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The Huffy – Ford Show

Updated on November 12, 2013
To listen to Canadian news these days is to hear about Mike Duffy and the senate scandal. Also involved are two other senators, the Prime Minister and the RCNP over fraud.
To listen to Canadian news these days is to hear about Mike Duffy and the senate scandal. Also involved are two other senators, the Prime Minister and the RCNP over fraud. | Source
The Rob Ford scandal meanwhile occupies Toronto, which is otherwise mired in economic problems and issues of poverty.
The Rob Ford scandal meanwhile occupies Toronto, which is otherwise mired in economic problems and issues of poverty. | Source

Smokescreen to Mask the Tightening Noose of War and Austerity

Mike Huffy has been the center of attention for so long on the National, that most now regard the show as the Huffy report. Lately Rob Ford has joined the fracas and what a rant! With the Senate Scandal that has gone on for several months while the three still drawing pay, and the wonton likes of Rob Ford, it has been quite a show. This has served to hide the real situations unfolding and left unreported. What has this distraction served to cover?

  • Setting up of a terrorist list by CSIS for Canadians who protest and any journalist who supports and reports following US example

  • Police and military agreement of cross boarder support between the US and Canada

  • Bail in legislation for big banks to seize savings and pensions in the event of bankruptcy

  • The suspension, firing of, and ending of most scientific programs

  • Reductions in EI benefits

  • Massive increase in prison building and no new social housing

  • Removal of environmental protection for sensitive areas

  • Increasing austerity

  • Continued involvement in Afghanistan, Unconditional support of Zionist Israel

  • Attacks on the poor

  • Censoring of the media

  • Closing down the Iranian embassy and freezing or seizing bank accounts

  • The illegal proroguing of government

  • Attack of Indigenous communities, raising the ire of Idle No More

  • Ramming through the Enbridge Northern Gateway Tar-sands pipeline to both coasts

  • Unpopular international trade deals to increase profits

  • Closing of Veterans Affairs Offices

  • Government ignoring reasonable requests and calls for more input

Who Voted for this? Where were the referendums?

The CSEC operates in Canada as a copy of the US based NSA. It is more concerned over activities such as resistance to the pipeline and Idle No More than the televised scandals.
The CSEC operates in Canada as a copy of the US based NSA. It is more concerned over activities such as resistance to the pipeline and Idle No More than the televised scandals. | Source

It has become apparent that the Canadian government operates in secret while distracting us with a manufactured scandal. This is done at the national, Provincial and Municipal level. The two most obvious that have dragged on for several months, are the Senate corruption Scandal with Mike Duffy front and center and the Toronto mayor drunken drug and rant scandal. These have been the features of even international focus. Meanwhile, real issues are ignored, unless on goes outside of the corporate media. There we find that the news is awash with missing stories of far more significance. But most people are caught up with Duffy, Ford, sports, fashion and star scandals to realize that they are being collectively swindled over and over.

Perhaps the most disturbing of these hidden scandals is the setting up of a spy agency with the new terrorist list that includes anyone who protests or is critical of governments, banks and corporations and any journalist who support, accept and prints reports on protests, criticisms and/or whistle blowing on war issues, government, banks and corporate crimes. This makes everyone a target that can be subject to legalized intervention to protect illegal activity protected by law.

Coupled with the foregoing is the agreement between Canada and the US to lend support to police and military organizations in the event of civil unrest and riots. In the event there is trouble in the US, such as Occupy Oakland, Canadian troops and police can now join and support the US armed forces. If Canada should experience civil unrest, the US is free to send up military and police to support Canadian ones. Both Canada and the US have exercised either regional or national martial law in the past. One potential flashpoint looms in the form of a major bank collapse.

Every developed nation in N. America and the UK have enacted secret legislation to protect banks “too big to fail”. This is in the form of seizing all deposits and incoming deposits, called bail – ins in order to keep the banks from bankruptcy. For the people across the spectrum of society in the developed world, this means instant impoverishment. It matters little whether one is working, is retired, middle class or even working as a bank teller, it is all the same. Any savings, deposits, holdings, incoming payments, etc. Can all be seized legally in order to pay down a several hundred trillion dollar, set to implode, international derivatives bubble. This is not to mention all the other frauds such as the LIBOR scandal, backwardization, leveraged buyouts, fraudulent mortgages, massive student loan and credit card debts packaged as toxic assets, let alone the standard fractional reserve methods of banking. Given current estimates of international GDP of $70 trillion a year, it would take ten years to live without an income with everything being sucked into the banksters financial black hole. This has another catch and that is interest on all the fraudulent loans and debts. In short, a $700 trillion debt even at 10 percent interest compounded would be impossible to pay off, which means the end of capitalist civilization as we know it. Canada is involved hook line and sinker, with the future of almost all of us liquidated into oblivion. This is perhaps one of the greatest crimes ever that the Huffy – Ford – Senate scandal is serving as a smoke screen for.

