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The Holy Spirit. The Universe and the symbols of Life God, the Lords, Servants.

Updated on December 4, 2015

The Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit, The Universe, symbols of Life, God, the Lords and Servants.

The Holy Spirit‎

The Father, Tupac "The Shinning Serpent" Shakur.
The The Son, Saint Michael Jackson the 1st.

The Spirit Gods Poet Nkosi( Nkosinathi renescence Me Ncala " Jabu Jnr 43"

Age 19 The first taste of the forbidden fruit, September 23rd 1999.
The first taste of marijuana, the great depression, mania, ultimately triggered bi polar September 28th1999.
Certified Bi Polar 2002
Independence 2002 August 31st, moved out my biological mamaz home, in fourways Fairfield, I wasn't ready to be a man.
First relapse 2003 September.‎ ( 7 relapses to follow)
Dropped out of Midrand University.

First call Centre Job AOL ( American Online) Dimension Data the campus, 2004 January to July 31st.
Jacklyn Enterprises August 01st to December 3 2004.
Standard Bank Head Office Simmons Street No 5. January ‎2005 to January 2006( first major acknowledgements as a customer service agent, - 2 blue star customer excellence awards in 8 months)
Vodacom Business Solutions August 2007 to August 2008
Midrand Graduate Institute - failed dismally to compete my BCOM in tourism after my sister Bongiwe and her dear husband Pheko sacrificed so much to help me attain financial freedom 2010.
January 2011 Neotel January to April 2013.
September 23 to January 2013 to 2014 Britehouse SAP HR Learner ship.
March 3rd to August 13 the Autopage Midrand (Campaigns MTN, Cell C, Vodacom)customer service consultant‎.
05th July 2015 I turned 35.

A scripture from the new testament had been echoing in my mind.
Repent, go forth and sin no more, ' The Son of Man' The Lord My Mum's God Jesus Christ.

My confidence in self, was replenishing,‎ I have a educated sister.and me my nephew are god brothers, so much laughter, wit and curiosity from both parties when we spend time at his mum and dads house once a month.I have my mind, after all that coosh 8 to 12 joints a day, on my lone some from age 19 to 34( 17 years) and I can still function, groom, budget, cook, get amazing jobs, grace from my relentless slave work ethic.

When my life. came of age,23rd of December 2014 I was going on a annual holiday with my sister and her her in laws, at a resort at the Vaal Dam.I had a 50 Gram of marijuana, as I was about to pack it in my back, my conscious said you ungrateful fool!
Your sister and family are doing their best to give you a better life.You have never had to pay rent, not once in your life.You inherited a wonderful home.What are you doing with your life.
On that day, I was saved, thank you Lord Jesus, Buddha, dad, you follow my shadow.

I quit marijuana.

October 2015 I quit drinking. Wine, Perle Paarle you helped me reduce then cleanse my body.
My politeness which I inherited from my mum, is my grace, every woman every man friend or foe is sisi, mee, buthi, nduna and makhosi.

One lesson I have learned.
after all the darkness, heart ache my hindsight landed me in.The darkness:7 times in rehab.6 times unemployed.‎I have 5 years experience in customer service call centre.First debt 2008, 2012, 2013, still blacklisted.
56 broken relationships with potential spouses.

The light:I have mastered the art of politeness.I have published 115 articles(Poetic Philosophies, with the motive of giving hope to any soul that is on the brink of giving up on their life, due to incrememting circumstances they do not see the value of continuing, NEVER, never give up, no one can live your life for you)
I have broken 5 girls hearts we had nasty break ups, i politely asked them to move back to their home, I was wrong, I am sorry, I apologise.

All of them we did not co habit for longer than a month, only one, wanted us to sort our relationship.
I have only. called one girl a Bitch, 2013 Her name was Mimi, ‎she was a hoe, I was naïve I thought she cared, she would buy me weed and smokes. And ask me to deposit her money at Spar and little stuff like that.
Trust me I am not being paranoid, One day I was typing a poem on my balcony, she called me as she had my phone number ‎and asked me to come over for a friendly chat.
So fact my poems were on my email, at the time I only stored my work on one email.
So I got there she asked me to get in the bed, just to relax nothing more , but I know she was messing with me.
She knew I was depressed, I would wear the same cloths the whole week, I was seriously depressed, and the fact that I smoked 8 to 12 joints a day myself was not helping.
I couldn't get in the bed, if I took off my shoes that whole room would smell like Toe Jam, 7 days of homelessness, I just did not want to give the community something else to gossip about.
So I just sat on the top of the bed with my shoes on the side.
She asked me if she could send a message from my phone, as she did not have airtime.trustingly I gave it to her.
She was scrolling through my phone.
I asked her what you doing, she said nothing.
She had it for so long 4 minutes, I said please can I have it and I grabbed it back.

Went home shortly after, as I was uneasy.
Something said I must check my email.

It was blank.Zero, nada, no emails,no poems.I could not think.I did not know what to say.
I went and her and ask her if she deleted my poems?She denied it again and again and again.Yet she could not look me in the eye.I Kept asking myself why would she do something like this?
It dawned on me.Everyone that knows me, acknowledges that poetry is my life, without it I might as well be dead.She was trying to break me.

700 and something poems, just vanished, never to be heard, never to be published.I was devastated.
About 8 months later I had another 300 and something poems.
I have learnt, do not following trends, pick a craft, master it, expand, keep learning and growing.

Crafted by God's Poet Nkosi

African Swami.


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