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The Green Fairy Tale

Updated on February 17, 2019

Manny is in the Kitchen

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, February 17, 2019. Our pious friend, Mantis Manny, is in the kitchen preparing breakfast for all the Poppers. On the menu this morning are dozens of Banana Blueberry Muffins slathered in warm butter. I will be preparing French Lattes to accompany the meal. Manny is feeling rather incredulous this morning. The Dems have come up with a Green Deal that is proof positive that they have lost their collective minds. Please join us this morning for a delicious start to the day and some food for thought. We hope to see you soon.


Planning for an Imaginary Future

Thanks so much for joining Pop and me this morning. The bartender, who now is called AOC, has dazzled her fellow Dems with an insane plan for our nation's future. She had a partner in this crime by the name of Sen. Ed Markey, but he isn't as attractive to the press as AOC, so you won't be hearing much from him. The 14 page nonsensical resolution calls for the complete transformation of our nation from top to bottom. Say goodbye to air travel because the planes are destroying our air. AOC figured that out while she was traveling the friendly skies all around the country. The hysterical part of this insanity is that other Democratic crazies are all on board. In a way it's a good thing. Anyone who says they like the Green New Deal has made it very easy to identify them as a crackpot. The "crackpot" pot is bubbling over.


PSST: The Cows Have to Go!

Another important part of the "Green to Gills" proposal is the elimination of the cow. Elsie is on the chopping block. Her propensity to emit gas is just too much for the earth to tolerate. Forget the hamburger, it's soy burgers all the way if AOC gets her way. This move may prove problematic on many levels, but let's not forget that humans pass gas, too. The funny part is that the creators of this proposal removed "farting cows" from the language and replaced it with "emissions from cows". These words were then, is deleted, as well. Frankly, the entire "Deal" is a gaseous emission" that should have been deleted from the outset. It appeals to millennials who believe anything the left tells them. It appeals to people like Booker and Harris because they are in favor of anything that could possibly tear our nation down. They love the idea of massive government control of our lives. This fairy tale of a proposal is perfect for people of their ilk. Now for the icing on the cake. The creators of this farce describe their plan as " national, social, industrial and economic mobilization of a scale not seen since World War II." What it really is, is a joke of a grade B science fiction nightmare. Will somebody please tell me how these fools infiltrated Congress? Let their presence serve as a warning to voters everywhere. Elections definitely have consequences. Thanks to the very bad choices of some voters, the rest of us have to endure the antics of people like AOC, Booker, Harris, Warren, and those names are just the tip of the iceberg.


Put the Dems Out to Pasture

Okay, so now we know with absolute certainty that the Democratic Party is now the Socialst party and the Democratic Socialist Party is the Party of Fools. The Green New Deal is laughable, but what isn't funny is the fact that Congress is going to vote on this joke. How dare Congress waste precious time and money on this nonsense. We have very pressing problems in our nation which need to be addressed. Sadly, we don't have enough serious minded people in Washington to tackle the problems. The Dems have a long history of caring about big government control. Now all they do is obstruct, delay, lie, distort and infuriate sane Americans who are sick of their antics. We can laugh all we want at the "bartender" but somehow she made it into Congress, and that is very painful news. She just got there, and most people are already sick of her.

I do have a suggestion to the radical left, namely the Dems. Put in an offer to buy Venezuela and create your Socialist utopia over there. The Poppers will help you pack.

Manny's Song

The Moment I wake up

Before I stretch my wings

I say a little prayer for America

Let freedom ring


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