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The Government Puts Their Pants On ......

Updated on May 7, 2011

Government Puts Their Pants on the Same Way You Do!

Why is it, the elected citizens, and I say citizens because that's what they are, just like you and I, once elected to a government position, think they are better than us, the voters. The rules and laws don't apply to them and they get perksway beyond the call of duty. If you knew the facts about what goes on daily as far as, meetings to negotiate what will actually get done, what will not get done and whose gets what, for being approved by the other group, and what they have to give the other to go along with them on their project, they would probably be run out of town on a rail.

Prime example of the President thinking their better than the rest of us, was, in a time of economic disaster he had Pelosi flying back and forth to California at your expense of $480,000 a month in a Boeing 757 which she claimed to be a security issue. She worked three days a week as Speaker of the House so that's $60,000 per flight and once again, Obama approved it. Why did she not fly in the private plane afforded her position? Because she is better than us and money is no issue when your in the Government. I still feel they should fly commercially like you and I. I would not even mind if they fly 1st class.

The only way any thing ever gets accomplished is by scratching each others back, so to speak and they use money in the form of some kind of hidden or not package deal for bribes as if their is no tomorrow and my friends, tomorrow is here. This is the way of the Government. Once in office the enemy, or opposing party is their silver spoon and you and I mean nothing else but votes or tax dollars. No more than disposable wipes.

Ourmoney is their money or this is what they think. They forget any and all promises that have been made to get to their prospective position except for the big money backing them that helped them to office. As you have seen our present president bends over backwards to pay them back with Czar positions, billions in stem money,

And why is it we need to supply Hamas refugees with a $20,000,000 package to relocate to America. It's like Obama is slapping us in the face for electing him to office. Who is he paying back to do such a thing, I ask? We definitely have millions in America that could use that help. That's one thing about our Government. They will help everyone else before they will help us.

Now, to the meat of the article. Why should and elected official get full benefits when retiring in a short period of time, usually and when will their positions be limited to only one or two terms. These people are elected and they did not have to work their way up to these positions like the average Joe on the street. They usually buy the position by who has the most money in the pot.

A member of Congress with at only five years of service can start collecting his pension benefit at age 62. The average annual pension of retired members of Congress ranged between $35,952 and $60,972 as of 2006..Wow...that's alot of money for such a short period of time with little to show for it.. I think I will run for office. This give you and Idea of how much money is wasted on Government officials. It needs to be changed.

The thing is, we are just as good as they, we have the right to fight tooth and nail to make a decent living for ourselves and our families and It's not right for the Government to levy taxes as to put our kids and their kids in a situation as to the problem of a government controlled lively hood. The money makers in England have been coming to America, buying property and calling this home for years, because of the over taxed problems including paying Muslims with multi wives, welfare for each wife and on and on. I'm sure we are doing the same here but we pay it for multi kids. There is always someone ready for the Government to pave the road for them to sit on their ass and do nothing. It's pathetic but Obama loves these people it. The more businesses that close the more people are on government payroll, or haven;t you noticed.

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