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The Gender Police - Stormtroopers of Stupidity

Updated on May 21, 2016
RJ Schwartz profile image

When he's not writing poetry or political articles, Ralph fills his time by researching various topics that are influencing society today.

Welcome one and all to the land where common sense has taken a long, but hopefully not a permanent vacation. Let's take a good look at some of the recent acts that will help us all see that we're not in figurative Kansas anymore. Did you know that business professionals and landlords working in New York City are now legally required to use whatever gender pronouns their customers and tenants prefer, regardless of that person’s biological sex. And, if these law abiding, tax-paying normal people refuse to use gender-neutral pronouns such as “ze” and “hir”, or do not call a tenant by their preferred gender pronouns, they can be fined $25,000. Can anyone out there provide an explanation on HOW these hard-working individuals who are trying to earn an honest living can even tell what gender some people want to "present" as? Sounds to me like a litigators dream and a new way for the city to generate revenue, nothing more. It gets worse, the city also contends that refusing to use a certain gender pronoun may be considered harassment. So if you are the trans-type who changes every day, in that fashion you call fluid! you can just file a lawsuit every day, heck why not every hour? Its the ultimate thumbing at the super majority of Americans who identify with whatever they see when they are using the toilet.

It’s also possible that some individuals may want to be called by new or made-up terms, like binary gender plastic atrophied she-me or something. The lawyers are already salivating and counting the billable hours on this, since the situation will guaranteed to be complicated from a legal standpoint. Isn't it a great testament of common sense being thrown out when almost everyone has to bow down and treat this tiny splinter group of people as if they were royalt, addressing by their fictitious titles instead of calling them men and women. I'm still trying to figure out who elevated them to this status. More importantly, when does it end? If I decide to put on a dress today, I can go into a women's changing room in Target where I'm free to entertain myself watching ladies change, or better yet a bathroom, where I can peek under the stalls at an unaccompanied lady using the toilet. It's like pedophilia on demand, better than staying home and watching x-rated movies for some.

Remember how Obama cozyed up with the Bergdahl clan - the deserted and his Mulim father?
Remember how Obama cozyed up with the Bergdahl clan - the deserted and his Mulim father?

Obama bent on destruction of values and morals

Circling back to my original rhetorical question as to whom is granting these twisted rights, well it's none other than good old President Obama. You remember him, the guy we always see on the back nine while the world is burning; since he's not a real American, being raised in some Muslim colonialist society, so he hates the fact that we have rights. And he's doing everything in his power, with the help of his deep pocketed gay friends of course, to dismantle every last hit of social and moral fiber left in this nation. Why?you ask, well it should be quite simple to see that he swings from both sides of the plate so it should be not only OK, but be forever forced on the rest of us to accept this as normal behavior. Why he's even getting the kiddies involved by ramming this ludicrous agenda down the throats of every public school. Right, you heard me, forcing out children to be exposed to yet another perversion of humankind and demanding transgender access -- or face the loss of federal funds. The bully pulpit allows him to dangle the carrot of funding wheever he wants, just like with O'Barry Care and his other gay rights demands. Hey, the Repblicans called it just what it is, presidential "blackmail."

But King Barry could care less about what anyone says, he's got nine months to lay waste to whatever remains of the cohesion of this country before leaving office to spend 24 hours a day between the golf course and the Bathouse. The administration’s directive -- citing Title IX in telling schools to give transgender students access to all activities and facilities consistent with their gender identity -- effectively touched off a national debate that could well extend into the next president’s term and reverberate through the courts.

The Sad List

So the transgender folks, well they are one confused bunch and they steadily complain of how they are discriminated against. They claim they can't use public restrooms without fear of verbal abuse (maybe if they used the one which coincided with their sex organs this would go away), they claim complete strangers can assume they can ask them what kind of "equipment" they have (maybe if they used the bathroom which which coincided with their sex organs this would go away.) They have this huge insecurity of uncertainty about which sex they are, in fact, they feel that their standing as a man/woman/human is not based on how much surgery they've had, but by how the rest of us view them - well most of us view them in a negative light and feel sorry for them. Imagine not having parents who told them at a young age to stop cross dressing and acting the right way - its been proven that encouraging this deviant behavior by deviant parents is a huge part of the problem. We don't applaud them for some imaginary bravery just as we wouldn't applaud a guy who walks down the street naked carrying an assault weapon. We don't put mental illness up on a pedestal likes it's something to be proud of. We don't cheer people who wish to mutilate their bodies and take dangerous drugs - no matter how much they do, it wont make them another sex. I'm sorry but what they should be doing is getting real help; help them to feel good about who they are, the sex they were born is who they are, and stop damaging their human form seeking some absolution which will never come.

