the time the paperwork is viewable again, all those involved will be long dead.

Public Outcry

Following a massive public outcry, the ban was partially lifted in 2005 and an edited version of the Cullen Report is now available for public viewing, but many documents have been removed as ‘not being in the public interest’.

The Edited Cullen Report

A close ally of Tony Blair, George Robertson was shadow Secretary of State for Scotland at the time of the shootings, and he later went on to become General Secretary of NATO during which time he was awarded a knighthood. That knighthood surprised me as he was a bit of a nobody.

News of the World carried a similar story - not to be found now but luckily some people took screen-shots
News of the World carried a similar story - not to be found now but luckily some people took screen-shots

George Robertson Disappears from Public Life

In 2003 he disappeared off the radar after he sued leading and respected Scottish broadsheet newspaper The Sunday Herald who carried a story about his suspected involvement in the Dunblane Massacre, but is still a leading luminary and attends all the annual Bilderberg meetings.

The article carried by the Sunday Herald was taken down some weeks after publication.

In it, Lord Burton, then a senior Scots legal figure and top Scottish freemason, complained of being ignored and bullied when he tried to raise his objections in the House of Lords to what he described as a massive cover-up by the Cullen enquiry to protect top legal figures.

Michael Forsyth
Michael Forsyth

The Speculative Society

George Robertson, who lived in Dunblane, admits to having a close friendship with Thomas Hamilton prior to the Dunblane shootings, as does leading Tory politician and MP Michael Forsyth, the then British Foreign Secretary and MP for Dunblane.

Both politicians and indeed, Lord Cullen, are members of Edinburgh’s so-called “Speculative Society” a super-secret branch of the Masonic Lodge.

According to the front page of the Edinburgh Evening News on 23 March 1996, days after the Dunblane Massacre took place, Robert Bell, Chairman of the Edinburgh Pentlands constituency party to which Malcolm Rifkind MP, the then Secretary of State for Scotland belonged, admitted selling guns and ammunition to Thomas Hamilton only a few weeks before.

Before Thomas Hamilton entered Dunblane Primary School to commit his atrocities, he had been a frequent visitor to the Queen Victoria School, Dunblane’s only private boarding school, and was caught on more than one occasion creeping round the dormitories at night.

All his recorded activities, and any complaints and allegations made by pupils, were kept in locked files by then headmaster, Glenn Harrison. We take it that none of the accusations were substantive enough for him to call the police in, but he was sufficiently concerned to write to parents warning them of the risk early in 1991.

Many leading members of the Speculative Society have close links with this school, and shortly after this letter was sent out, Harrison was ousted from his position within the school, and his files confiscated by police.

There are many suggestions on the internet that Thomas Hamilton was being used by many top luminaries to procure children for a massive child sex ring operating throughout Scotland, but the evidence for this is lacking.

Operation Ore

However, in 1999, an international paedophile investigation was started after police and post office officials raided the offices of Landslide Production in Forth Worth, Texas and seized the records of thousands of people from all over the world who traded in child pornography photographs.

George W. Bush was Texan Governor at the time.

The British side of the operation was code named Operation Ore and was ran by the British National Crime Intelligence Service in collaboration with their US counterparts and Operation Avalanche.

In the UK, 7,250 suspects’ names and personal details were studied, and the massive investigation involved interviewing the suspects and examining their home computers for further evidence, prior to actual charges being brought. 1850 people were charged almost right away, and out of these there were 1451 convictions.

By 2003, British Police began to close the net on many of Britain’s top politicians, including some very close and high up in Tony Blair’s government.

Gagging Order

In response, Tony Blair issue a D-notice, effectively gagging the Press from publishing the findings, citing the impending Iraq war as a reason.

Police found evidence of an international child porn ring also closely associated with the Labour Government, with evidence of children being trafficked from Belgium and Portugal to be used in prostitution.

Dunblane, Scotland

Dunblane, Scotland:
Dunblane, Perthshire, UK

get directions

Dunblane Primary School


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