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The Historic 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

Updated on August 3, 2020

Regardless, of how Americans will vote on November 4, this IS a historic election for so many reasons.

America is politically divided among the conservatives (Republicans) and the liberals (Democrats). Whichever side wins the the White House, it will be dramatic for American policy at home and in the world.

Reasons why it is an historic election:

  • Joe Biden's VP pick is critical because of his age (78). Many feel he may not be able to complete his first term when he turns 82. His VP pick will be a woman of of color that may become president before the end of the first turn. This event alone is historic.
  • A far right VP pick would send America to unknown territory that even moderate liberals may not want. Biden feels the pressure of picking a VP that resembles his own moderate beliefs, he may know that he might not complete his first term because things happen suddenly to anyone at that age.
  • While the Democrats want everyone to vote for Biden just because they hate Trump, but should it come to pass and Biden wins, is this a Trojan Horse thing, where insiders know that his VP pick will become president before 2024?
  • Trump will no doubt pull out all the stops to win, maybe even a fake medical report indicating Biden's mental capacity is diminished.
  • Trump has already hinted about post election results should they be close or not. He will challenge them for mail fraud, voter fraud, and anything that could be plausible to see what sticks. He may refuse to leave the office. This could drag on for weeks after Nov. 4. For him, the ultimate TV reality showdown!
  • The debates. Already, Biden is hinting that he is not required to do them. Oddly enough, though, Trump has yet to agree to doing them. The debates timing is also suspect, very late in September and mid-October, really? The debates could be a fate sealer for either man. For Biden, he could dispel or confirm if there is a diminished capacity in his mental awareness, depending how well he hammers Trump. For Trump, with fours years of lies and spun facts to the public, who exactly will continue to believe him? Will viewers just scoff at Trump as soon as he starts becoming tied up in what real facts are? Trump might just come off as a buffoon. However, Trump is hard hitting and not polite, he could unravel Biden's composure forcing errors and gaffes that will only make some question his mental state. Can Biden really take on Trump in a debate and deflect all his bullshit for hours and not step in the same muck?
  • Should either candidate not debate, it would be a serious public relations blow but more for Biden, than Trump. It will further cement the Trump narrative that Biden is not mentally fit, why else would Biden not debate? The burden is on Biden, not Trump.


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