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The Liberal Newsletter - The Anti-America Edition

Updated on June 3, 2016
RJ Schwartz profile image

I'm on the right side of politics and enjoy a good debate on government, the economy, common sense, and the rights of the people.

It's a hot Friday here in the Western United States and temperatures are expected to reach into the nineties, and it's just the beginning of the swelter we call summer. Funny thing about warmer weather is the effect it has on people, especially those in the cities. Now out here in Idaho, the only thing hot weather impacts is the water bill, with the crops and the lawns being the benefactor. In the cities, especially in place like Chicago, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, the heat somehow drives people to acts of violence, some random but most on purpose. It's tragic the amount of property that's damaged and number of lives lost during the summer months. Heat, heat, heat, makes us all uncomfortable and downright angry sometimes. Actually, recent events have made me a bit hot under the collar and it has to do with what's going on in our nation. The America I know is rapidly becoming unknown, being strangled by Political Correctness, foreign influence, and a lack of common sense.

Actions Without Explanations

In Georgia, a burka-clad woman suddenly appeared emerging from a wooded area, walked up to a home flying Old Glory, pulled it from the ground and began beating the homeowner with it. A Muslim woman, dressed in Muslim garb, on the day after Memorial Day attacks an American citizen and her daughter using OUR flag as a weapon.

Latino men, waving Mexican flags attack American citizens, including women and children, in San Jose California. They cornered a woman and pelted her with eggs and other food items, physically assaulting her - her only crime in their eyes was supporting a political candidate, which is of course a right based on her U.S. citizenship.

For the eighth month in a row, more than 25 million foreign born people are gainfully employed in the United States while nearly 100 million American citizens are unemployed.

Fort Riley, Kansas, and the 1st Infantry Division invited retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin to speak at a breakfast on June 6th. But, a protest from a so-called religious freedom group protested until the event was cancelled, calling the ex-Delta Fonce Three Star General a Christain extremist. After 36 years of service to this nation, a political correctness group who said "people were weeping at the thought of the General speaking." Did I mention this was a PRAYER breakfast? A military hero somehow banned from speaking at a military base where 80% of the troops are Christian and attendance at the event was VOLUNTARY.

Schools Gone Wild

California is seeking to implement a new statewide curriculum that is definitely anti-American, it is radically anti-traditionalist; on terrorism, it tends to “blame America first;” on the 1960s, it highlights and implicitly lauds the most radical “black, brown, red, and yellow power movements;” on politics. it leans heavy to progressives policies while perpetrating a hit job on conservatives throughout. It elevates Keynesian liberalism and ignores everything else; on military history, it is silent or slyly antagonistic.

Washington State will one teach kindergarteners. Transgenderism is the current distraction of the day; it actually is meaningless but serves to give political smokescreen for other nefarious actions.

Philadelphia schools will now have two Muslim holidays added to their annual calendar. What's next? Mandatory prayer rugs? Burkas for our young girls?


So I'm asking myself what is going on? I feel like I'm trapped in a bad dream, one where common sense is the enemy of the state and bad taste and capitulation to our enemies has infiltrated our world. This is America but Americans are being treated like the invaders instead of the foreigners. Our culture is being drained slowly, like a parasitic vampire is latched on to our heck with our death in mind. Why are we allowing this erosion to occur is the question? Who is the puppet master? But most importantly, can we stem the tide and reverse the effect of this destruction of America?


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