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The I-502 Inspiration

Updated on June 2, 2013
Washington State Liquor Control Board Marijuana product indicator: this will be on the packaging of every product which has cannabis within its ingredients
Washington State Liquor Control Board Marijuana product indicator: this will be on the packaging of every product which has cannabis within its ingredients | Source

Bridging the Gap

It's the end of May in the Pacific Northwest. Washington's flowers have peppered the streets, the fresh green of tree leaves has unfurled, and the early birds dutifully rise each morning at 5 to greet the dawn. Spring is surly giving way to the excited whispers of summer.

As the sun sets on this northern left coast on May 23, a rumble is heard, and panic strikes Skagit, and its surrounding counties, as the bridge carrying Interstate 5 from Mt. Vernon to Burlington collapses in a dramatic heaving into the Skagit River.

Thanking the bridge deities that be, there were no fatalities, and few serious injuries.

This collapse was devastating - not just to the folks who live in the closely tied towns, but to commuters who make their way from Canada to Seattle, from Bellingham to Everett, and simply from Mount Vernon to Burlington. It is estimated that 74,000 vehicles cross this bridge daily.

However, with its path being that of heavy importance, officials have stated it will be fixed and returned to normal function within a month.

During the last safety evaluation, the bridge crossing me Skagit River was given the grade of a C-, a pitiful score, but be which was still passing, and left it further from the top of the list of urgent repair. With several other bridges within the state graded lower, the State had decided to focus their resources oh them, but clearly had not choses wisely. If this could happen on a bridge with a higher safety rating, then what about the rest? Washington State is looking at a huge project of bridge repairs.

However, there is hope.

In the recent passing of the 502 initiative, there is a small section was devoted to the distribution of profits gained from the passing of this law, and in that section, smothered by the vast percentages and specific numbers of dollars dedicated to research, healthy education for children and so on, rests the well layer ink which promises allegiance to Washington State bridges.

This is just the tiniest fraction of what the legalization of cannabis has in store. Though this is one of the lesser deeds it will be known for.

This is the logo of the first National Marijuana Corporation
This is the logo of the first National Marijuana Corporation | Source

Cannabis Corporations

Do you believe that marijuana corporations will help or hinder our economy?

See results

Diego Pellicer: Big Marijuana

In a recent press release held Seattle on the 40th floor of the Columbia Tower, entrepreneur Jamen Shively met with former Mexican President, Vinent Fox, John Davis, and Washington representative Roger Goodman to announce "Big Marijuana". Shively is announcing the first cannabis corporation entitled Diego Pellicer, the name of which is derived from his great grandfather who was a grower of hemp.

In the cramped conference room, thick with television media and journalists, President Fox told the world, "the drug war has been lost, and it has been lost again and again, and it is time for a new system." He explained the drug lords in Mexico would onto be so prominent had their neighbors in the north not been so strong in their stance against drugs. He hopes that with Washington's legalization of cannabis, it will help to bring peace in the drug wars to the south. "Prohibitionist doesn't work, even the apple in the Garden of Eden didn't work!"

Upon his late arrival, Representative Roger Goodman exclaimed, "Cannabis is here to any, legal is the way to go...the federal government better back off!"

Diego Pellicer is to be the first brand name in the retail world of marijuana, setting a new chapter in the history books. With their new friendship with President Fox, they hope eventually to begin international trade, though for the meantime, vow to ensure that no cannabis product crosses state lines. Shivey estimates the creation of at least a thousand jobs within Washington State over the next few years, and have dozens of legal grow operations supplying for them.

Criminal History Point System

Points Assigned
Felony Conviction
10 years
Gross Misdemeanor Conviction
3 years
Misdemeanor Conviction
3 years
Under Supervision*

*Time = Time Period During which points will be assigned

Nondiscloser = Nondiscloser of any of the above

Under Supervision = Currently under federal or state supervisionfor a felony conviction

This table shows what criminal actions are acceptable to

The Draft Rules in Short

The Draft Rules of the legalization of cannabis in Washington state have been printed and are circulating. It does not touch where the profit will be going once the businesses commence, however it does remind us that there will be a 25% tax on each level of production: Grower, Processor and Retail.

While the Washington State Liquor Control Board has emphasized beating the black market in prices, it is estimated that prices will be 50% hire on a gram to gram basis. The usual price of a gram in Wa is $10, though with the taxes as they are, customers might be looking at a price closer to $15 per gram.

It lists the strict qualifications one must have in order to obtain a license to grow, producer or sell cannabis, as well as outlines as to the location of the premises, the security the location must have, as well as requesting a detailed plan of layout and business operation from the applicant.

The Liquor Control Board came up with a point system which outlines the way "dings" on one's legal record will be viewed when being considered for a license. One can have no more than the sum of 8 points on their record and still qualify for a license.

Each license has a $250 initial cost with a $1,000 renewal fee, with the exception of the producer/processor license, which is allows the license holder to be both a producer and a processor. This license is $500 with a renewal fee of $2,000.


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