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The Fool Who Wanted to be President: Donald Trump's Troubling Essay to be the Leader of the Semi-Free World

Updated on October 8, 2016

Foolish and Destructive

Send in the Clown

The mass of bloviating, unthinking nonsense and not to mention racist, Donald Trump, has his eye on the presidency of the United States. But do Americans recall the full page ads that Trump penned in four of the major New York City newspapers accusing five innocent young men of color of rape and attempted murder? In a call to have the alleged perpetrators of a vicious attack on a Central Park jogger be put to death for crimes that they did not commit, Trump made himself out to be a cowboy demanding justice. In reality, he ended up being a blowhard who falsely accused five youths. So in this figure do the American people trust? Now, as a billionaire investor who has been the punchline to everything from his infamous comb over, to his marriages, to his gaudy interior designs, the scene is set for his buffoonery.

This is Just the First Layer of Makeup (Allgedly)

McTrump. | Source

Make no Mistake

But Trump at least has a forthright delivery. He fires at full blast, disregarding all opponents and naysayers who might challenge his turgidity. In his rally against Mexican immigrants, he in ridiculous fashion, called for a wall to separate the US and the neighbor to South. He even went as far as to say that he knows how to build a wall and “nobody builds a wall better” than him. In regard to his many projects in real estate, some of his properties exist because of eminent domain. And who else but his late father handed over cash for the capital used in the construction of his empire. Make no mistake; Trump is far from being a capitalist. Just because he has generated a sizeable net worth, does not mean that he is a pure example of a free market thinker. Or that he is a thinker at all. He uses his gut as a guide much to the enjoyment of a populace who has grown weary of politicians flip flopping on positions or being filtered. Trump plays up the fact the he is rich and white and a man. This serves as his wellspring for contrasting a sitting Black president who is modestly wealthy by comparison in Barack Obama, and a female Republican opponent in Carly Fiorina. Still, Trump has to make big waves in the heated campaign. So if there’s no such thing as bad press, Trump is reveling in his recent comments about Senator John McCain. Now, even though McCain is a collectivist at heart, he served his country honorably and distinguished himself among those captured during the Vietnam War. How dare Trump blast a war hero and a veteran and a prisoner of war (POW)? Yet it is this type of speech that Americans pick up on because they have been hit over the head with the lifeless talk that most political leaders employ. He feels it and then he lets you have it. The primacy of emotion as opposed to the faculty of reason reigns supreme in Trump. That’s why he cannot even have a rational position on health care other claims.

Who gets the Vote?

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How many Thousand Words does this Picture Present?

An actual portrait of Mr. Trump?
An actual portrait of Mr. Trump? | Source

Signifying Nothing

Instead of outright doing away with entitlement states like Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, Trump wants to retain them. He still feels that the American people have a right to health care no matter their condition or finances (or lack thereof). While he would fight tooth and nail against Democrats for their role in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), he still wants everybody in the country to experience full medical care at the expense of medical staff. The dichotomy which Trump presents only bolsters his image as the court jester. For this, he is worse than the Shakespearean fool. While those clowns use their intelligence to outfox higher ups, Trump merely mouths a mishmash of fierce condemnations, pompous rhetoric, and over-the-top babble signifying nothing. Trump’s basic strategy is to outperform his adversaries with talk that stirs, routinely, the the proverbial pot. But his competitors seek to outdo him by combining his straightforward style with much needed substance. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has a similar candid approach. But Trump is far too much of a goofy figure to represent the leadership of the Semi-free World. While his flippant remarks may be entertaining, his inability to show himself worthy of the office of the President of the United States is a jarring reminder. Trump touts himself as hard on crime and with his history of assessing wrongly cases of violence against women, it will be difficult to take him seriously. As the clown of a race which will see candidates ingratiate themselves to the American people, Trump will remain perpetually the sideshow to United States of bombast.

Mr. Big Mouth

Trump says little with a lot.
Trump says little with a lot. | Source

True Caricature

The walking and talking sketch comedy show.
The walking and talking sketch comedy show. | Source


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