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The Jewish Issue and How Events Shaped the Coming Holocaust

Updated on April 15, 2009

Negative forces at work

Before there was the Wansee Confernence of 1942, that decided the fate of over  five million lives, before any Jew had been forced to leave their work, their home, their life behind and live in the death camps of Treblinka or Auschwitz, oddly enough, the German Government and Hitler tried to rid their country of them in a more humane way.

Beginning in the 30s, after Hitler came to power, and when the British controlled Palestine, the future home of Israel, Germany had many Jewish programs that provided them with skills or training in order for them to be able to emigrate to the Middle East. It was to the German benefit to provide the programs that promoted a new life in Palestine. However, because of Britain's strict guidelines for emigration to Palestine, even the skills provided by the German programs were not good enough. Only a small amount of Jews managed to relocate from Germany to Palestine from 1935-39. How ironic. Had the UK simply allowed an open door policy for new Jewish settlers, maybe millions would still be alive, maybe the Holocaust might not have occurred. The UK policy allowed only so many jews to relocate there and even those had to have certain skill sets to be considered "valuable". This was because of the "Arab" problem and their claims that continue to this day.

Then, when the Fall of France in 1940 occurred, serious consideration was given to shipping all of the Jews in Germany to the French Colony of Madagascar using German, French and British naval ships. A plan was indeed devised as it was anticipated that Britain would either surrender or make peace with Germany. Thus, although France had collapsed, Britain, again, was the only thing in the way of a "peaceful" method for Hitler to remove the Jews from Germany. However, the air battle over Britain in 1940 failed. The Luftwaffe could not quite conquer the British although history is clear they came VERY close. Britain was nearly on its last leg with the severe loss of aircraft and pilots that had prevailed thus far. This was unknown to the Luftwaffe, which was also suffering heavily. It came down to who would blink first. The Germans did and the British luckily prevailed. Once again, the irony was, Hitler's Madagascar plan to relocate the Jews was also discarded because they needed the British ships also to move four million jews.

Hitler now turned east and almost conquered Russia only halting in the vincinity of Moscow. Now, the Jewish population within the new area won came to five million. The Wannsee meeting took place soon after the defeat of Hitler’s army in the battle for Moscow. While the Madagascar deportation plan was conceived during expectation of Nazi victory on the western front, the plan for the “Final Solution” was conceived in the realization, that Nazi defeat was possible, and that with the defeat, millions of the feared “Ost Juden” or eastern Jews, could migrate into Germany. The possibility of this Jewish migration was what the Nazis wanted to preempt because of their racism, fear of communist victory, and fear of Jewish domination which Germans had already experienced during the Weimar Republic.  

It was at the Wannsee Meeting in 1942 (that Hitler did not attend) where the decision to exterminate the Jewish people was agreed upon and the methods discussed. It soon began afterwards.


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