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The Fog of Censorship

Updated on June 1, 2014
Look out! This might be a view of something coming at you! Certainly plenty of other things have been stamped.
Look out! This might be a view of something coming at you! Certainly plenty of other things have been stamped. | Source

What You Don't Know Can Really Harm You

Most believe that censorship is something to do with sexual content, but this is so far from the truth as to be mind boggling. Sexual censorship is a convenient handle by which deeper issues can be concealed, even in plain sight. The sexual censorship is merely the thin wedge of a far larger conspiracy of total control. Censorship is pervasive in modern society to the point that most of us as lost in a dense fog of ignorance about the true state of any and all affairs of the society and world in which we live. It begins early and dogs us throughout our lives to our dying days. It alters our minds in ways that we barely perceive if at all. It is found just about everywhere we look in the form of the absence of information, the presence of lies passing as truth; falsehoods in history, finance/economics, politics, science, technology, religion/philosophy, media and in our day to day interactions. It also has a shadow counterpart in the form of misinformation such as found in misunderstood myth, fantasy, gaming, distractions and other methods. But how are we to know about it if we can't detect this absence due to the existence of this all pervasive condition? Most people go through their lives not knowing that they do not know and those that question, face a monumental task to overcome barriers set to block them, even by those unwittingly caught up in the censorship process. There is one sure way to detect that something is amiss and that is if something unreasonable is offered in place of the obvious, then there is room for suspicion, learning and breaking through the dense fog of censorship. Let us consider how the lack of free flow of information is stifling innovation and the freedom from total control.

  • Censorship in truth

  • Information control about history, what really went down

  • Economic gambles, who wins and who loses

  • War – politics and business by other means

  • The science of superstition

  • Technology of control

  • When in doubt, invoke the impossible with religion

  • Media as disinformation

  • Anti-trust as day to day interaction

Truth is a rare commodity in a corrupt and lying world that is bankrupt in all facets of expression. What we are told is the truth, is in fact, more likely to be a lie. What is the truth? There are certain benchmarks that serve as guides to establishing what it is. Is there some form of concrete proof and/or evidence? Can it be independently verified? Does the exposure of facts create panic among particular people? Is their a hail of counter-information quickly generated in order to hide something that some do not want exposed? Are distractions thrown up in order to sideline questioning? If any or all of this is happening, then there is a good chance that it is in response to something that is more desirable by some to keep it hidden. Censorship can come in a mind boggling barrage of misinformation designed to steer the unwary off the track. A clear case example of this is the events surrounding the tragic destruction the World Trade Center in New York on September 11th, 2001. This event was the watershed of many country and world wide shaking events that followed close on its heels. It was a historic paradigm shift that gave rise to plenty of myths and propaganda. It also shows distinct signs of being orchestrated, planned in advance, in order to allow other programs to come into being more easily. Though the truth of certain events were abundantly clear, many people surveyed believe in the official state accounts of the events. Censorship was effected by an explosion of a baffling array of information, hypotheses, myths and lies that served to hide the truth in plain sight. Certain investigations were not performed as the clean up commenced hastily barely after the dust of ruin had settled. People still argue today about the events, citing this as the act of foreign terrorists that triggered the necessary response of the perpetual war on terrorism. Much of what people know of this, is controlled and many facts leading up to, during and after remain closely guarded secrets. Yet, there are glaring contradictions as three buildings fell as a result of two planes striking that brought down the three towers. Something far more than a third plane is missing! And this was not all! There was an attack on the Pentagon, an alleged plan to strike the White House and a mystery crash in a field in Pennsylvania. Though the Pentagon is surrounded by security video cameras, only one tape was allowed for view by the public. The rest were censored! Over a decade later, one more was released to the public showing a small white streak hitting the side of the Pentagon, a situation that boggles the mind considering that a 757 commercial jet allegedly crashed and exploded into the side of the Pentagon. There should have been two several ton turbines in the wreckage, that were not present even in early raw video and photos. Meanwhile, a war in the middle east came out of this and domestically, the constitution was virtually suspended under a tsunami of draconian legislation. May people still labour under the illusion that the articles of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution still apply in the US, but this shadow was the illusion and censure hiding the new reality of a new world order police state managed by oligarchs that suspended democracy in favour of the articles of war in the foreign and domestic spheres. This rabbit hole did not begin here, but has deep roots where plenty of other lying manipulations were used to deceive most and direct the course of history in a manufactured agenda. Censorship ran alongside history as a close partner in the whole affair. The hidden history of false flags triggering desired policies is another fact of censored facts. The names recalled are a who's who list of major historical events.

