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The Kleptocrat Dictator Putin Is laughing At President Obama And The West...

Updated on August 30, 2015

The Kleptocrat Dictator Putin Is Laughing At President Obama And The West…

I happen to have a minor in History and I am certain that what Vladimir Putin is presently doing to the Ukraine was done to enclaves of Europe in the 30s by Adolf Hitler… then, we appeased the Fuhrer as he and his Nazis goose-stepped across Europe and beyond and murdered millions. The Kleptocrat Putin who have stolen much of his personal wealth and who is the current Alpha-dog world bully with a vast nuclear arsenal… is day by day embarrassing President Obama and the rest of the Western powers. And lest you think this is a partisan issue, I recalled President Bush, the younger, once opined lovingly that he saw inside Putin’s soul, and, apparently, loved what he saw; but how quickly can a soul be corrupted by a mortal coil that is hell bent to confiscate huge chunks of a country, akin to how Vladimir Putin amassed his wealth, which Sixty Minutes estimated to be in the billions.

It is true that America and the rest of world are weary of wars - but the problem is that the bullies of the world do not take a respite and are always probing to see the weak links in our chain of Democracy's resolve. Putin, smelling weakness, took part of the Ukraine with President Obama and the West saying, Ole! Now, the truth be told that the issue of Putin’s invasion and taking of the Crimea is a difficult undertaking because of the powers in Europe who get much of their energy from Russia are afraid to piss off the little man with the Napoleon Complex and they too in Europe have constituents to cater to.

It did not have to come to this… with the theft of the Crimea from the Ukraine because we, the United States, under the Obama administration, convinced the Ukrainians to give up their Nuclear arsenal, the only deterrent against Russia’s aggression, for promises that the United States and the West were going to protect the Ukrainians via a smooth acceptance into the protective umbrella of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (hereinafter NATO). We all know NATO’s mantra - you attack one of its members, you attack all... which was the impetus for the Ukraine’s ardent desire to join NATO. The sick joke on the Ukrainians, after trusting us and giving up their Nuclear weapons, was the fact that Europe was not eager to let the Ukraine into NATO’s membership because of the valid fear of Putin’s economic blunt and effective weapon of curtailing or cutting off all together its natural gas spicket from Europe, especially Germany.

Is there anything that America can do to thwart Putin’s aggression, save but declare World War 3? The smartest guys in the room think that because much of Russia’s wealth is ensconced in Western banks… that we have leverage to make Putin play ‘nice.’ But this strategy too is fraught with the unknown - who knows if Putin is playing with a full deck of cards… who knows if his narcissism has not morphed into some sick psychosis? Then again, it was a master geo-politic stroke because did you noticed that Putin’s aggression against the Ukraine took place after the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and against a President Obama who is not ready for Prime Time....

While we are on the salient subject of President Obama… let us take an objective look at our leader’s Foreign policy in the six or so years he has been in office: many members of the Green Revolution who wanted to bring Democracy to Iran were left to die without the moral support of the United States; the relatively benign cancer of Egypt’s Mubarak was momentarily replaced by the malignant cancer of the Muslim Brotherhood; our closest ally in the troublesome Middle East, Israel, was treated like a pariah by President Obama; Syria's Assad is still slaughtering his people with tacit impunity from the West; and even now, Iran is speedily marching toward being a Nuclear power… with its surrogates/proxies waiting to get their respective terrorist hands on miniature Nuclear weapons. The foregoing failures in our Foreign policy is the weakness that Vladimir Putin has seen in our President Obama that gives the former license to have carte-blanche in the Crimea, Ukraine, and possibly beyond…

In light of what is happening in the Ukraine - with some 50,000 Russian soldiers massing on its border and frequent provocations by Putin’s advocates… why should not the Baltic States - Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania - notwithstanding their recent membership in NATO, be wary. There is no backbone in Washington or anywhere in Europe - incidentally, where are the Statesmen/women like Churchill, Thatcher, both President Bushes, and President Reagan? I say to Prime Minister Netanyahu, one of the few statesmen left, like I have been opining for the past three years in this forum… that under no circumstances must he trust the Obama administration with Israel’s security.

As for the current bully, Putin, we can only hope that he is sated with his confiscation of the Crimea… however, with tens of thousands of Russian troops still massing on Ukraine’s border, and, as recently as today, one of our fighter air-crafts was blatantly challenged by the Russians, bely my wishful thinking - does anyone who knows a little about our recent history imagined this Russian fighter airplane blatant provocation taking place under President Reagan’s or Prime Minister Thatcher’s watch or Russia doing the same to Israel under Netanyahu’s watch!?


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