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The Human Condition of Today

Updated on April 7, 2016

Look at our society, what do you see?

The biggest problem in the world is not merely dwindling resources, over population or pollution. It is that we have an identity crisis. Look at our society, what do you see? People trying to validate their identity. People looking up to others, copying the same lifestyles to try to prove to them they're worthy. People working jobs to make money to buy things they don't need, to impress people they don't know and to get respect from people they don't even like - just to validate their identity.

The problem of the world is that the identity crisis has everyone in this aimless mentality to constantly search. Reduced to consumers, it underlines why we have all the problems in the world as we know it today. While we buy our identities we empower corporations. Which then gives power for them to raid all the resources, pollute our world and destroy our health in the process. It also empowers politics to heavily regulate what we think as the media is our only source of information, because our lives are media and technology now. And when the media is our only source of information, we live our lives ignorant to the wars that are happening in neighbouring countries so no one can do anything about it.

And yet somehow it has evolved to an even more self degrading process. The internet has people shifting their entire lives online, creating a digital identity; people browsing for hours on social media looking at memes posted by others that seems to represent their identity. You see that the world has become a literal supermarket dedicated to selling you the identity that you want to buy, while you are so focused on externally searching that you don't realise that we are becoming the things that we own.

While we buy our identities we empower corporations. Which then gives power for them to raid all the resources, pollute our world and destroy our health in the process.
It also empowers politics to heavily regulate what we think as the media is our only source of information, because our lives are media and technology now. Now when the media is our only source of information, we live our lives ignorant to the wars that are happening in neighbouring countries so no one can do anything about it.

It is also because of the identity crisis that makes us judge others, because they aren't conforming to the same identity they bought, or the same color they ar

As we are so lost in our identity, we have the TV and newspapers to tell us what to think on certain matters, so we are prone to being quite literally mind controlled.

In this video, it shows how people have their routine of spending two minutes of being told who to hate by media.

Every problem has stemmed from an identity crisis.

Literally every problem has stemmed from an identity crisis, as society profits from your self doubt, anxieties, fears and insecurities. It is all identity crisis. We do not know who we are, so the world is a confused and lost place, so it is open to be taken advantage of. As it is easier to control people who do not know who they are, and who are told who they are, and what to eat, wear, do and think, they lend themselves to be completely enslaved to a cycle of superficialities.

The solution to the worlds problem is what has been ignored for as long as it has been in front of us. But most people are so conditioned that they don't believe they can, say that they can't or simply roll their eyes. Excuses replaces questions to where do they start, and their defense rises.

Be your own authority, your own empowerement.

So ultimately the answer is to return back to yourself and to stop looking outward, but inward. By searching internally for who you are is where you start, because no one can externally look for themselves; everything is learned by you, and you alone, and that is what makes you.

But we have become so accustomed to making external and material things part of our identity, that even the idea of removing ourselves from the external world and connecting back within, is shunned. We do not want to hear it. Our familiarity on what we know, on what we have already been doing for so long is so tight, that we prevent outselves from discovering who we are. We literally create our own superficial limitations and live inside our externally created box that is called the comfort zone, and defent each attempt to open the box. Fear rules us from then on, and that is why the problems do not get solved.

When someone decides to look within themselves, through doing things that they wholeheartedly enjoy that is truly beneficial to their existence, they dissolve the external identity, unlearn what they thought they were, and realize who they are. When the world outside cannot tell you who to be you go out in the world no longer as a product in need of validation. Then it is soon realized there is no reason to be afraid, no more reasons to worry about what other people think of you, no longer a reason to impress or prove yourself to anyone. You can be genuine, you can be inspiring. You iwll no longer judge others because you understand them now.
So now this inward identity cannot be touched by the external, only inspired, so you cannot be controlled by advertisements or propaganda. You are then immune to it, and aware of it; thus giving you the fullest potential to give a helping hand to others, leaving the possibility for a chain of awakenings to take place. And that is all it needs to change the world.
So the answer to the problem in the world? Is you. Yet paradoxically, you are also the solution.

Classic movies that give extreme insights to what happens today in different scenarios.

  • The Matrix. This film shows how the human race is being farmed for energy by AI. They do this by growing humans in tanks and keeping them in a coma like state, being connected to the Matrix, which is a source of renewable energy powered by the human brains. The Matrix is the reality in which the conciousness of the human is transferred to, because if the humans were brain dead they would not produce energy.
    At one point in the film, the protagonist is asked whether he would take the red pill or the blue pill after he is aware of the situation of the Matrix. The blue pill makes him forget all the information, and the red pill makes him wake up in the real world. This symbolises how each and every one of us today have to make the choice to remain ignorant or awaken to the truth.

  • 1984. As the title says, it is taken place in 1984 yet the story is depicting the possible future for future generations (a future that could have been today). It shows a dystopian totalitarianist society where people are heavily controlled by all means, through media, direct influence and direct control. It is post WWII Europe, and Oceania has become the ruling power with the "Party" as it's ruling assembly and "Big Brother" at it's head. Big brother is a fabricated identity which the government uses his face to instill fear and control to the people. There are countless rules that people follow, and rules that apply to them in their very own homes; with cameras always watching them.


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    • Bella Sames profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Yep, yep and yes.

      I buy straight from the farmer, and because I got so frequent at my local dairy farm, they even let me bottle my own milk!

      Jodah I myself have been practicing self sustainability on our own land for the past year and a half now. I have no food expenses other than investments for sustainable food for the future, and god does it feel great! Luckily I am blessed to be around nature, and can forage as well. It seems that the simple life is what could possibly end all the problems. If only we embraced nature and didn't try to tame it or control it.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Bella, great hub. I am a Permaculturalist and the basic philosophy grow your own or buy locally, cut out the middle man and buy direct from the farmer instead of the Supermarket. Try to find more than one use for everything if possible, recycle and reuse all you can. Multi-crop, not mono-crop and garden organically (no poisons or pesticides), use renewable energy. Most of all, don't worry about appearances or keeping up with the Joneses.

    • Bella Sames profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Buying locally is a really great start, as it does not fund the whole polluting process of transportation of goods coming from half way across the world and low paid workers. But, looking at the world as it is and how most of the countries have their resources being transported to other countries, I do not know if we are that far gone - things would be a whole lot easier if each country was self sustainable as well!

    • Kathryn L Hill profile image

      Kathryn L Hill 

      2 years ago from LA

      I enjoyed this hub. What helps us keep connected to our selves? What helps us regard ourselves in a valuable and valid light? There is so much in the natural world to enjoy, take care of, appreciate and use wisely ( like electricity.)

      Corporations are not bad if they avoid creating monopolies, treat their employees fairly and maintain respect for the environment. It is vital for people to stop purchasing the goods produced by the corporations which do not follow monopoly laws and the necessary guidelines of compassion and fairness.


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