This image of the twentieth century still hangs over our heads. Unfortunately, we have not been told much by way of the truth, such as the use of depleted uranium and that a conspiracy of censure exists as to who has or doesn't have WMD.
This image of the twentieth century still hangs over our heads. Unfortunately, we have not been told much by way of the truth, such as the use of depleted uranium and that a conspiracy of censure exists as to who has or doesn't have WMD. | Source

History is Far Different Than What We Are Told

The history that you think you know is probably a bald faced lie, unless you have had a look under the cover story that serves as the information provided for popular consumption. Consider the the major shaping events of the 20th century, such as The burning of the Reichstag, the attack of a radio station on the German-Polish boarder, Pearl Harbour, Operation TPAJAX, Operation Northwoods, The Gulf of Tonkin and recently, 9-11 to name but a few. It still goes on where one party attacks another and blames the victim for perpetrating the crime and mounts an intensive PR campaign to get support. There are many others, too abundant to recount here. Then there is the not so recent history that was behind nation building in the Americas. That history is also largely under a cloak. We could examine each story in detail, but this has been expertly done in a large array of other material and articles. Suffice it to say here is that the history you think you know, is a fiction and the real history is far different. The facts have been altered to protect the guilty and manipulate the millions of innocent, many of whom payed the ultimate price for someone else's lies. Censorship here has cost untold lives and produced incalculable misery. It operates on the principle that if it is not generally known, it did not happen.

The economy moves historically from bursting bubble to bursting bubble in a froth that is the standard of life for the exploited. From bail-outs to bail-ins, many people are paying on both ends without knowing what is going on. For, the truth about economics, especially the current era of financialization not backed by production, is not taught in schools and thus is under censure. This is one of those learn on the job scenarios for those involved in the Ponzi scheme that characterizes modern international economics. Those at the top of the pyramid win, win, win and everyone else loses on all sides. The whole of the world economy is manipulated in so many myriad ways, that it is hard for the lay person to keep abreast of it. The end result is the same though, and the result is to win as much of the real collateral as possible while tricking people into accepting worthless promises that are always broken. That currency you have and that bank savings account is no more substantial than the empty, hard vacuum of deep space. It you do not hold anything of real useable value and rely on currency, when that currency fails, you are stuck with nothing. The truth of that is usually a closely guarded secret, which is exposed when the economy crashes.

War is business by other means, when peaceful coexistence fails and profits are down, then it's war to boost business profitability. Most of us want peace, but we find ourselves in wars directly and indirectly almost all of the time. The real reason of wars are hidden as we continue to believe in the straw men who are demonized and set up as suitable targets. We have heard it throughout history, whether it is savage Indians, the pesky terrorist, Islamists, Communists and other threats. Real reasons for the planning, propagandizing and execution are not told to us. Some pretext is manufactured, such as a false flag to get people riled and fired up to go to war and get killed or kill for some third parties profit who are in no way harmed by the actions they unleash. The wrong people are blamed for the massive crimes perpetrated by those hidden from view. When these profiteers of war seek to target a leader in a regime change, they usually spare the leader, but commit genocide against the masses alleged to support that dictator we chose not to like. Other dictators who are the scum of humanity are praised as friends and democratic when they are anything but; but they are our dictators! There appears to be a collaboration here, but we are told that this is mere conspiracy theorizing. These things are usually censored in the domestic media that does the bidding of their owners in order to frenzy up war fever. If you listen to them, they will have you believing that the oppressor is the good guy and that the victims of their crimes are the terrorists who warrant torture and death. There are few censorship programs that are as cloaked in as dense a fog as this. These are the practices of deflection, distraction, deceit and division. It is so common that it is now accepted as normal. This is clearly, to use a contemporary word; bi-polar. In a bid to destroy the enemy, we are in fact destroying ourselves in the process, but this is the new normal.

The fostering of superstition is a high science and cannot be underestimated in its thorough going application. There is, hidden, often in plain view, a secret science that few are privy too and the rest are ignorant. We are given fictions to believe in and few challenge them. What is considered fact by some is dismissed and fantasy by others, and this comes from both sides of the battle. Crucial facts and gaps in knowledge are hidden and people go out on limbs believing in some idea or theory that could collapse under close scrutiny. Religion and science have locked horns are in a grudge match to the finish. Both claim superior knowledge. It can be proven with substantial facts that both are engaged in lies to further their own ends and to put to exposure the lies of the other. The scientific method though, stands as a proven technique in order to establish the truth about something under research and investigation. Too bad that sometimes, information is stretched or fudged in order to substantiate an idea of theory. All so called facts are not as clear cut as we are led to believe. On the other side we have the science of psychology and how this is applied to organized religion. Organized religion can have people believing in all kinds of superstitious nonsense. As there are a myriad of sects and texts, it has to be asked, which sect is the real one and which text is the truth? How can we apply the truth of the scientific method to vindicate that this is so without the problem of corruption and truth hiding that creeps in? Whichever side we look at and whatever we believe, there is a to do list and censures that are imposed. Do not go there is the refrain; but the free thinker must in order to clear the fog of censorship and the resulting confusion.

