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The Influence of Terrorism on Current Morality

Updated on June 26, 2015

The Word of God is clear in all manner of healing. This is entirely the area of theological inquiry not included in other faiths and is what sets Christians apart from all other religious philosophies. That is because it is a subject about the mind and intelligence, not emotion. For what good does it do to speak of morals or values that do not take root in the mind?

Hebrews 5:13-14:

"For everyone partaking of milk is unskillful in the Word of righteousness, for he is an infant. But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, even those who because of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil."

We are not infants, or are we? Have we not "exercised our senses" to come to where we are? Does it serve a good moral purpose to delight in a self-righteous way in the sufferings of others? Why are we silent about medical exploitation?

Our government is currently on a "moral" exercise and the Christians are silent. The authorities are making what is "good" by rule of authority and exploiting our health for profit and gain, and in some cases in a self-righteous manner, a manner to appease the religious and those that worship religious laws only, even some Jewish, Muslim and Christians among us. But we as Christians know religion and "rule" adherence without understanding leads to great perversions, even death. Why are we silent?

Jesus Christ healed unconditionally so "solid food" could be fed. What good is the Word of God to a man or woman or child whose head is under a faucet? Will they hear it? Will they feel it if not open to it? [See Luke 9:50] No, all manner of healing must begin in those that are stung and then only can the Word of righteousness be understood of the mind and take root to understanding Jesus Christ, since there is no understanding of the message now, and there is no understanding or knowledge of the power within anyone that can bring change; and with change, confidence; and with confidence, control; and with control, discernment of oneself, and with discernment the meaning of self-surrender to the spiritual life.

As a woman then, I am not alone. If the body of a woman is made pure by our government's current dictates of morality (to punish her medically, that is) or to appease religious laws of goodness (laws of obedience to a man-made moral authority), why is it then good? All of this is being done purposely to show disdain of Christianity (but is it "inferiority" that they truly feel?), which it is presently doing, and the woman's body being made pure by society's moral justification, rather than by the spirit of the individual and God within? So then, how does her existence have moral justification to a man when taken in marriage? Are we on the path of the perverts who marry for moral justification, or should we not be on the path of a more spiritual meaning of the "Sacrament of Marriage" and justification that is inherently moral without effort at being so (the "salt"?), so love can take root and be genuine?

"Take my yolk upon you...and learn from Me... It is easy..." (Mt. 11:29)

Currently, or haven't you heard, our young women are justifiably cynical of marriage. And why shouldn't they be? If they are "moral" for the government only and/or the public eye, it is judged of her body, and if she be that "whore" that those that live by that moral authority mock, she is also judged of her body the same way. Who is she then? Just a body for consumption to appease our perverted socio-political officials and moralists who get sexual pleasure in their power to see her suffer and then achieve a vicarious sexual satisfaction through her by abuse of that power? Is she alive only to make man moral through marriage? If that be so, then the men are not true to the spirit and neither can they love God, and it would be better if none married and men be left to have sex with men alone. Is a woman a mere sexual object? Is that what are government and merely religious want her to become? If a woman in marriage is living adhering to morals only, then she is empty already because she cannot love anything. And isn't empty the same as dark? What married woman is forever content to lay with a husband who is a mere animal? What are we women to do when by afflicting death on our women in hospitals, the government believes it is making us a country "more moral." They are disgusting.

Haven't you heard of all those missing women? This is not Christianity doing this, but other religions that live by laws and spurious purity and mindlessness and its characteristics are distinctly about following "laws of goodness" by feminine traits and applications, akin to that we have seen take shape under Marxism and Fascism. What hope do we have for women in this terrorist age?

Perhaps cynicism of marriage arose in that we never held it in spiritual esteem to begin with. Truthfully, aren't we here today because Christians lost their convictions? But should the young women be blamed for that? For that matter, even our young men? As a result, our response as Christians in society is silence, as though we do not know "solid food." We have become like those with emotions and no mind, or mere "moralists," saying "this is good" or "that is bad." Is this all we can say? Is this "solid food"?

