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The Political Left, Right, and the Workers Agenda

Updated on May 26, 2020
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James is just an average citizen concerned for the survival of the average family of laborers!

The Workers Revolution Will Be Televised

The history of all ancient societies is the history of class struggle. In each of these we find a complicated arrangement of people into various social, economic, and political orders. Ancient Rome had its patricians, knights, plebeians, and slaves. During the middle ages there were three orders; oratores, bellatores, and laborers - translated as "those who pray", "those who fight", and "those who work".

In 20th Century America we have manage to simplify class antagonism via two distinctive groups who are hostile towards and in direct opposition to each other. They are known simply as The Left, and The Right. Therein lies a complex society whose political, religious, and social ideologies are not always distinguishable from one another – although the two groups think they are. The Left-right political concept is an often dehumanizing system of identifying political positions, ideologies, and parties between social equality on the left, and social hierarchy on the right.

Traditionally, the Left consists of social liberals, social democrats, socialists, communists and anarchists while the Right consists of conservatives, fascists, reactionaries, monarchists and nationalists. In modern political rhetoric, those on the Left typically emphasize their support of working people – the poor, and accuse the Right of supporting the interests of the upper class – the wealthy. Those on the left are known in social terms as the Proletariats. Those on the Right usually emphasize their support of individualism and accuse the Left of supporting collectivism. The ‘Right’ , in social terms are commonly identified as the "Bourgeoisies". Therefore, intentional confusion among whos who often displace arguments about policy by raising emotional prejudice against a preconceived notion of what left and right really stand for and who’s on what side.

Confused? But wait, there’s more!

Since the early 18th century establishment of modern industries and world markets the Right, according to the Left, has conquered for itself, in the modern representative state, exclusive political and economic powers. The executive of this modern state is a small committee who manages their common affairs. In their quest for power and control the Right – as accused by the Left, has demoralized every occupation which was once honored and respected with reverence – converting physicians, lawyers, priests, poets, scientists, educators, and policemen into nothing more than paid waged laborers. Its accused of leaving no significant bond between people but naked self interests and callous cash payments which have reduced personal worth into nothing more than exchange value. In place of the once numberless indisputable chartered freedoms it has set up that single unconscionable freedom known as Free Trade – mainly for monetary exploitation - motivated by religious and political illusions – naked, shameless and often times direct brutal exploitations. Their concept of freedom means free trade, free selling, free buying, and free land. If you can’t negotiate reasonable terms to get what you want simply create an environment by which it’s prudent to take it.

The accusations suggests that their need of constantly expanding markets to support personal greed has stretched the Right over the entire surface of the globe - nestling, settling and establishing connections everywhere it may find resources for exploitation. All previously established national industries have been destroyed, or is currently being destroyed and replaced by new industries who’s introductions becomes a matter of survival for all industrialized nations. New Industries, who no longer focus on indigenous raw resources and materials but raw materials taken from the remotest regions around the world. Industries whose products are consumed not only at home but in every corner of the globe. In place of the old raw materials, utilizing domestic labor they find new materials requiring the cheap, almost slave labor in distant lands, countries and continents. They compel all nations, on the verge of extinctions, or in need for growth and progress to adopt the Right’s plans of production – compelling them to introduce what the Right calls ‘socioeconomic civilization’ into their societies - i.e., to become ‘Right’ thinking or suffer the consequences of a war which would move them rapidly backwards into the ice age – or perish altogether. In a word the ‘Right’ strategy creates a world after its own image of self serving exploitation. It is a glamorized society which centralizes all means of production with a concentration on putting all property, power, and control in the hands of a few, to be managed by the few, and distributed to the few. According to the accusations by the ‘Left’ this is ‘The Communist Agenda" – although communists are traditionally members of the ……‘Left’.

Not confused yet – read on!

From a production viewpoint, the early 19th century subjection of nature’s forces to man, machinery, application of chemistry to industry, agriculture, steam navigation, railways, electric telegraphs, technology, clearing of entire continents for cultivations, and an elimination of rivers and lakes for landfill – one must wonder what earlier civilization even considered the presumption that such production slumbered in the lack of social labor? Modern day "Bourgeoisies" - having conjured up such gigantic means of production and exchange – has become like the sorcerer who is no longer capable of controlling the powers of the other world he summoned with his spells. In such crises there arises an epidemic whereby all earlier civilizations would have seen as absurdity – the epidemic of over production. …… and how does the ‘Right’ handle these crises?.....According the accusations of the Left - they manage the crisis by the enforced destruction of massive productive forces – in other words layoff the laborers and build machines to do the work. On the other hand they manage the crisis by the conquest of new markets and a more thorough exploitation of the old ones.