Technology plays a role in the censorship and control of information, innovation and this affects everything in our lives. The worst part is that most of us don't realize the extent of this issue.
Technology plays a role in the censorship and control of information, innovation and this affects everything in our lives. The worst part is that most of us don't realize the extent of this issue. | Source

What is the greatest threat and cost of censorship?

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Technology Was Supposed to Liberate, Not Enslave and Confuse

Technology is used for control in many ways, but it is also used in information control and manipulation. Innovative ideas are also under strict censure as these could wreck the existing order. This is a huge arena, especially over the last thirty years. But innovation is nothing new to humanity. We have been there before. Indeed, it appears that the modern world has forgotten more than the ancients learned and understood. If nothing else can be appreciated, then there is this; the world wide mystery of megalithic structures that were erected that surpass our ability to duplicate today. It is found world wide in several hundred sites, including under water. There is of course far more for the avid researcher to uncover and cut through the mists of obscuration and censure. Oil, gas, coal and nuclear based energy sources are far from the only ones. These are the current model because of powerful interests overseeing and protect them, even though the planet is on the balance for destruction. Alternative energy sources have a difficult, uphill battle to wage to obtain a small corner of the market. Small indeed, as a mere 2 percent of world energy is derived from alternative means! Ideas have come and gone, not because they were ineffective, but that they were counter-productive to the profits of the existing order. No one will go down without a fight! This is why people like Nikola Tesla were censored from history and from technology. It has been stated by some that Tesla contributed nothing more than AC technology, specifically the poly-phase motor; that he was a stupid pawn of Edison. But he contributed far more, much of which is now in use publicly and in secret. Over seven hundred patents exist in his name world wide! Media is a high technological order that is used to control in every facet of life. In the hands of the few, it is the engine of war that gets people to consign their lives en-mass to extermination for the profit of the few. In the process, the propaganda drummed daily into the collective mind, justifies genocide disguised as regime change, foreign policy and war against terror. Overkill in information and misinformation galore are two more ways to impose a fog of censorship on the truth. Modern technology has played a big part with the distractions of TV and the cell phone. Hidden from most is that what we watch, view, speak and write is also watching and recording everything we do for posterity. This has been going on for several decades before Edward Snowden made any revelation; indeed long before he was even a though on his father's mind. We have been warned repeatedly, but we accepted it until we arrived in a post Orwellian nightmare that paled that author's descriptions.

When other means of censure fail, then invoke the impossible and fanciful. What we are told is largely a fiction while the truth is ignored or explained as a lie or propaganda. Many people believe in the impossible. This is easily vindicated by realizing that there is only one truth. All other stories contain lies in part or in whole. The more stories there are about a subject, the more lies their are and the thicker the fog of censorship. Some subjects have a lot of stories around them which disagree with each other in a myriad of details. Two such stories out of the countless barrage are the Kennedy assassinations and 9-11. There are so many stories and theories, it challenges even the most avid researcher and historian to ferret out the true one among the mountain of dross. That mountain grows daily, increasing the challenge. There is one caveat that can be used as a yard stick and that is, the closer to the event one is, the more raw the feed of the events, the closer you will be to the actual story and the truth. The further away you are in time after there has been time to edit and re-edit, then the less likely it is that you will understand anything about the event and the truth will be almost impossible to find. Pay close attention to the fresh, raw reports as they come in on any major story! You will likely never see them again! Instead, what will become increasingly available are the edited takes and re-takes and endless theories and speculation that will lead down blind alleys. The story will be inverted, turned upside-down and inside-out in order to serve the purposes required at the time. There is also the creation of manufactured events in order to sway the opinion of masses, usually as a pretext for war and that is for empire expansion and profit. This is an important body of misinformation to a few that is created to censure the truth by burying it in a mountain of lies. In time, even crazy ideas and hypotheses that are easily exposed, will become accepted as the God given truth regardless of obvious contradictions.

Division has become so thorough that we live in a world of anti-trust. We exist in a war of each against all set in a world of prison-house nations of apartheid states. Lies are so pervasive that even when someone speaks the truth and can demonstrate that it is so, there are few takers. We now must agree to contracts of all kinds that are in and of themselves, stacked in the favour of the contractor against the contractee. They come in all types and are not ironclad. Not even constitutional rights or human rights are sacrosanct! Everything it appears, is subject to violation and interpretation. We have constructed a web of such a clever design that the too big to fail can escape, but the too small to succeed are trapped.

In the end, we arrive at an economy where we realize that the most effective form of censorship is poverty. There; it is the people themselves that are censored from living life in any form that can be called reasonable.


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