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The History of President Barack Obama's Second Term: 2013-2017 - Part 1

Updated on October 9, 2012
The president announces new legislation, cheered on by the vice-president (date unknown).
The president announces new legislation, cheered on by the vice-president (date unknown).

(Editors Note: This fragment of what was apparently a history book was found in the attic of a townhouse in northwest Washington, DC in 2018, apparently overlooked by the officers of Government Information Control in the Great Roundup of Politically Incorrect Propaganda of 2016. It is presented here for informational purposes and in no way reflects the views of this author.)

1 - The Post Election Debacle

By now the general public knows the major occurrences right after the November 2012 election, the revelation that the unemployment numbers prior to the election were "massaged" by the Obama administration to give the impression that unemployment was going down when in fact it had gotten much worse, the massive voter fraud in several states which had, in effect, gave the election to the president, and the fact that the Republican Party finally found concrete evidence that Barack Obama's birth certificate was indeed a forgery. Some people were scratching their heads after the election wondering why Governor Romney did not challenge the results. His concession speech, hailed as an example of how to take a loss like a gentleman, instead called for unity and asked Americans to get behind the president and help fix the nation's problems.

2 - The Inauguration

Some eyebrows were raised at the Inaugural ceremonies of President Obama, in that the benediction was given by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the music was provided by the New Black Panther Party Men's Choir, but the greatest cause for concern was Obama electing to take the oath of office with his hand on a Koran, stating it would "bridge the gap" between the major religions and help promote "unity" in the faith-based community ( see below for a discussion of the 2014 "Religious Fairness" Act). Some pundits on the right stated on more than one occasion that parts of his speech sounded as if they had been lifted from the Communist Manifesto, but these were dismissed by the media as sour grapes.

2a - The Inaugural Address

What escaped most analyst's notice, however, were the following lines:

"We must insure that our message gets out to the American people without the outright distortion of our positions. I will take steps to see that the voice of the people, that is the voice of your government, will not be lost in a wilderness of mass media propaganda." (See below - Return of the "Fairness Doctrine") Equally disturbing to some critics was his constant use of the term "redistribution" but White House spokesmen on the following insisted the president was talking about redistributing government resources in order to achieve more efficiency. The final point of criticism came over the fact that he did end the speech with the usual "God bless America," but this too was dismissed as "unimportant."

3 - The "Reorganization" of the U.S. Congress

With the Democrats retaining control of the U.S. Senate, and the Republicans maintaining a majority in the House of Representatives, it was felt by the administration that this would only result in gridlock. Thus, Congressional Reorganization Act of 2013, which effectively bypassed the House and essentially making the Senate a "rubber stamp" for legislation introduced by the administration was passed by Senate in spite of strong opposition by the minority party, eventually resulting in the infamous Republican walkout from the Senate chamber in March. The Democrats, without any Republicans in the room, simply passed the bill by voice vote and sent it to the White House where President Obama promptly signed it into law. (Rumors that several Democrats who, apparently worried about the Constitutionality of the bill, shouted "No" were called by the White House and warned against any further opposition remain unsubstantiated.) Demands by House leaders to vote on the legislation were dismissed out of hand as it was felt that the law took them "out of the loop" in any case, making their input moot. (See also Part 2 - The Supreme Court Reorganization Act of June 2013.) Former Speaker of the House, John Boehner, immediately left for Australia where he spent his time criticizing the Obama administration as being "dictatorial," so far without much effect. This allowed the administration to quickly pass several major pieces of legislation:

3a - The "Fairness Doctrine Act of 2013"

As of 1 June 2013, talk radio show hosts, certain television show hosts, and much of the programming of the Fox network were effectively silenced by the law mandating "equal time" to opposing opinions. (It is interesting to note that much of MSNBC's programming remained unaffected as it was considered to already be "balanced.") Shortly thereafter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Mark Levin and others walked off the job in protest. That they never returned to their programs was widely believed to be due to the fact that the IRS threatened to audit their tax returns if they continued their "illegal" activities. Many of them now broadcast to the nation from "offshore" and "pirate" radio stations. (Limbaugh and Levin have joined forces and founded Radio Free America and their broadcast location has yet to be found in spite of the FCC's best efforts to locate it.)

3b - The "Religious Fairness Act of 2013"

This controversial piece of legislation necessitated all Christian churches and Jewish synagogues to give equal time to atheists and agnostics in all homilies and sermons. When challenged to explain why mosques were exempt from the law, the White House responded that Moslems were already "behind the power curve" and were an oppressed minority, so it was felt they needed time to "catch up" to well established religions. With the voice of religious leaders effectively negated, this led to:

3c - The Equality in Marriage Act

With the passage of this legislation, anyone could now marry anyone else, regardless of sex. Sharp-eyed lawyers noticed there was no prohibition within the law against the marriage of anyone to anything, leading to pressure from several groups demanding their "marital rights," resulting in the now-famous marriages of people to several spouses, animals, and inanimate objects. Indeed, once these "marriages" became commonplace, such terms as "husband," and "wife" were effectively removed from common discourse. (For a discussion of the "Banned Terms Act of 2014, see Part 2.)

4. Economic Activity

4 a. The Tax Fairness Act of 2014

With this piece of legislation, a tax structure deemed to be more "fair" to taxpayers was passed, resulting in a top tax rate of 85% for those making over $100,000 per year, with exemptions for government officials, union leaders, and members of several other groups which vary according to the whims of the administration. This promptly resulted in the mass exodus of large and small businessmen overseas, causing Obama to make the famous quip, "Let them go, who needs them anyway." (See Part 2 for a discussion of the massive economic meltdown of 2015.)

5. Foreign Affairs

The massive Defense cuts of 2013 and 2014 had major effects overseas, as American military might was reduced to little more than a territorial defense force. The "Nuclear Force Reduction Act" (2014) reduced the nuclear arsenal to what the Russian president famously referred to as "a joke." The few voices of opposition that were heard after several U.S. embassies in the Middle East were overrun and their staffs slaughtered were quelled when the president dismissed the events as "more bumps in the road." With respect to the former state of Israel,

(Editors Note: This represents the end of the fragment. Part 2, if indeed it was ever written, has never been found.)


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    • Mr Archer profile image

      Mr Archer 5 years ago from Missouri

      Brilliant piece of writing. One can only pray this does not come to pass.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 5 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      It will be interesting and unless you turn out to be a false prophet possibly very sad to see. :-(

    • AlexDrinkH2O profile image

      AlexDrinkH2O 5 years ago from Southern New England, USA

      I wrote this as a piece of satire - now I hope it isn't a prediction!

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 5 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      Romney should have had this as a campaign slogan " Obama will end America as we know it!" I'm surprised the country is still around at the end of Obama's second term... So who runs for President in 2016? Biden? I have a slogan for his campaign. "Vote? Biteme"