Is it not a greater evil to delight in the sufferings of others like our bone-headed and empty minded self-righteous officials? Isn't this a hypocrisy also? I say to all those who think the solution is to leave them sick for some kind of lesson - are you not aware that such lessons bring on afflictions for us all? How will these persons ever work or be productive? How will they have a life or hope? Many go on for years and years convalescent when all they need are intravenous antibiotics. If it makes one feel grand to see others suffer, do you sincerely believe the hearts of these kind will deceive God in the life to come? Will they say to Him, "By the shedding of your blood I am forgiven," and will He be just to respond, "I do not know you"? How can a spiritual God not be discerning of non-spiritual things or truth?

And what are they doing to our young ones? They are giving them condoms and pregnancy protection and shouting, "We CARE about women"! when we know that those same women - when they get sick - are not getting medical care! They are hypocrites and we see it! And the young women are innocent, not knowing what they are doing, being exploited, but nonetheless doing what ALL young people do, even ourselves. We did the same things! We followed blindly at one time! The consequences were not as grave for us though, and we moved on, matured and raised a family and became grounded in faith.

The children have been cultivated to be who they are, socially engineered, from childhood, and now are denied good medical care as though to self-righteously and perversely punish them. (Oh - aren't we soooooooo good! is what they say to themselves.)

We forget: All of the expansion of Western Civilization arose out of Christ's healing. Why are we denying our children healing now? We benefited, did we not? What self-righteousness is ours? Are we not aware that systemic illness leads to despondency and lack of insight?

And John answered and said, "Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us." (Luke 9:49) And Jesus said, "Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us." (Luke 9:50) Again, healing was unconditional and it is in that spirit that our love of God is established - not for the eyes or acceptance of others, or by mere religious laws. Now, we know also in that time that those sick were considered "sinners" because they did not follow the law. Now we have gone full circle, back in those days where the law had no spirit, or the spirit had no law. God forbid!

Again, Hebrews 5:14 says: ...But solid food belongs to those who are of full age - even those who BECAUSE OF USE (emphasis added) have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

Do not let our perverted political scientists derive any more sexual or self-righteous pleasure from the exploitation of your wives, husbands, sons or daughters. Demand accountability for all those languishing without cause. To live by mere moral laws without spirit only heightens perversions, which is why many (but not all) of those living under such laws are persuaded so easily to be "terrorists," either by bomb attacks or by discrimination of women. Please be more active in the use of your minds to save lives against our tyrannical socio-political doctors and scientists, even our government officials who derive great pleasure at afflicting pain so they can say "Look how good we are becoming as a country!" And do not be deceived by their prudish or their, in fact, "beguiling" ways, for self-righteous prudishness is the cause of these great perversions.

God is not hoodwinked by mere "moralists." Neither is any intelligent man or woman. They have no mind or allegiance to God but only to other men, and they are perverted and unable to handle sexual emotions in their own heads. And we see their contrariness in how they are deliberately more and more perverted to be contrary to what they THINK is merely "law" in Christianity - like children do when they rebel against their parents. They never mature, but the Christian who has received "solid food" is mature without effort, and moral without effort also. Those under laws only measure their masculinity against each other, like girls in a soriority house measure their femininity. The only Good News is that our younger men are smarter because they can see the hypocrisy and fake manhood being promulgated by medical abuse. And these are the future of the faith. Heal them and take them in!!! How long can anyone live if all of this is being done to appease a "religious law" for political gain or quest for power and control, all in a S T R E T C H to be better than Christianity which produces "thinking" and "self-examination" and individual power from God's spirit and atonement.

The four gospels demonstrate Christ's healing. Why is this so? Do you think Christ did it merely to show off His power? In Luke 9:50 Christ commanded that we heal one another. And in each gospel this is demonstrated over and over again.

Many in the faith are at a loss of what to do to convey an understanding of what we are about and what we believe. And in a world where "collectiveness" robs us and the minds of our children many do not even bother today to read the Bible for a deep understanding. But when we heal, when we demand it for our children and loved ones and express our outrage at what is happening in medical care, God will see it and hear it, and those saved because of our efforts will count us as more genuinely of the spirit of God than those that merely follow the law.


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