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We Italian should be concerned

Updated on May 11, 2017

Italy has its own problems

Welcome to our article (60), we Italian should be concerned

The reason why Italy has more problems today, it is due to its geographical position. You see, the Italians have already some problems of their own to solve, but, because Italy is right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, they get a lot of illegal emigrant that move from Africa to Europe, and some of the Middle East refugees as well. These are my concerns, which I am trying to discuss in this article, because I see that in Italy, they are going to have some problems over there, so, because I am a Italian I am concerned and I want to say something about this issue.

The position of Italy makes it, an easy target for the refugees.

Italy is a European country in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea that today has many problems of its own. One is that there are too many refugees coming in, the other is the recent earthquake in central Italy.
Italy is a European country in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea that today has many problems of its own. One is that there are too many refugees coming in, the other is the recent earthquake in central Italy.

The Italians should be concerned

What I am going to write in this article today, it is an issue that has been on my mind for a long time; it has been on my mind, because I was born in Italy and I feel that I am still Italian, therefore, whatever happens in Italy it affects me personally as well, and for that reason, I would like to say something about it if I can, so, I am writing this article to have my say.

Anyhow, today while I am trying to write this article, for the first time, I have become aware that there are lots of things to talk about, so, there will be more than just this article about the illegal emigrants to talk about, as we will explain while we write about them.

The reason why I am writing this article now and not before, it is because there are a couple of things that have happened recently, and they have pushed me to write this personal article. Now, I believe that as things are today in Italy, Italy seems to have so many problems to cope with, one of which is the illegal migration from Africa and the Middle East. This illegal emigration touches me personally, because in the fifties and sixties, we Italians had to emigrate ourselves to other countries to find work, and one of this emigrant was myself, when I migrated to Australia.

But since then, a lot of things have changed in Italy, so, today the Italian people are better off; they are so much better off than the fifties, that instead of people living Italy to find work somewhere else, they are somehow able to help other people that move to Italy illegally, even if they cannot give them some work, because even today there is not enough work for the Italians themselves. So, I believe that this illegal emigration could cause many problems soon. Therefore, I wish that somebody somehow would come up with a solution, how to stop or control the flow of refugees to an acceptable level. You see, I believe that this uncontrolled migration could create some serious problems in the future, therefore, I feel concerned, and here I am writing my concerns.

Anyhow, while I was looking in the news on the Internet, for any signs or any ideas that could slow this unwanted emigration down, to my dismay, instead of finding this solution how to stop the illegal emigrant coming in, in large numbers, I found in Hub Pages an article that was showing the benefit of migrating to Italy and Europe. I know that the writer was writing only his point of views, without thinking of the consequence this could eventually cause, you see, I believe that there will be problems from this unwanted emigration.

Anyhow, to me this article that I am talking about, it seems as if the writer is encouraging other people to migrate to Italy and Europe, which I believe is not a good thing to do, as I am going to explain some of the reasons, which will be evident by the time I finish writing about my concerns. But let us leave behind this difference of opinion between me and the Hub Pages writer; because I would like to point out, what are the real problems over there, and then we will talk about some of the major issues one by one, including this article that I found in Hub Pages.

Looking at these Italian issues from far way, since I happen to be today in Australia the land of the Kangaroos’, because I am so far away, for this reason, I imagine that I would be able to see these important issues in a different way, and perhaps better than the people that live on the spot in Italy, because I am not directly affected by what is happening over there. So, let me write down my point of views, about the illegal emigrant and other things.


Illegal emigrants come by boat

This is a boat full of illegal emigrant people, they could be said to be lucky, because even if the boat is overloaded, it is still floating and they seem safe enough.
This is a boat full of illegal emigrant people, they could be said to be lucky, because even if the boat is overloaded, it is still floating and they seem safe enough.
Because these illegal emigrant seem so desperate and want to reach Italy, or any other European country, they use any boat at all, even if they are not safe, so most times the Italian people, go to save them before they drown.
Because these illegal emigrant seem so desperate and want to reach Italy, or any other European country, they use any boat at all, even if they are not safe, so most times the Italian people, go to save them before they drown.

The illegal emigrants’ problem

Anyhow, I should say first that I am proud of what the Italians are doing these days, since what they are doing is being done on humanitarian grounds. We know that helping other people in need, it is the best thing that we humans could and should do, so, we should encourage this sort of behaviour all the time. But, there is a big question mark here. Could this sort of behaviour in the long run be detrimental to the helper themselves? So, let us see what this could mean.

