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The Liberal Newsletter - The Troll Celebration

Updated on July 8, 2016
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I'm on the right side of politics and enjoy a good debate on government, the economy, and the rights of the people.

I scan the stories on up to a hundred websites each day. It gives me a multi-faceted look at what qualifies as news, and how that news is slanted by the political winds. Getting that "all-sides" perspective is important and I recommend the practice to everyone. Instead of accepting the words of one or a few journalists, I prefer to do the research and formulate my own opinion. The stories sometimes are comical in their "over the top" leanings, but then again not everyone is trying to report the news; some just want to be heard. Other want to create the news, mainly by putting out a version of the real events and hoping others agree. Still others just want to attack the players in a particular story; those types are what I consider the elders of the "Age of the Trolls." As attack dogs who come barreling out of their cages on a seek and eliminate mission, these people have given rise to a cultish following of haters. They are the figurative parents of the juvenile delinquents of the Internet who are quick to claim "not my child" in the event of an incident. These writers fan the flames of an incident just enough for their zombie armies to have direction and then stand by and feed off of the hate.

The Troll Children

The comments sections is where the Children of the Trolls reside. Hiding behind their secret identities and strange avatars, these immature and angry people spout off at a moments notice. They threaten, they use ALL CAPITAL letters, possible to sound or appear important, they repeat senseless and ideological statements over and over, and when things look just right, they gloat. Since the capitulation of the FBI on the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, the troll children have been as active as I've ever seen them. They are gleefully rubbing the turn of events into the faces of other commentators on the conservative or Republican leaning websites. Its to the point that even some of the really unhappy ones even seem slightly amused. Of course, most of these angry internet beasts are lonely basement dwelling losers who rarely see the light of day and get their only dose of self-actualization from bullying on-line. Most of them have multiple identities and create many new accounts as the old ones are blocked as spam.

Types of Trolls

Trolls today can be sorted into their own subgroups, and depending on which sites you regularly visit, you may or may not know them all. The types most commonly known are as follows. "Spammers - people who want to tell you about how much money they are earning on-line and all you have to do is click their link to learn how." "Racists - poeple who just love to hate and try to drop every epitaph they can without getting banned hopefully while pulling you into an arguement in the process." "The Smart Sounding Dumb Guy/Girl - they use the vocabulary in ways most writers can only dream of, spouting out long dissertations about their opinions which no one can follow and if anyone tries, they attack and try to destroy their opponents." "The Cause Troll - whether it is Global Warming, Femenisn, or gun rights, the cause troll defines themselves only by their cause and they will post continually to shout out their opponents, often changing attacks multiple times during the exchange to keep people off balance." "Cannibal Trolls - These trolls spend their time stalking and destroying other trolls using their same tactics - this troll is one of the few who do good." The Political Troll - this troll subgroup that lives and dies by their party."

Political Trolls

Since the Hillary e-mail scandal emerged, these trolls have been engaged in an all out war of distraction to shield their ice-queen. They repeat the phrase "It's Bush's fault" over and over in an attempt to convince people that former President Bush was responsible for everything warts to the common cold. After the verdict, and the subsequent "case closed" message from Loretta Lynch, the political trolls have turned up their vitriolic one-liners about the fate of the nation. I've read multiple back and forth posts where the trolls are already making claims to the White House, calling the GOP losers, ridiculing the fact the Congressional inquiries never get anything accomplished, and much more. It's as if they feel that their voice somehow makes a difference. Well, I'm here to say it does. It's so inflammatory that it will generate more support AGAINST Hillary - America is tired of the "above the law" class of politicians trying to rule rather than govern.


With the Republican-led inquiry the next day, the facts emerged loudly and clearly that Hillary did indeed break the law but the FBI chose not to charge her. Director Comey did reveal some facts that were previously unknown almost to the point where any person with a 7th grade education would be able to see she should have been indicted. What happens now rests on the will of Congress and the voters. It's not going away, even though a senseless murder of police officers in Dallas by black activists has captured the news cycle. This whole thing has stunk from the beginning and it will continue to smell right up until November.


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