On the other side of the spectrum however, is the ‘Left’ – or the ‘Proletarian’. This is a self consciencous, independent movement of the immense majority, designed for the interests, protection, and survival of the immense majority known as the working poor - or low wage laborers. The various interests and conditions of life within the ranks of the ‘Left’ are more equalized in proportion as machinery and technology obliterates all distinctions of labor and nearly everywhere reduces wages to the same low minimum levels. Members of the ‘Left’ – represented by the hard working laborers – can not raise themselves up without the whole super incumbent strata of the ‘Right’ being offended. They may gain small victories via strikes or protests.

Every now and then the laborers are victorious – but only for a short time. The real fruit of their battle lies not in the immediate results but in the ever expanding union of the workers. This union is enhanced by the improved means of communications which is created my modern technologies such as social media - which places the workers of different localities in contact with one another thereby giving them more collaborative power - and nothing more. The ‘Right’ have been reproached by the ‘Left’ for their alleged desire to abolish the privilege of the domestic worker to not just survive but to personally acquire property as fruits of their labor whose property is alleged to be the ground work of all wealth, personal freedoms, activities, survival, and independence.

Wait - What!!!?.........

You're telling us that the ‘Left’ is accusing the ‘Right’ of taking away hard earned, self acquired, individually own property – you mean the property of the low age, no insurance, and no pensioned laborer and the hard working immigrant, uneducated peasant , or the educated professional who cant find a decent paying job??!! ….hush up!

There is no need for the ‘Right’ to personally abolish that! The creation of FTA's (Free Trade Agreements) [approved by both Left and right] and the development of new industries have to a greater extent already accomplished this task – and are continuing to accomplish this task daily.

The Left is horrified by their accusations of the Rights' efforts to do away with the ownership of private property for distribution to the few. However, in their existing society private property has already vanished for nine/tenths of the ‘Left’ population – due mainly to a bad economy resulting in layoffs, foreclosures, low wages, and a weakened dollar. Weighed against foreign trade and cheap labor – land ownership, freedom and independence sailed to foreign countries with other Corporations. Those who do own private property do so only because the ‘Right’ according to the ‘Left’ have no need for it – yet! However, contrary to popular belief, the ‘Right’s system of government deprives no individual of the power to appropriate the products of society – however, according to the ‘Left’ it does deprive the individual the power to subjugate the labor of others by means of such appropriations. Left right, Right left….flip a coin as both sides are equally guilty!

The 'Right' promotes family and education as a means of progress to the disgust of the 'Left' who complains that the halo correlation of parent and child, because of progressive industries, has torn the Proletariat family apart due to parents having to migrate to different states or even foreign soils for survival which has deteriorated the family structure, transforming their children into nothing more than simple articles of commerce and instruments of labor. The 'Proletariat' has accused the 'Bourgeoisies' of tearing away its sentimental veil which has reduced the spiritual family relation to a money relation.

During the earlier formations of civilizations the workers owned and nurtured the lands. They plowed the fields, and harvested the crops which brought them unparallel wealth and solidified the future of their respective countries. The workers of today have no country, no land, and little to no wealth. The Bourgeoisies can not take from them what they do not own despite their perceived political power - which is merely the organized power of one class for oppressing another. Perhaps in the 22nd Century in place of the old 'Left/Right' sociopolitical psychology of the 21st century with its class antagonism, there will be a system by which the free development of every individual will be the condition for the free development of all.

Members on the ‘Left” openly declare that their ends can be obtained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions maintained by the 'Right'. Having recognized the frustration of the members on the Left - let the members of the ‘Right’ tremble at the thought of a ‘Left’ wing laborers revolution. The poor workers or the Proletarians have little to lose but their chains which bounds them to low wage labor. However, in their minds they do have a world to win. I am not advocating a laborers overthrow of social orders – but in a global economy when the haves are getting more and the have nots are paying for it while receiving less something has to give and world leaders better be prepared for it – if it happens on shift Shift!

In conclusion:

In a global economy dominated by technology, greed, competition for market dominance, and the need for cheap labor - let's have a moment of silence for the laborers…please. This is perhaps all they're going to get!


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