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The First Step to Creating Sustainable Social Solutions: Talking About It

Updated on February 7, 2012

United We Stand

When it comes to cultivating sustainable solutions to our most dire social situations, it's important to understand that no one can do it alone. We all use social services to one extent or another, and in order to fix the corrupt systems we have now, we have to work together.

The Sooner The Better

There's no time like the present, especially in a situation where we really needed sustainable solutions to our social problems - like 5 years ago. So the sooner we get started with cultivating and implementing sustainable solutions, the better.

So many problems, so little time

In case you've been out of the "sustainable solutions" loop that's been spiraling around the nation, what I am speaking of, is creating solutions to humanity and the earth's most pressing needs.

This includes, but is not limited to such issues as:

  • Welfare and helping the Resource Challenged
  • Homelessness and the Housing Crisis
  • Physical, Psychological and Psychosocial services
  • Political and Government corruption, reform and spending waste
  • Environmental health and conservation
  • Renewable Energy and the end to Fuel Dependence
  • The consistently failing Drug War
  • Cultivating a more successful Educational System
  • Protecting Civil Freedom and preserving Inalienable Rights
  • Immigration law and Population concerns
  • Reinventing Free Market economics
  • Ending the failed military complex and promoting Small Government
  • Fixing the Social Security and Disabilities systems
  • Space technology and discoveries

These are by far not the only problems that need sustainable solutions, and since I know you have some to add, please feel free to do so in the comments section of this hub.

How to get started

With so many problems and so little time, and an emphasis on getting started quickly, it's time to discuss how you can be an agent of change and help bring about real sustainable solutions to some of our largest problems.

And truthfully, it really isn't hard to get started, as all it starts with is a simple conversation. You can start talking with your family, friends and co-workers. You can seek out online forums and in person groups. You can attend or speak for events like TED. Or you can follow my lead and create your own online group and give everyone you know online, the chance to share what they know and feel, and use it to help cultivate truly sustainable solutions.

Either way, the important part, is that you start the conversation and do everything you can to not only keep the conversation going, but to encourage others to stop bottling up their ideas and let them out into the world where they can do some good.

Once the conversation gets going, a domino effect takes place that begins to set the foundation for strong actions and truly sustainable solutions.


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  • Paradise7 profile image


    7 years ago from Upstate New York

    It's a much-needed beginning, at least.


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