Over the spring – summer of 2013, a government sanctioned program of curtailing many scientific offices, studies and research were shut down and the scientist laid off. Of particular note were the offices and research into any environmental or climate related projects. This appears to have been coordinated with the Omnibus bill of 2011 - 2012 that removed most environmentally sensitive and park regions from environmental protection. Canada has previously removed its support and participation in the Kyoto protocol for carbon emissions reduction. It is also coincidental with the Huffy and senate scandal that served as a distraction from large numbers of scientists and support staff that assembled on parliament hill in protest to the cuts. We wonder if the same protesting scientists are now being spied on over concerns of being terrorists.

The workers thrown out of the economy tend to rely on social programs of last resort, such as Employment Insurance, Welfare, Food Stamps, Pensions and the like. These are slowly being removed from all those who need them the most including the working poor who must subsidize income with Food Stamps or Welfare. Among them are those who make up the lowest ranks in the military. Welfare to work and Workfare gave emerged to bind recipients to search for, volunteer, or work in subsidized programs on pain of losing support if they refuse. In addition, most have to sign a waiver suspending rights to privacy and civil rights in order to get funds to pay rent to slumlords. Food is not covered and many resort to and rely on food banks. People who work in fast food restaurant chains, as check out tellers, Walmart and the like are on wages so low, they cannot afford to pay rent and eat. Despite requests for better living wages, their protests are met with anti-terrorist legislation and otherwise ignored. In some cases, wages either remain fixed or go down. In Canada, temporary work visas allow non-citizens to come to Canada to work in jobs that pay well below minimum wage for periods of six months or less. In some provinces, child labour and “training wages” less than the minimum are now law. Many employers choose to outsource work, keeping jobs out of the hands of citizens. This also fuels anti-immigrant sentiment that has created a real political storm in the US.

Stephen Harper is embroiled in the scandal, but usually is remarkably centered and composed. Is this because the scandal distracting the Canadian public is taking the spotlight off far more important issues?
Stephen Harper is embroiled in the scandal, but usually is remarkably centered and composed. Is this because the scandal distracting the Canadian public is taking the spotlight off far more important issues? | Source

What is the Most Important Issue Today in Canada?

See results

Stephen Harper's new social housing program is oriented to building more prisons. At the same time, there is no new social housing planned despite the need and laws are being drafted to ensure a quickly increasing prison population for private for profit prisons, many of which are being built on tax payers contributions as in the US. On the US side, 80% of the prison population are locked up for victimless crimes. There are no figures for Canada. The Harper policy for affordable housing is in word only, as it costs taxpayers some $80,000 to $100,000 to house one prisoner per year in prison.

Many formerly protected areas of the Canadian environment have now been taken out of protection for the sake of developers, such as the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipe-line project that is being pushed through despite massive opposition and blockages by Idle No More and anti-pipeline protestors. Agreements for easement cow-towing to big oil and the Alberta Tar Sands have been granted to allow bitumen to be piped to the east and west coasts despite known risks and plenty of historical evidence of rrisk. No input is accepted from those against this and instead, they are labelled as terrorists for potential kills. In the US, drones are now used to spy on domestic dissent and at least one kill by, and a capture of a domestic drone has been reported. Alternative energy solutions, such as geothermal power, do not even have a voice, let alone taxpayer funds and easements. Big money is involved from big oil in lobbying grants that make any scandal by Huffy and the other senators cash grabs pale in comparison. Not a peep is heard on this cash cow. Any environmental concerns bow down to the power of cash “donations”.

