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The Iranian and South American Connection to Nuclear Weapons

Updated on May 26, 2009

I am sure most Americans failed to see this. It was not reported at all by any of the major news networks in the US. It appeared in some newspapers buried in the back. Yet, it is a major story and central to how the US will deal with Iran as it continues to strive for nuclear weapons and a rocket to carry. Well, they already have the rocket thanks to the Russians, North Korea and Chinese who sold them the blueprints and continue to sell Iran modern sophisticated missile systems.

There could not be a nuclear weapon without uranium. It is central to it and a critical building block. Where exactly does Iran get it? They have very little, if any, within their borders. According to Israeli intelligence, they get it from Venezuela and Bolivia in South America. Both countries clearly are anti-US and anti-Israeli and have expressed it recently when the IDF offensive into the Gaza occurred. Bolivia cut all diplomatic ties with Israel.

While Iran says its nuclear work is aimed only at producing energy, uranium enrichment technology can be used both to produce fuel for power plants and to build bombs. Both can be true and with Iran's recent firing of a 1200 mile range missile, it seems that it is. In March, 2008, Colombian officials seized 66 pounds of uranium from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (farc) terrorist group. Farc has strong links with Venezuela, suggesting that it may have been planning to transfer the uranium from Venezuela to Iran.

Venezuela has 50,000 tons of uranium to be mined and it is unclear if the uranium supply is coming from Bolivia or Venezuela, or both. Venezuela has issued permits that allow Iranian residents to travel freely in South America and Hezbollah training camps have been spotted.

Ahmadinejad has declared that he would like to "bring America down to its knees" and the "destruction of Israel" and has set up a $200 billion dollar fund with Venezuela to help promote its ideology and anti-US position to other South American nations. All to "liberate" them from the American imperialism.

There is little the US or Israel can do about it except to sink or seize any ships carrying the uranium from South American ports, assuming they know when it occurs. All of this "war" is silently being done under the table. Bolivia and Venezuela are the most radical of all the South American nations, and they were not always anti-US until recent political regimes took control.


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      9 years ago from Clearwater, Florida

      You've hit on an axis that most Americans refuse to acknowledge exists-it seems like paranoia. Russia/China/Iran/Venezuela/Cuba and others are working to bring down the US. There's a lot of open intel available that points clearly to this Anti-American axis, but Americans are asleep. Thanks for a thought provoking piece.


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