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The Importance of Strategic Plans will not be more evident than within the Trump administration

Updated on January 29, 2017

Strategic Plans are a way of life in business and it is no different within the federal government. Each department or at least many of them have a strategic plan and vision for their respective function and responsibilities. When looking at some of the agencies within the Executive Department I could not find many vision or strategic plans regarding their specific responsibilities. It is amazing that some agencies do not identify a mission or strategy with regards to their respective assignments. It will be interesting to see how the hundreds of departments and agencies will be impacted by the new administration.

Strategy within the government can make the difference between success and failure like any organization. The departments and agencies will be under the microscope with respect to their mission, vision and justification for existence by the new administration. President Trump has made a pledge to reduce the size of the federal government by 20% and the budget by 10%. This will not be an easy task to complete.

Business people are familiar with strategic planning and being a business person our new President has the power to make decisions like the CEO of a company and has but other decisions will require congressional action. In any organization there will always be individuals or groups of individuals who do not like change and this reaction appears to be more persistent than in years past. Strategic plans that currently exist will undoubtedly be different in many of the departments and agencies and this is something that needs to be done. The actions taken by some departments and agencies are about to see a change in focus and some may see a drastic reduction in their responsibilities and structure. Too many departments and agencies have made decisions which negatively impacted our economy and individuals. It is time to change the focus of those who have overstepped their legal bounds. Some actions have been through overbearing regulations and others through decisions.

Our federal government as I have stated before has become bloated now more than ever and the changes being made may not all be met with open arms but the problems we now face require decisive decisions. There are always going to be protest and unfavorable reaction to decisions made by the President and even Congress but our Constitution should be the ruling principle that governs the federal government. The President has specific authority granted to him under the Constitution and that authority is being utilized much to the dismay of some individuals.

The current partisan politics that now exist within the federal government is about to change but change requires a strategy to be developed not by a department or agency but the entire federal government. The changes that have already occurred present a new approach that will change the way the federal government will function and reflects a new perspective on how the government should operate. Far too long the federal government has ignored the Constitution with regards to decisions made by Executive Department, Congress and our judicial system. There is a new sheriff in town as some have referred to our new President and the pace at which he is working he is a man of action. Any decision is based upon strategy but sometimes strategies backfire if they are not right for the country. This has not been more evident than through the election results which some have failed to comprehend and understand why the results were what they were. Both political parties have been obstructionist in the past and being a barrier to making the changes that need to put our country on a different path may not be taken lightly by voters in the next election.

Our country faces many problems not the least of which is our national debt and our national security. Changes being proposed and those which will be proposed in the coming weeks will be necessary to address all our problems. The current culture in the federal government will change and the voters spoke loudly they require changes to be made. If any individual or group is bent on being obstructionist to any necessary change it is the wrong thing for our country and our economy. Having the right strategic plan is the key to changing the focus of our country.

There is a new sense of optimism in the country with the fact that the President is keeping his word on the issues in which he campaigned. The stock market is booming and the number of jobs being increased as identified in several announcements by various companies it appears the strategic of our President is working. Even union leaders have appear to be onboard with the objectives of the President through the strategy he has exhibited thus far in the short time he has been in office. As stated strategic plans are critical to success and revamping the plans and visions in place for various departments and agencies will bring about a better focus. It appears in some cases that the focus has been misplaced in some departments or agencies with regards to the laws they are tasked to enforce. Part of the problem as I see it is that laws are not specific enough as to the authority and restrictions associated with executive departments and agencies. The President within his authority over the executive department can change the focus of these entities and not violate the laws on the books. No president can violate the law and revamping strategic plans and visions to clarify the responsibilities, authority and restrictions will enhance the function and focus of the executive department.


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