Austerity is the international watch word for today. It is now estimated that austerity has killed upwards to 100 million people directly or indirectly through starvation and disease. Many of the deaths so far are in the developing world or UK. Diseases like malaria and polio have made a comeback. In the US, some seven million live on less that two dollars a day. The US has become a target for foreign aid once considered as the lot of Africa. Exact figures for Canada are obscured, but one in four children go to bed hungry every night despite bumper crops for 2013 in Canada. BC used to be the worst place for child poverty in all of N. America for several consecutive years, but that has recently been surpassed in the US in the race to the bottom. The other side of austerity is record profits for banks on the verge of failure and for CEOs of large corporation. Despite crying poor and seeking ways to expropriate all income sources, all the big banks of Canada combined can find several billions to donate toward the further development of nuclear weapons. Credit unions tied to the Bank of Canada are also an indirect party to this. Yet, when poor, unemployed and aged beg for a few more crumbs, they hear the same old chorus, “There's no money!” Austerity means infrastructure is falling apart and more security is the answer to fine the homeless.

Canadian troops remain in Afghanistan, even as the US is slowly phasing out. There are resources at risk, such as the direct US involvement in growing, protecting and harvesting the several billion dollar opium business. Afghanistan is awash in mineral resources, but so far these are left untapped in favour of the US – Canada involvement in the opium industry. Any shooting currently is managed by drones remotely controlled in the US and some say through cell phone aps available to children. On a related front, the Canadian government unquestionably supports Israel, even as the Zionist state rains down terror like white phosphorus on the children of Gaza. Harper has even gone so far as to speak for all Canadians, equating them to his unquestioned and unconditional support of Israel no matter what.

The poor are already subject to plenty of attack from all directions, some of which has been commented. This also includes a host of attacks on the regional level, such as police bullying including fines and tasering. Sleeping out in the pouring rain and freezing weather is also an ongoing problem handled by “bum – proofing” vulnerable regions. Resources once more abundant, are shrinking due to the withering effect of austerity on everyone.

The main reason we daily witness the Duffy – Ford charade not only by national and regional media, but international too, is that the media is a cartel managed by corporate bosses agendas heeling to the command of cash laden interests. Thus, the real news that should focus on the corruption in high places is ignored for the daily pig show in Canada with Ford the dancing hog and Duffy the senatorial duffer not to mention the stand ins. This show has been going on for the most of 2013 and threatens to last as long as the war on terror. This show threatens to expand and engulf Harper himself into the clutches of the RCMP. However, no one has been charged yet, though three senators have been suspended.

While the Bank of Canada happily invests in nuclear armament, they are not so cash strapped as they would have us all depositors think. Apparently, they are comfortable enough to close down or freezing all accounts of anyone Iranian, whether or not landed nationalized immigrants or visiting “terrorists”. This fell into lockstep with Ottawa closing down the Iranian embassy and pulling out all diplomats from Iran. It seems Harper et al are egging Israel on gor a preemptive strike against Iran.

On three separate accounts, Harper is guilty of proroguing the federal government. The last time appears to be in conjunction over the senate scandal and his direct involvement therein. It is as if he was deliberately stalling dealing with the Conservative made crisis. Under parliamentary law, it is illegal for him to suspend parliament, yet he gas done so with impunity. Leaders have been impeached for less.

Indigenous people and communities continue to be attacked with police, military and state intervention, especially when treaties are neither honoured and are violated. Idle No More was born out of conflicts that have erupted over the globe since late 2010. There are multiple reasons for the emergence of Idle No More, but the corporations continue to refuse to listen and respond other than using the force of the armed state. Thus, all governing bodies continue to show open contempt for the First Nations. This is also demonstrated with flagellant disregard for the environment.

Part of that flagellant disregard is the continued ramming through of the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. Three governments are now in agreement, with more to follow, so it appears that the westbound and eastbound lines are set to be completed. Protestors are ignored except to be classified as terrorists.

Harper et al have brokered a profitable deal with China and the EU. The public relations spin is about more jobs as is the pipeline issue, but they did not say where and at what level of income. It does spell more profits, less taxes and duties and less for social programs.

As Veteran's day is upon us for 2013, we are made aware from alternative media that Veterans' Affairs offices will be closed down, laying off workers and leaving no support for veterans from all conflicts for profit without recourse for treatments such as for PTSD.

In all cases, reasonable requests are ignored abd instead the government is in the defensive and lashing back. The program is still maintain the program of corporations, the military and banks. Anyone who resists is bow spied upon and labelled at least as a threat if not a terrorist. The foregoing is what the Duffy – Ford show is veiling from the eyes of most. Though some of these issues are older that the scandals, the progress and remembrance of them is by and large forgotten. Thus, in a twisted way, Duffy and Ford have served their purpose if misdirection. Clearly the solution lies outside of the limits of this game!


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