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The Indo-Pakistan Face-off Over Balakot

Updated on March 7, 2019
Indian Mirage 2000
Indian Mirage 2000

The Army of Mohammed is a known terrorist group based in and around Bakalot, Pakistan, where it is reported they have extensive training facilities in the Kashmir region. Their acronym is JeM (Jaish-e-Mohammed). According to many, JeM, is a proxy of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and used to promote anti-India sentiments and the complete Pakistan takeover of the Kashmir region. The ISI has been a thorn in fighting the war against terrorism for the USA and others because they play both sides when it suites them. JeM has conducted several terror attacks within India since 2001, but the February 2019 attack in Pulwama, India, caused serious loss of life to which India vowed revenge.

With the continued support of the Trump administration, which has stood by the Indian airstrike, India sent its airforce to bomb the JeM training area inside of Pakistan near Balakot. The force sent comprised of:

  • 4 SU-30MKI
  • 12 Mirage 2000 (with some of their best pilots)
  • 2 ancient MiG 21 (1970's vintage)
  • One Early Warning aircraft

As the Indian aircraft approached the Indo-Pakistan Kashmir border, Pakistani radar detected them and they sortied the following to intercept them:

  • 8 F-16
  • 4 Mirage 3
  • 4 Chinese made JF-17

It would be the first time both countries fought one another since 1971, in the air over the region. Despite some of India's best pilots flying the heavily armed Mirage 2000 aircraft, the ensuing dogfight caused the Indian airforce to scuttle away or panicked resulting in missing their targets entirely, despite the lies of success in the Indian media. According Pakistan, the Indian aircraft were unable to either find their targets or were distracted in the dogfight where one Indian MiG-21 was shot down and its pilot captured and released.

Downing a MiG-21 is nothing to brag about today. A F-16 is so far advanced that downing the MiG was a given, just pull the trigger. Still, Pakistani pilots seemed to better and their F-16 aircraft are superior to what the Indians sent to retaliate in all respects.

The aftermath of the ill-fated Indian bombing is like a "he said, she said". Indian media celebrate the pilot of the MiG pilot as if he was a hero, LOL. The MiG had zero chance against the F-16. The Indians continue to try to save face by saying they did hit their intended targets and killed many JeM terrorists. Pakistan is saying, "what are you talking about?", the bombs that did impact caused zero damage to the JeM training camp. Some of the bombs fell too far away and damaged just trees.

The truth comes from satellite images of the impacted area before and after the attack. According to Reuters, the Indian airforce did little or no damage of the JeM training camp. India claimed some 300 terrorists were killed, however, to date, only 25 bodies have been found. Other experts who have seen satellite images confirm that the Indian aircraft missed their targets grossly.

This tells one that story is that when the Indian aircraft were intercepted by the Pakistanis, the Indian pilots were not their best and did not complete their mission but scuttled to safe airspace and the government is simply trying to save face with fake news.


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