As we have said, in Italy we have a big problem with the illegal emigrants, because there are too many of them coming in, we also believe that from what we see happening in the world, this emigration problem will continue for a long time. So, we Italian should be concerned, but not only we Italians should be concerned about that, because, I believe that also the rest of the world should be concerned as well, about what is happening today in Italy.

Anyhow, let us continue these discussions, or point of views, if you like to call them point of views, so, let us see what is happening in Italy today, because there is some news from Italy that should concern most of us Italians, even if today, some of us like myself happen to live outside Italy. My own personal point of views is that Italy today is under a strain, it has been so for a long time, because of the refugees and the illegal migrants which come to Italy every day, the last count that I have heard of, there were 156 thousand refugees this year alone, there were also over 4200 people that drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, so, the Italians and other countries as well, feel that they should help them and they do, because on humanitarian grounds that needs to be done, any other way would be shocking, because lots of people would die by drowning, if they are not helped.

But, this is not all that needs to be done today, because even this drowning issue, it is not the only problem for the Italian people over there, because, for the last two months there have been several earthquakes in central Italy, which have damaged lots of towns, and there were near 300 victims from these earthquakes, in some of these towns there is hardly any building left standing. So, the Italian people should solve these two huge problems that keep going on, one after the other, with no end in sight.

Now, in this article, I would have liked to talk about three main issues, the earthquake problems, the refugees and illegal emigrant, and last of all discuss about the article on Hub Pages that seems to encourage illegal emigrant to go to Italy, being used as the gateway to Europe. But it looks like that this article is becoming too long already. So, I may have to write two or three more articles to say what I want to say. But to conclude this article, let me talk about the earthquake and the Italian response.


Central Italy earthquake

This photo that we have taken from the internet, is one of the many buildings severally damaged during the earthquake.
This photo that we have taken from the internet, is one of the many buildings severally damaged during the earthquake.

The Italian earthquake 

Today, if we Look at what is happening in Italy, here we are talking about the earthquake and everything else, I believe that the Italian authorities are coping very well indeed, in doing what needs to be done. As most of us may have noticed in the daily news, there are too many things that the Italian authorities need to do, they need to be done all at the same time, while they have also so many other problems going on. Now, the Italian are not rich people, because Italy is a small country in size compared to other countries with the same population; Italy is also poor, because every now and then there are these earthquakes that destroy many towns, like what has happened just now. Some people might think that you can just rebuild again and the problem is over. But it is not so, you see every time something is destroyed, the country becomes poor because of the destruction. In Italy, there are too many mountains, so, some of this territory is not easily cultivable, but the Italians are good at finding what they could grow on some small piece of land, if they live in the mountains, and they do. They are also good at doing other things, since most of them are individual that try hard to solve their own problems. But even knowing that they can solve many problems, today they should be concerned, because there are several negative things all happening at the same time. Anyhow, now let us talk about what the Italians are doing because of the earth quakes.

When earthquake like these that are happening in Italy take place and there are hundreds of dead people, and tens of thousands have their houses destroyed and become in a way refugees, usually other countries come to help, but this time there was no much help from outside Italy, and if there was any, it was not mentioned much in the news. So, it seems from here that the Italian people could cope with the earthquake problem so far by themselves.

The Italian government and authorities have been quick to get involved, so, they have already promised to the people that they will rebuild the damaged houses and everything else that needs to be rebuilt, so, now it remains to be seen, if what the authorities have promised the people affected from the quake, is going to be delivered on time and to the standard that they have promised; we hope they do, for the benefit of everybody involved.

Now, I should say that next step is going to be a critical one, because while the government is giving money to re-build, the damaged house and everything else that needs to be rebuilt, there could be some greedy idiots, who don’t care about the plight of the rest of the community that need help, so, they want a share of the government money; here I am talking about the mafia and other criminal groups, I hope that they are caught in time from the Italian authorities before they do any damage. My own personal view about them is that they are a disgrace to the Italian people, who work so hard to achieve a good outcome for everybody, they should be ashamed of themselves, instead of being proud to be robbers.

Anyhow, I believe that I have said enough about the earthquake for the time being, because I would like to talk a bit about the refugees and illegal emigrants that come to Italy by thousands just about every day, which is another problem for the Italian government and we should be concerned about that, as we are going to write in our next article, that perhaps we could call, Italian concerns continued.

See you soon.



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