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The Fix Is In - Justice IG Report

Updated on November 23, 2019
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Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


As much as I hate the idea, I must admit the long awaited IG report will be a white wash of events leading up to the election of Trump in 2016 and the ensuing Russian collusion investigation by Mueller. The writing is on the wall.

- Nov. 2019

It's Charlie Brown All Over Again

Remember the cartoon character Charlie Brown and his friend Lucy? A repeated theme about the football? Lucy would setup the ball for Charlie to kick and at the very last moment, she would pull the ball away and Charlie would fall flat on his back...

This is exactly what is happening with the IG report from our Justice Department. This long awaited report was suppose to expose some of the corruption and unlawful acts performed by high ranking members of the FBI and DOJ in reference to the 2016 presidential election.

Unfortunately, I am beginning to think it will be a white wash of the events. I don't have any inside information but just a feeling that the delay is intentional. It is a way to minimize the effect and the damage. I think there are just people in high places who does not want the truth to come out. It would be too embarrassing and too disruptive to the status quo and too damaging that those in power would want it buried. Just like Jeffrey Epstein, who was found dead in his high security cell, this story will die to protect high profile individuals.

How Could It Not Be?

I guess a better question is why would it be? Why would people in our government expose the dirty laundry? If there was corruption in high places, they would make sure it does not see the light of day. The power that be will make darn sure of it.

Some examples in plain sight...

  • The Hillary email scandal.
  • The Benghazi tragedy.
  • The Financial crisis of 2008, and the Housing bubble.
  • The IRS scandal that hurt conservative groups.
  • The VA debacles that hurt our veterans.

In each of those high profile cases, not a single person was held accountable. Despite multiply hearings and investigations and one went to jail or even indicted. There was clear evidence of a crime or violation of laws. Yet, those people responsible was never held accountable. Why?

The answer is simple. Survival of the fittest. Darwin's theory of evolution. The people in our government, the high ranking officials and bureaucrats, are the fittest. Lois Lerner was able to destroy her PC, erase government files plead the 5th and still receive full pension and retire to a comfortable living. She should have been in jail.

The Fish Rot From the Head Down

This popular term is from ancient times. It means the problem starts from the top. The fact we have all these problems in our government is a reflection of the people in charge. "The buck stops here" was coined by President Truman.

In this case, with the Russian collusion investigation into the Trump campaign, the buck stops at President Obama's desk. He and his close inner circle of advisors and staff and his appointments to high positions in the various agencies are collectively responsible for the rot in our government.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Remember the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, where Jimmy Stewart play the leading man...and goes to Washington DC to fix it...

That is Trump in 2016. He is going to try and drain the swamp and root out the deep state.

House of Cards is 99% Real - Bill Clinton

Former president Bill Clinton told Kevin Spacey, the star of House of Cards, a popular Netflix show, that it is more real than fiction.


I hope I am wrong about this but it is like Charlie Brown all over again. Time and time again, we were told the IG report will be released shortly. That was over a year ago. What is the hold up?

Someone at the DOJ is holding it up. They are editing the draft as we speak. There is a reason it is called the "deep State", they are deeply embedded in our government. These nameless, faceless individuals hold the power. Elected officials come and go every four years. These people are there for the long haul. They will protect their own at the cost of truth and the public they serve.


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