They cross dress and suddenly don't blend in; the world stares or gawks at them, whispers about, points at, and laughs at them because of their gender expression; yes, it happens, but maybe just dressing like your correct sex could fix this? Why do the rest of us suddenly need to change in order to help you feel more complete in your ruse? People refuse to accept their fake names and insist on knowIng and then using their birth name and birth pronouns; they really hate this even though it is on their Federal ID, their taxes, and thier birth certificate. They can't seem to find success in getting a job while in disguise, or renting an apartment, or getting a loan - of course since they are trying to do so while in disguise, I can understand it. Only criminals wear disguises, not law abiding citizens.

And don't get me started on their dating and relationship troubles. I mean, if you pretend to be a girl and try to date a guy and he finds out you have the same equipment as him, well it's highly likely that he's going to met out a hit of violence - especially if you've already kissed him. It does bring up the term bait and switch. If you want to be gay, at least other gay people know what you are up front instead of trying to hide it. If you end up in the emergency room, you think that you'll have o worry that the doctor won't know what kind of plumbing you have? Dudes in dresses are not asked to take pregnancy tests so it's OK. But you will have to submit to a mental evaluation, since what it is you are doing is still considered a ménage disorder. Your identity isconsidered a mental pathology (“gender identity disorder” in the DSM IV) by the psychological and medical establishments.

Don't commit any crimes, because if you go the big house, you'll be housed according to science, not your made up identity. Good luck with that. But hey, you made the choice to wear that dress buddy, so deal with it. Funny, but even most gay people who proudly and fiercely defend their right to have a relationship with their same sex partner find your behavior unsettling. And another thing, when your drivers license says youre a guy and you get pulled over looking like a girl, be prepared for a longer stop. You see, you are wearing a disguise, and when you tell the officer a different name, well guess what, that makes you suspicious and a liar. You see, that picture on your ID, that's what the cop expects to see. Just like in the family albums and high school yearbooks, the picture of you, as you were born, that's who you are, the rest of us are not required to roll over and believe something other than the truth just because you tell us to.

It's anti-science

Except for a tiny number of people with gene disabilities, every human being has either XX or XY chromosomes embedded in every cell of his or her body. That makes each of us biologically male or female, no matter how we feel about that fact. Even surgery will not change this - the removal of a male sex organ does not make you a female, only a male with a missing organ. No more than cutting off a persons legs or arms - it just doesn't work that way. To believe otherwise psychiatric disorder in which an individual substitutes his preference for reality. It's no difference than pretending to be another race, or class, or status. The people with these disorders have come to believe that some of their psycho-social conflicts or problems will be resolved if they can change the way that they appear to others! but it just isn't true. For the transgendered, this argument holds that one’s feeling of ‘gender’ is a conscious state that in their own mind that cannot be questioned by others. These individuals often seek not just society’s tolerance of this ‘personal truth’ but affirmation of it, and when they cannot get it, they create a host of false constructs to demonstrate a loss of their made up rights.


Coming out as transgender or any variation thereof sounds downright terrifying. It is often met with criticism, resistance, and invalidation. Beyond coming out, demanding that others also change is also terrifying - because it's most erodible going to be met with resistance. When someone states their pronouns (he, she, ze, they, etc), they are asking for your respect. And when you choose not to use these pronouns, and instead opt for your own, you are cleary stating that they don't have your respect and you don't care to validate their wardrobe change. But, that freedom of speech is being trampled on by the Obama administration. They are demanding you change. Gender specific pronouns are simply words. They don't have magic powers to make people something different than what they were born, so why should we be forced into using them incorrectly?

The reality is, someone’s gender identity — how they relate to their bodies, and to the notions of femininity and masculinity — is only for that person to discover and declare. You are not living their life, and therefore, could not possibly know their gender better than they could. When you use the incorrect pronouns, though, you are saying that you are intimately more familiar with who they are than they are. And logically speaking, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Just because someone claims that calling them a woman when they are a man makes them feel more like a woman, why should the rest of us care?


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