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The Importance of the Natural Environment

Updated on May 30, 2016

The Future of the Planet Earth

The life the planet earth is in our hand
The life the planet earth is in our hand | Source

* The Ecosystem

The thrust of various non-organizational organizations is to remind and control the world organization and industries of their pollutants and chemical wastes being dumped into the environment. Leaders of the different countries have agreed to minimize the use of carbon and fossil fuels. The earth’s natural environment is critical for the survival of the species on this planet.

The ecosystem depends on the natural environment, and it survives because the natural environment sustains their habitat. Our entire life support system depends so much on the well-being of all the species found on this planet. The world’s climate is another entity that the environment provides a balance. The earth’s natural environment is where we live, eat breath, raise our children, and prepare for the next generation.

The ecosystem or the biosphere contains smaller ecosystems such as the marine ecosystem, the rainforest, the tundra, and the desert. The entire planet suffers when one of these ecosystems vacillates.

That is why; the present environmental problems in the world today create a far – reaching adverse effect on the health of this planet and all its inhabitants. Global warming causes the rise in the sea level. The increase in the degree of the sea gives an adverse effect on the marine life. Because of global warming, the polar caps are melting that resulted in the shrinking of the Arctic region. The polar bears and arctic wildlife are now endangering. Furthermore, the icecaps are fresh waters and flow into the ocean that throws off the saline level. The loss of the ice cap depletes the light on the earth and makes it darker and absorbs heat thus increasing the atmosphere of the earth.

The earth natural resources

A landscape
A landscape | Source

* The natural environment inspires

Our natural environment is the source of natural beauty. Artists, poets, and music lovers got their inspiration from the wonders of our natural environment. Some famous psychologists even considered that contact with nature can prevent emotional distress and mental illness.

For those people who seek peace and serenity will find a comfortable abode in the midst of the natural environment. We are connected with the earth's natural environment and it gives all the reasons to be grateful. Some people simply take it for granted, but in reality, the earth's natural environment sustains us from our waking up to sleeping.

Environmental degradation

Dying sinkhole
Dying sinkhole | Source

* A dying planet

Our planet is dying because of an unstoppable destruction of its natural environment. Several species of animals, plants, birds, and insects are nearing extinction. Our fauna and flora are also suffering from polluted air and water. The towering skyscrapers, new buildings, factories, and by-ways replaced most of the city’s open spaces.

The Earth is heating and nothing we can now do to reverse a looming devastation of our planet's delicate ecology. Viktor Danilov-Danilyan, leader of the Russian Ecological Union, discovered that the earth is heading for a warm-up that will eventually make life as we know it uninhabitable. We have signs that tell us about the condition of our planet. In some countries, reports of super localized storms, with straight winds clocked at 200 miles-per-hour and higher, are becoming a common catastrophic event. Some areas that normally see moderate rainfall are parched. Forest fires are ravaging large areas of the planet due to abnormally dry conditions. Some parts of the earth that are usually arid are getting flooded with too much rain. Flowers are blooming in barren desert areas even in the Middle East.

Environment protection

The three R's
The three R's | Source

* We can still save the earth's natural environment

However, I still believe that we can still save our planet. I know that we can find a way to reverse the harm we have inflicted on the planet. The challenge is to invite more people to be involved in a drastic move so that we can make a difference in our lifetime.

We can protect the earth’s natural environment by recycling, composting, conserving energy, water conservation, sustainability, and planting green. Trees help eliminate several types of environmental pollution. The use of alternative energy for cars and other vehicles assist in removing smog and greenhouse gasses. The consumers can patronize goods made of eco-friendly materials. Our planet is asking your help to remedy its worsening condition.

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The Dessert Area of Saudi Arabia

The major facts on this article

* The earth is the only place we have

* The ecosystem

* The beauty of the natural environment

* The destruction of the environment

* Protecting the environment

What is your comment about this article?

I found this article timely and must be propagated so that more people should be aware of their responsibility toward the earth's natural environment?


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  • Gener Benter profile image

    Gener Benter 2 months ago from Mapayapa Village, Pulanlupa, Las Pinas City, Philippines

    Yes, indeed. It was saddening that our planet is being abused. However, many believed that the time will come that our planet will heal itself.

  • Angel Guzman profile image

    Angel Guzman 3 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

    Good read and frustrating to see the continued decaying/destruction of our beautiful planet.