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The Final Word On Gun Control

Updated on April 4, 2014

Guns, Guns, Everywhere...

I really don't have an ax to grind, regarding guns or gun control, but the constant underlying tension that the issue has been causing during the last few years, has begun to put me off my feed. The topic of gun control, has every democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, and NRA advocate, in a frenzy. Honestly, I cannot understand why everyone is so up-in-arms (no pun intended) over this subject. To me, it's simple. We live in a society that is dictated by the Articles of Constitution, which includes “the right to bear arms”. Ammunition is also protected under the 2nd Amendment, since it states that the right to bear arms "shall not be infringed".

In my opinion, you cannot effectively control gun-related crimes, unless you outlaw guns. Period. More than 80% of guns involved in gun-related crimes, are obtained through illegal sources and/or avenues that bypass background checks (gifted weapons, stolen weapons, etc.). The denial rate, due to background checks, accounts for less than 2% of the 20% of the guns that are involved in gun-related crimes. I understand, that regardless of how small the percentages, any change in legislation that can possibly save lives, is worth fighting for. I just hope that everyone who is arguing about regulating background checks, gun shows, permits to carry, etc., are not losing sight of the real issue - the banning of guns.

Maybe no one is losing sight of the issue, but merely choosing to fight a battle that they have a chance of winning, namely "stronger regulations regarding gun registration". If that's the case, then that's their prerogative, and it is a noble cause. However, if there are people out there who are afraid that their government will do away with background checks and gun permits, or gun enthusiasts who are afraid that their government will ban gun shows, then let me end the suspense: Background checks, gun permits, gun licenses, gun shows, or any other instrument that adds to the state's or nation's revenue stream, will not go away, so everyone can just rest easy.


We all have to live with the fact that guns will never go away. Even if legislation is passed to outlaw the possession of guns, guns will still not go away. When prohibition was instated, people still drank alcohol, so the government repealed it in order to secure the taxes that they were missing out on. Marijuana is so prevalent, that some states have decided to allow medical marijuana, in order to tax it. If you think that medical marijuana was legalized in certain states, so that patients had a way of obtaining marijuana that they could not have otherwise obtained, then you are living in a fantasy land. Perhaps that was the precept, but I'm sure that everyone involved in instating the use of medical marijuana, was aware that the privilege would be abused. I can think of at least a dozen illegal substances that are obtainable as easily as if they were legal. It's a function of how many people are willing to break the law, in order to possess what is illegal to possess. Unfortunately, I believe that too many people will continue to break laws which they feel they will not get caught in breaking (e.g. possessing guns and/or drugs, speeding, not stopping at stop signs, cheating on their taxes, etc.).

If you think that your efforts to ban guns will cause the U.S. Government to amend a constitutional right, that was the flagship in forming America's identity, and that happens to account for a great deal of this country's revenues, then you evidently don't understand the relationship between politics, economics, and human rights. Consider what the U.S. has amended, since the Bill of Rights was established in 1787. Citizens were disallowed to sue states in federal courts, all male citizens were allowed to vote, regardless of race, creed, or color, Congress was allowed to tax income, women were allowed to vote, prohibition (repealed less than 15 years later), presidential terms were limited to two, and new limits on the increases of Congress member's salaries were established. Every one of those amendments either generated more revenue for the U.S. government, or had no effect on its revenue. There has been no amendment that has decreased revenues, and there never will be, so guns will never be outlawed. Sorry.


Look at what America has done on a state level. Before 1977, Nevada was the only state that had legalized parlor gambling. Presently, all but 13 states have legalized parlor gambling, and 11 out of those 13 states, offer legalized lotteries. In 2007, gambling and lotteries accounted for more than $90 billion in revenues. Are you starting to see a connection between government and money?

If everyone put forth the same energy that they expend on worrying about guns, into parenting and educating their children properly, then all of this nation's gun problems (and then some) would be solved.


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    • profile image

      Bob Francis 3 years ago

      Great Hub and right on, anyone who has done any research involving the self serving slugs, " tax hogs in the great carnival, Washington D.C. should readilly agree

    • robmitchell profile image

      Robert Mitchell 3 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Absolutely right! I wish everyone looked at it your way.