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The Symbolic ‘Fragging’ of The Armed Forces By Sergeant Bergdahl And President Obama....

Updated on January 17, 2015

The Symbolic ‘Fragging’ of The Armed Forces By Sergeant Bergdahl And President Obama…

Fragging is defined as wounding or killing of soldiers by the hands of a fellow soldier (s); this is what has been taking place symbolically, on account of Sergeant Bergdahl’s exchange for five Taliban terrorists… and less we forget, in addition, the farcical, incompetent assistance by President Obama’s administration. A couple years ago, my beloved brother sent me an article - written by Peggy Noonan - which discussed the fact that President Obama was ‘snake bitten’… in essence, the noted essayist was saying that no matter what our first Black President did policy-wise, it turned out to be a negative. Now, many who make up President Obama’s cult of personality - and there are many who willingly and daily consume his Kool-aid - will say to you that it is because of ingrained racism for President Obama’s failures… and they say this with straight faces knowing that Blacks make up only fifteen or so percent of the population and even less for those who are eligible to vote. I am simply then saying that a whole lot of White folks had to have voted for President Obama.

It seems that every time President Obama gets involved with anything that can be remotely deem Foreign Policy, he is relegated to an incompetent would-be snake charmer… and though our President is not stung, the country and the 'free world' still suffers for his with every miss step… and so it is with the current debacle that is the Sergeant Bergdahl/Taliban exchange… the latter I deemed the most dangerous of snakes, akin to Africa’s Black Mamba. As an ex-soldier, I am acutely aware that we leave no man behind and in the same vein, I am not going to fault Sergeant Bergdahl’s parents for doing what they can to secure their son’s safety - but this a soldier, who, apparently, abandoned his post and whose convenient ‘move of conscience’ may have come at the expense of a half a dozen fellow soldiers lives.

It is one thing for Sergeant Bergdahl’s parents, especially the father, to be biased… but a President and his team should be circumspect in assessing the issues involved because of the Geo-political ramifications, which means, at least, vetting the parties involved, especially when thinking about making an exchange with the most dangerous of snakes, the five hardcore Taliban combatants. One would think that with the CIA and FBI at the President’s disposal, that vetting would have been done before sending out National Security advisor Susan Rice to proclaim that Sergeant Bergdahl was a hero… when a simple interview of his fellow soldiers would have conveyed the circumstances leading up to Sergeant Bergdahl's walking away from his sworn duties - it must be noted that, apparently, Sergeant Bergdahl shipped almost all his possessions home before walking away.

There are two professions wherein the men and women who serve in these respective professions are more closer to their buddies than their wives and husbands: that of being a police officer and that of being a soldier. With that said, one would think that the Obama administration would have questioned Sergeant Bergdahl’s Army buds, which would have resulted in the strange happenings that took place before Bergdahl decided to abandon his post. Instead, we have President Obama hosting Bergdahl’s father and mother… who are obviously in the throes of a chronic case of the Stockholm Syndrome, and, moreover, implicating the White-House in the repudiation of the Afghanistan war effort and over all policy. Think of the iconic optics of our President on the White-House lawn, hosting Sergeant Bergdahl’s father… the latter whose facial hair mimicked that of the Taliban’s, and speaking fluent Pashto and giving a reverent 'shout-out' to Allah.

The media are in full obfuscating mode for President Obama - now they are impugning Sergeant Bergdahl’s Army unit because the men who serve with him are saying that he was no hero… as characterized by the National-Security-Advisor, Susan Rice. Of course, the biased media are not doing this interference out of Agape love for Sergeant Bergdahl… but simply to protect President Obama, like they have always done during and after the many scandals of the his administration. I have scratched my head and asked why a brilliant man like President Obama keep finding himself in these scandals and I have to chalk it up to the obvious, bitter disdain this man has for much of the tenets of Christ Jesus.

This is a President who has made a conspicuous effort to give formal ‘shout-outs’ because someone says he or she is gay; and to show that I am not biased on this issue I say to you that if I or my children or my parents or my siblings or anyone who I love engages in homosexual behavior, it is still an abomination like how Christ says it is! What do you think happens when impressionable children here and abroad see the most powerful man in the world calling the living God a liar... by ‘bigging’ up the homosexual lifestyle? It also does not help matters that there are those who treat President Obama like he is the Second Coming of the very Christ and those of us who know our Bible know that the Lord will never share His glory with anyone (Isaiah 42:8), not even the first African American President. And so the Presidential duties that seem to be academic to other men who have held the office become rather difficult for President Obama, and, coupled with the fact that he is being enabled by the Fourth Estate (media), whereby nothing President Obama ever does policy-wise that turns out to be a liability to the country is his fault… including now not vetting a soldier who may have been a deserter.


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    • profile image

      Tony Antinoro 

      4 years ago

      Nixon resigned. Clinton was impeached. And Obama with willing accomplices in the media continues to destruct America.

    • Verily Prime profile imageAUTHOR

      Verily Prime 

      4 years ago from New York

      Let us just wait and see and hope nothing terrible happens

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      4 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      There is no doubt in my mind that Bergdahl should have never been allowed into the military in the first place due to his feelings about the war and the enemy. Who is at fault for that?

      Now I hear that the country we sent the five prisoners we traded for him - namely "Qutar" is hosting the summer Olympics for 2016. There is something rotten here.


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