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The Georgia Guidestones - The American Stonehenge

Updated on April 12, 2012
The stones in all their mysterious splendor
The stones in all their mysterious splendor

What are the Georgia Guide Stones:

There are many, many monuments in the United States and they come in all shapes and sizes; from the 555 ft tall Washington Monument in Washington, DC to the small square marking the convergence of the four corners in the southwest. However, none of them are as shrouded in mystery as the Georgia Guide Stones.

The monument consists of four 17 ft tall granite slabs topped with a foot and a half thick, 9 ft square capstone. Each of the four stones weighs around 28 tons a piece and combined with the capstone and base, the monument weighs somewhere around 240000. So, if nothing else the guide stones are a very impressive example of modern architecture and an example of what humans are capable of on the scale of the epic stonehenge.

The tablets are arranged so that they each point off in one of the four main directions; North, South, East and West. An inscription can be found at the top of each stone as which direction they point.

Also similar to stonehenge, the guide stones are set up in accordance with major astronomical occurrences. There is a hole in the center pillar that has been drilled at eye level and is angled so that the north star is visible through it on any cloudless night of the year. On the west side of the stone there is a slot through which the suns movement during the equinox and solstice can be observed.

On the top of the statue there is 7/8' aperture hole which focus a beam of sunlight on to the center column at what is exactly noon each day. In fact, this monument is a veritable swiss army knife documenting the three major tools of civilizations all over the globe; the compass, clock and calendar.


Slab inscriptions:

However, for all of its mathematical and astronomical splendor, perhaps the most fascinating and controversial aspect of the monument is what is inscribed upon it. On each of the four sides of the capstone is inscribed what translates to "Let these be guide stones to an age of Reason". However, none of that is written in english but instead it is inscribed in four different ancient hieroglyphs or pictographs; Egyptian, Sanskrit, Classical Greek, and Babylonian Cuneiform. Why those four languages are chosen no one will ever really know but it is most likely that they were chosen because they were the written languages of four of the biggest most successful civilizations in earths history and thus stand the best chance of being remembered long into the future.

Now comes my favorite part; the ten guide lines or commandments if you want to call them that, that are inscribed on both faces of all four stones. As with the capstone, these ten points are inscribed in a different language on each side; English, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, and Swahili.

The list of all ten is as follows:

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

Again, at the very least, if these stones are found by some post apocalyptic civilization they will serve as an amazing rosetta stone for the eight most popular languages of our modern world. However not much is known definitely as to what the original designer of the monument meant it to be.

Georgia Guidestones:
Guidestones Rd NW, Elberton, GA 30634, USA

get directions

Monuments History:

The monument was originally erected in Elberton, Georgia in 1980 and was funded by a man who went by R.C. Christian. However, reportedly even R.C. Christian him self admitted that this was only a pseudonym used to conceal his real identity. The only man who is still living that actually dealt with Christian himself was a man by the name of Wyatt Martin, the president of Granite City Bank in Elberton.

He was approached by Christian one day who told him that his group had been secretly planning this monument for the last 20 years and wanted to remain anonymous forever. Martin attempted to discourage this "nut" from pursuing work on his project or several reasons. A) He thought that the whole idea was a bit outrageous and suspicious and B) no one believed that this stranger to the town even had the money to undertake a project of this magnitude.

Christian bought a 5 acre piece of land in what is the highest point in Elbert County from a farmer in exchange for 5,000 dollars and lifetime grazing rights on the land for him and his family.

Nonetheless, after a 10,000 dollar deposit, work on the giant monument began. R.C. Christian gave Joe Fendley, Elberton Granite's president, a wooden scale model of the monument as well as several pages of further instructions and then left town, never to bee seen in Elberton again. According to Martin, all correspondence with Christian from that point on took place through letters "that never came from the same city twice".

In order to complete the project, Fendley had to cut some of the biggest slabs of Georgia granite that have ever been removed from the seam of granite that runs through the Georgia hills. The slabs were so immense that special tools were made in order to clean, cut, and polish them. Also, it was essential to hire an expert meterologist in order to comply with the exact specifications of Christian.

Common Sense
Common Sense
Another Thomas Paine classic that has inspired great American products including the Decleration of Independence and Thomas Jefferson

Many have questioned why the monument was chosen to be put Georgia. After all, it is in a not very populated area in the deep south and far from any major highways and intersections. No one really knows the actual reason that it was chosen to be here and so it is all up to speculation really. My opinion (which is by no means correct) is that the monuments location was chosen simply by using the very same values that its commandments advertise, reason. Elberton is the granite capital of the south so it would make sense to go there for your granite needs.

Then, they already had to get special machines to shape and cut the granite because it was so unusually large so hauling the gigantic pieces any where other than the shortest distance possible would have cost large sums of money that R.C Christian and his organization either didn't have or didn't want to spend. So they chose the spot with the highest elevation in the county that also had a lot of open room around it so the astronomical parts of the monument could be observed easier. To me it seems that R.C Christian was not only talking the talk of reason, he was also walking the walk and practicing what he preached.

There are however, many not so easily explained parts of the monument that conspiracy theorists, historians and scientists alike love to get into.

THINK THINK THINK THINK!!! for your self

Theories and Controversy

Of course, as with anything this large and mysterious, there are many different opinions and controversies surrounding it. I will touch on some of the most popular and personally interesting theories but I am sure that there are countless others.

Because of the first two engravings many consparisy theorists have come to the conclusion that this is the proof we have been looking for of a worlwide eugenics movement. Eliminate the weak and when the population is descimated, the elite will rise up and re-populate with their own seed to bring about the New World Order.

I read an interesting book recently called "How to be a Survivor, a Guide to Save Spaceship Earth" and it talks alot about the population size of the world. It was written in the 70's and the scientists claim that the (at the time) 3.5 billion population of earth was way too high; any more and surley we would face destruction. Now the world has reached more than 7 billion people and while we are defnitley seeing the ill effects, were still here. I only include this comment because this is a topic that I like to spend time thinking about when I am drifting off in my own mind. Where do they get these numbers, why 500 million? Why not 600 million or 200 million? Just a thought...

It is also interesting to note that the next item on the list is to "unite humanity with a living new language". This has been taken by ministers as a bad sign because of the allusions in the Book of Revelation to a common toungue and government as a sign of the antichrist. This belif can also be supported by the Genesis story of the Tower of Babel in which God destroys the tower scatters the people all across the globe which forces them to create new languages. If there was only on language spoken the people would have immense power, but if that language was created and defined by the elite; the fear is that we would have an Orwellian system reminiscent of news speak.

Now, on to aliens. As with everything unexplainable, some people are bound to blame it all on aliens. In 1981, the UFO Report published an article claiming that, from above, the monument looked like a giant letter 'X' and that would make the perfect landing spot for an alien spaceship.

To be taken with a grain of salt!!!!

Final Parting Words:

What ever you choose think about this monument, please please please make sure that you make up your own mind. Dont just belive everything that you read here in this article or on any of the other links becasue it was all you could find.

Research until you thirst for information has been quenched and you are satisfied with you results.

Share this article with friends, family and everyone else you know and start a debate about it with in your social circles, wherever they my be. For it is the stregnth of our communities and the unique capability to experience and create love that we possess that must prevail!


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