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The Entitlement of America

Updated on August 15, 2016

I am probably going to get a lot flack and backlash from this post, but I feel compelled to write about this subject. I will no doubtingly show my age throughout this blog. I am not addressing any one person in general, just as a whole. I am speaking of the “Entitled” generation. What does it mean when someone states this phrase? This is a new belief that oneself is to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment, even without actually earning the said privilege. In America today there are young people that feel they do not have to work for the things they want, and the things they desire, they want RIGHT NOW. This reminds me of the commercial from J.J Wentworth; “It’s my money and I want it now”, except with the “Entitled” generation it’s their parents’ money and they want it now. They do not want to work for their dreams, nor do they feel they should. Take a good look around at the younger generation, what do you see? I see a bunch of babies, that want free collage, their bills paid for (just not by them), they want what their parents have and more. What they do not realize is that their parents worked for everything they have under that roof, and in that driveway. It was not just given to them. This generation grew up in a privileged world, technology at their fingertips, and instant answers. There was not any waiting period of getting what they wanted, and this has become a huge issue as these young people are growing into overgrown babies that do not have their blankie. Their awareness of world events is at a staggering low, and their knowledge of history is even worse. How are they supposed to stop future attacks and events that will ultimately cause the breakdown of the world, if they do not know their history? The future to me looks bleak, and quite frightening.


I absolutely know that I am going to take a lot of criticism over this blog and that is okay. Unlike this generation, I was raised to take criticism and it doesn't offend me, nor do I need a safe place because words hurt. I agree words can hurt, I am not denying this true fact. Words will stay with a person far longer than bruises. However, the key to it is not letting it bother you and to let it go, it is not worth the drama. Be like a duck in water, let all the negative just roll off into the stream. Instead of running and hiding behind whatever it is that the individual hides behind, get up and prove through acting rather than reacting.

The Entitled generation, has not ever had to think for their self. The education system has really done a disadvantage to the children and their future. The whole idea of No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), was good idea on paper and the concept was ideal. Yet, when it was implemented into the school system, it veered in a complete wrong direction. What do I mean about this, and how does this relate to the Entitled generation? I will explain, and keep in mind this is my opinion and no one has to agree or disagree with me on anything I am writing. I spent ten years in collage studying psychology, special education, and human service. I was also a substitute teacher for four years working with all different students including children with special needs. I worked as an assistant teacher for a Pre-K classroom which included children with all different needs. I have observed a lot, I saw the benefits of the NCLB, but I also saw the repercussions of this as well. This is where I believe most of the “I want it now” began, along with the internet and instant answers. Students soon learned that they could slack off and still pass to the following grade. Educators would slap a label on their record and because of the NCLB Act their work would be modified (per law) this would than allow them to pass and therefore, go to the next grade. In my opinion this teaches nothing, well not nothing, it promotes laziness. I do not blame the teachers, it is not in their control, I do not blame the parents, because to a point they are not in control either. I blame the law makers and all those that sit behind closed office doors and read studies, and test results. Which I also feel do not depict a true intelligence level, but that is a whole separate blog for another time. I have what is categorized as a “special needs” son, so I know the whole IEP (Individual Education Plan), and yes they do help and help a lot, but I also can contest to the fact that it also can hinder as well. My oldest feels he does not have to work hard to get good grades, just get his work modified and he’ll pass. He feels he is Entitled to good grades because he has “issues”, no, he needs to work for his grades or he fails like back in the day. If we acted the fool, or did not do our work, we got a zero. We did not get multiply chances to get it done, if it was due on Friday, it was due on Friday no excuses. Nothing short of being ill would get you out of that big fat zero that took forever to bring up, and usually just one zero would bring your grade down on letter grade.

These group of students glided through school and barely passed, and once they do finally graduate their current events knowledge does not exist. Ask almost any 18 or older American about past wars and why they started, it is funny to hear their answers, yet at the same time it is sad. I believe YouTube© has a video about this very thing. As an educated adult I look around and I observe my surrounding on a daily basis, and I see disaster. I see a generation that will one day be our leaders and do not have any clue to what it takes to lead a country. This will make it so easy for the enemy to slither in like a snake and over take this once vibrant, prosperous country. This country today is so consumed with the politically correct, and equal rights for all, except it is not equal rights they really speak up for, it is just an excuse to publicly act out. “I am Entitled to free college”, “I am Entitled to make $15.00 an hour”, “I am Entitled”, I am so tired of hearing these words spoken. They just do not understand life and how it really works. When they break the law, fight with the police officers, or resist arrest they are going to have to deal with the consequences of their choices. Breaking the law should never be accepted nor tolerated. Not any one person is above the law, even the law makers. I will never say that there are not crooked police officers, just as there are politicians that are only out there to improve their selves, however, that does not give the right to expect things that are just not earned.


Everyone feels that free college should be offered, and they march and protest for this entitlement; free college is offered, it is just many do not want to do what is needed to receive this money. It is called Military service, just two years are needed as a commitment to be able to receive the funds to allow college. What, did I just say that college can be paid for by the very government that is being protested. Yes, it is possible, it is also possible to earn free college through sports and academics. If it is truly wanted, the avenues will lead the way. It just takes time and effort.


I am not anyone special, I am just an average woman with average intelligence. I am a mother three children that are growing up in this backward, mixed up world that feels that they should just get everything they want. It is at best, the hardest job in the world, raising good manner, respectful kids. I fail daily, I am not perfect and my middle son; whom is 14 years old and a Freshman in High School, reminds me daily of the struggles it is trying to teach responsibility. We go round and round about his chores and why he has to do them. He thinks he is “entitled” to get out of chores because he plays football. He thinks football and having fun takes precedence over daily living chores. I realize he is just a teenage, and their brains are not fully developed into rational thinking, however this is the time to start teaching them how to become adults. I only have a few short years left to teach my children that things in life are not free, and that they need to work for it. God gave us all free will, but just as the people in the Bible they had to work for what they had, nothing at all was just given to them. Ruth had to work hard to help provide for her and her mother-in-law Naomi after their husbands passed away. Farmers were command to not harvest their entire crops, they were commanded to leave some behind so that poor would be active and work for their food. This was a community service. A lot like today, there are programs to help and that is great, except the young people of this day do not feel they should go out and work, they feel it should just be given to them. If Ruth would have thought this way she would have never came across Boaz’s field, and therefore would never have received the blessing God provided. A great football legend once stated an unforgettable quote, “The man on top of the mountain, did not just fall there,” Vince Lombardi. Working hard for something, makes it worth more than if it is just given.

Entitlement a politically correct way of saying I am owed special treatment and I am exempt from any and all responsibility. If this attitude does not change and change quick, this will be a doomed world.


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