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The Feds Looking Out For YOU....or are they?

Updated on December 17, 2011

Federal Reserve Note

The Fed Is Your Friend

Well, I guess that depends on how you define friendship.

It's an amazing thing how if the average person thinks that there is some corruption in the government (or non government referring to the Federal Reserve) that they are immediately labeled as Conspiratorial. What if things are just not what they seem to be?

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

  • Are all politicians honest?
  • Are there those who have money and power that want to exploit others (Bernie Madoff)?
  • Are there any crooks around?

I would imagine you answered yes to all of these...well why do you thing that those who have power within the government are not trying to maintain and increase their power? Trying to understand this question let's ask ourselves....

What is the Federal Reserve?

To answer that we should look at what they do, what they are doing, and what their influence is. When one really looks at the fact they will find that they are an extremely powerful group of bankers. Okay, if that is the case then what is there influence? Well they have a monopoly power over the money of the United States. Let's ask another question. How did they get this power? Well, it was granted to them and the sad thing is they are profiting at the expense of American citizens.

You've gotta watch this's amazing!

The Fed

No Audits For Them

The Federal Reserve has been given the ability to do what they do without oversight. Our financial system is suffering because of this and when our financial system suffers we suffer.

If you study the weakness of our economy right now (I'm not talking about listening to the talking points on the news) you will find out that the underlying problems are severe. Don't believe me? If you can stand a little "boring Phd" speak you will see that the factors that affect our economy are horrible when compared to other disastrous economic times.

Now, I know that the link says that it is "Australia's" economic disaster, but in this he also speaks of where we are here in the USA also. is a bunch of Phd speak, but the info is good.

It's the Fed

The Problem Is No Oversight

There is a lot of talk about updating the laws regarding the Federal Reserve, but how are we to take the news that has been coming out? Recently Mr. Barney Frank stated stated that he was in favor of bringing some accountability to the Fed and references his working with Mr. Ron Paul.  Immediately following the video is a link to Mr. Ron Paul's clarification.

Take a look...

Barney Frank

So What's the Purpose of All This Information?

It's very simple, too many people simple go through life and think that everything is okay.  But there are things going on that will affect our lives financially.

We have seen market correction and we will see market corrections in the future.  We have gone through prosperous times and difficult times, which we will see again in the future.

But every once in awhile it goes beyond correction or collapse and we go through some times that affects all aspects of society.  It seems that we are heading for a time like this.  So what I say is Prepare, Prepare, and then Prepare.


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