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The GOP & The NRA: Totally Lost In LA-LA Land!

Updated on April 9, 2013
If enough people said it, it might actually be TRUE!
If enough people said it, it might actually be TRUE!
The Line-up of Whack jobs, losers and a crazy people
The Line-up of Whack jobs, losers and a crazy people
One might think the GOP takes it's orders from RUSH, But Chris Christie proved otherwise!
One might think the GOP takes it's orders from RUSH, But Chris Christie proved otherwise!
This should be a complete "No Brainer" obvious choice
This should be a complete "No Brainer" obvious choice
GOP & NRA CHief are out of touch with American's wishes
GOP & NRA CHief are out of touch with American's wishes | Source
NRA & GO, listen up we the people are trying to get your ATTENTION!
NRA & GO, listen up we the people are trying to get your ATTENTION! | Source


I'm totally flabbergasted by the twisted logic of the ultra conservative, far right leaning political leaders in office today. If we thought that Mitt Romney was out there, some of these characters make Mitt Romney look like a card carrying LIBERAL with reasonable policies, They are so out of touch with over 90% of Americans & NRA members who support more intensive background checks on prospective gun purchasers. As well as tougher penalties for straw purchasers who buy guns legally then hand them over to less than moral upright law abiding citizens.

What's really scary is their logic for opposing tougher gun laws, the assault weapons ban as well as banning high capacity magazines (ammo clips). First, it was the Government is coming to take away everybody's gun, which was nonsense. When that didn't work, they switched gears to say that it was an infringement on our second amendment rights. They've tried unsuccessfully to ring the 2nd Amendment bell, but the spirit of the 2nd amendment law doesn't fit into the current context as it did when the amendment was written and passed into law by Congress.

Currently the only well regulated militias are law enforcement officers and the military as we know it today! The latest argument is that criminals won't obey the law, so why bother to pass it into law in the first place.It's no wonder why the GOP is going down in flames, because their ideas aren't new they're a reboot of 1940's and 50's. The party did a study as to why they lost the 2012 presidential election, "narrow minded", "Stuffy Old Men" and "Scary" were a few phrases used to describe their results.

With the likes of former US Rep Allen West of Florida, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney as the voices of the GOP is not too big of a stretch for the "Scary" and with the exception of Sarah Palin the "Stuffy Old Men" description being used to describe the party. God only knows why Sarah Palin is still getting air-time before the microphones or TV cameras, other than being utterly ridiculous and counted on to say something stupid and off the cuff. She's not only out in right-field she's built a condo in crazy-land. Ted Cruz, Allen West, Joe Walsh (R-IL) and Rand Paul are her neighbors.

On a lighter note there should be several HUGE RED FLAGS up all over the place within the party, when they looked down their noses at the GOP's rising star Gov. Chris Christie when he put his constituents before party immediately after "Hurricane Sandy" ripped through parts of New Jersey, NY and several other northeastern states. Or when Bill O'reilly and Rush Limbaugh are at odds with each other when it comes to marriage equality.Don't even get me started on Wayne LaPierre of the NRA.

Oh there's another wing-nut out there who's adamantly against universal background checks, banning assault weapons, and restricting high capacity magazines for all of the wrong reasons. Yet he, Larry Pratt couldn't provide a simple yet valid argument in opposition to the proposed stricter gun laws. As the executive director of Gun Owners of America (G.O.A.), a gun rights lobby similar to the NRA. Larry recently appeared on "Hardball" With Chris Matthews, when Chris pressed him with various hypothetical scenarios.

Time and time again he answered the various hypothetical questions as most people with a shred of common sense would have, but immediately which switched to the irrational logic of the powerful Gun Lobbyists such as the NRA or his aforementioned Gun Owners of America. Case in point, Chris Matthews asked him if he were a particular customer to enter a gun store and look as if he lacked the mental capacity to safely handle a gun, would he, Larry Pratt sell that person a gun? Larry's answer was NO, he Would NOT sell that person a gun. But Larry Pratt quickly switched back to the Gun Lobbyists' insane rational, for opposing stricter gun laws and universal background checks.

To the casual observer it appears that certain factions like NRA & GOA oppose common sense proposals for stricter gun safety laws that make it harder for certain people to buy,obtain or possess a firearm purely for the sake of argument. Not as a matter of public safety (i.e. Sandy Hook Elementary, the Aurora, CO movie theatre or the VA Tech killings). To the best of my recollection in each of the aforementioned incidents, high capacity magazines (clips) and assault style weapons as well handguns were used to inflict injuries or death upon unsuspecting groups of people. But then again only rationally sane people go into crowded movie theatres, elementary school or college classrooms with assault weapons and high capacity magazines (Clips) intent on killing a lot of people right, NOT EVEN CLOSE!


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