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The End of America

Updated on July 15, 2019
Ken Burgess profile image

I grew up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and currently reside in Florida.

Yes, the end of America has arrived at our figurative doorstep, or should I say, its end as an independent sovereign nation.

This came to fruition September 2016, when the UN General Assembly adopted the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, something strongly supported by the Obama Administration, its reported intent was to develop a global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration.

President Obama then followed up that mega-event by hosting an additional spectacle of his own the following day called the Leaders’ Summit on the Global Refugee Crisis.

Now this is not the sole effort that has to do with the absolution of the Nation state, and not just America, but all nations; but it is certainly the 'silver bullet' that will end America's Sovereignty once and for all.

For more than twenty years we have seen each and every President heralding the benefits of the merging of America with the rest of the globe. Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama all steadfastly supported the emerging one world economy and UN controlled international authority.

Those presidents each used different terms to describe this process such as “globalism”, “globalization”, “an integrated world”, “the global economy” and even “a New World Order”, it all meant the same thing.

What they didn't state, is how this means American individualism and patriotism, our unique cultural and historical heritage must be sacrificed. Nor did they mention how Open Borders and unifying the United States into a one world economy will be painful for the American people. How it meant wages would have to go down and our standards of living would have to fall, as its simply impossible to 'share the wealth' with the rest of the world and have it be otherwise.

Out of that two-day globalist extravaganza that occurred back in September 2016 came not only the Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, but the launching of the two-year negotiation process to produce the Global Compact for Migration, which culminated on July 11, 2018 with the production of the final draft of the document.

In December 2017, President Trump directed the U.S. State Department to leave the Global Compact negotiations, overruling his UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who wanted the U.S. to remain, I happen to believe this is one of the key reasons she has resigned from the position, as pressure mounts to curb Trump's efforts to secure America's Sovereignty grows, and anyone supporting his efforts becomes a target.

Trump was blasted by the Democrats, globalists, the professional compassion lobby, and of course his fan clubs (CNN, MSNBC, NYT, etc.) for pulling out, much as he was blasted by them for withdrawing the United States from the UN’s Paris climate accord, UNESCO, and other UN programs.

Trump has been true to his campaign promise of putting America, and Americans first, by pulling out of these agreements he has not bound America to agreements which would subjugate the U.S. of A. to the U.N. or other International bodies of power.

President Trump at the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly denounced choosing global governance and "domination" over American independence.

"Each of us here today is the emissary of a distinct culture, a rich history, and a people bound together by ties of memory, tradition, and the values that make our homelands like nowhere else on Earth," Trump said.

"That is why America will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance, control, and domination," Trump said. "I honor the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own customs, beliefs, and traditions. The United States will not tell you how to live or work or worship. We only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return."

So what is in the Global Compact for Migration you ask?

Supporters would say that this compact is a non-binding, non-normative framework, but there is quite a lot of determination in the language, strong, unyielding, firm and definitive wording that makes it clear there is to be no compromise once its enacted and made part of a larger more enforceable international law.

"Large movements of refugees and migrants must have comprehensive policy support, assistance and protection, consistent with States’ obligations under international law.”

Overall it ensures anyone from anywhere will have:

  • Access to basic services for migrants and gender-responsive services
  • Remittances, including lowering costs of sending remittances
  • Protection of labour rights and a safe environment for migrant workers
  • Promotion of labour mobility, including circular migration
  • Recognition of foreign qualifications, education and skills and cooperation in access to and portability of earned benefits
  • International cooperation for border control (meaning NO border control)

And in addition it criminalizes opposition to Open Borders and Mass Migration:

The Declaration for Refugees and Migrants warns that “we are witnessing, with great concern, increasingly xenophobic and racist responses to refugees and migrants.”

And so, included in the Global Compact for Migration was wording suggesting that anyone who, for any reason, opposes mass migration and open border policies must be prosecuted under “international law.” In essence anyone who is a 'Nationalist' and who wants secure borders.

The Declaration proclaims that “we deplore all manifestations of xenophobia, racial discrimination and intolerance. We welcome the global campaign proposed by the Secretary-General to counter xenophobia and we will implement it in cooperation with the United Nations and all relevant stakeholders, in accordance with international law.”

Ultimately the efforts within the UN, and all Globalization efforts, are to eliminate the sovereignty of Nations and eliminate borders. This may not be a bad thing overall, in a future world. But in the current world in which we live, our rights to liberty and freedom as American citizens would be forfeited, no longer protected or guaranteed... because our American government would be subordinated to a higher authority, and our ability to control our borders, and protect our own interests as a Nation would be eliminated.

© 2018 Ken Burgess


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