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The Energy Boom

Updated on July 3, 2014

There is no denying there is an energy boom in the United States but it is not in all sectors of society. The energy resources we have are enormous to say the least and through several sources it has been stated that our reserves are greater than those in the Middle East. Land that is not controlled by the federal government has been developed to tap into the energy reserves and the result is lower unemployment not to mention an economic boost.

Our economy is hurting and is in need of jobs for those who have been out of work for a long time. We need to become energy independent breaking away from importing foreign oil to fuel our economy. At this point in our country we are now exporting some of our gas reserves as we cannot use it all. It is a much needed economic boost to our country. The same kind of economic boost would take place if we developed our oil resources. Developing our energy resources is only part of what we should do as a country. Alternative fuels should be developed to diversify the energy we use. While we should not do the same thing with our oil reserves which would reduce the amount we have available in this country fully accessing all our oil reserves would see an economic boost that we cannot imagine.

There have been many discussions about the technology being utilized to tap these resources but the fact remains there are always going to be accidents in whatever new technology is developed. It is part of the process until it is refined. The technology now being utilized for our gas reserves is the same so why the restrictions are not being lifted for our oil reserves is confusing. One possible reason is political and has been widely stated. Environmentalists serve a useful purpose in some cases but in others like our energy reserves they are hurting our economy.

The evidence is clear where restrictions are not in place an economic boom replaces high unemployment. When more individuals are working there is more money for government operations which the federal government desperately needs to combat our nation’s deficit. The current control philosophy in Congress and to some extent the President needs to change. Decisions need to be made to help our economy not hurt it. Legislation, rules, regulations and in some cases executive orders hurt individuals or are in violation of the Constitution.

We as a country need to work together to resolve our problems and Congress needs to listen to the public and look at the past for what actions have worked to resolve issues similar to those we have today. Taking the same actions which have failed in the past and expecting a different result will not work. There are many laws which fall within the constitutional authority of the federal government but the regulations and rules which are created in relation to those laws appear to be out of the context of the laws as written. Individuals who are responsible for rules and regulations in the executive departments and agencies should not insert their opinion or philosophy.

The need for an economic boost is undeniable and in this election year we have the opportunity to change the path of our country which many feel is headed in the wrong direction. Individuals who insert their will or authority to stifle legislative activity is overstepping their authority. It should not matter which political party creates legislation to address our problems as long as it helps not hurts our economy and is within the constitutional authority of the federal government.


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