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The Israeli State founder Golda Meir

Updated on August 25, 2014

Born Golda Mabovich, Golda Meir was a teacher from Israel, a politician who became Israel’s 4th Prime Minister and a kibbutznik. Elected as Israel’s Prime Minister on the seventeenth of March, Meir served as Foreign Minister and Minister of Labour. The world’s third and Israel’s first woman to hold such offices, she is characterized as Israeli politics’ Iron Lade a long time before this was related to Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister of Britain. “The best man in the government” was how David Ben Gurion, previous Prime Minister use to refer to Thatcher. Often she was portrayed as the grey-bunned, straight talking and strong willed Jewish people’s grandmother. In the year nineteen seventy four after the Yom Kippur War end, Meir resigned as prime minister and due to lymphoma, met her demise.

Golda Mabovitch

She was born as Golda Mabovitch on the third of May in Ukraine which was previously known as the Russian Empire of Kieve. Her father was a carpenter and in she had later written that her memories which were earliest were of her dad boarding up the door in front as a reaction to a rumor of a pogrom that was imminent. Tzipke and Sheyna were her sisters and she also had 5 other brothers and sisters who passed away in their child hood. It was to Sheyna that she was especially close.

Father Moshe Mabovitch

In the year nineteen three, her father Moshe Mabovitch left to find employment in NYC and when he was away, the family transferred to join their mother’s family in Pinsk. In the year nineteen five, Moshe moved to the Wisconsin town of Milwaukee trying to find work that paid higher. In the workshop of the local yard railroad was where there was employment and the year after he saved money enough to bring the rest to the USA.

One the north side of Milwaukee, Blume ran a store of groceries where Golda, who was eight years old was in charge of taking care of the store when their mom went for supplies. The grade school Fourth Street was where Golda attended from ’06 to ’12. Early a leader, she was the organizer of a fund raising product to pay for the textbooks of her classmates. She graduated class valedictorian even when she did not know the language when she started school.

Folk Schule

In nineteen seventeen, Golda became part of a Folk Schule that spoke Yiddish in Milwaukee. While at this place, she was in contact closely with Labor Zionism ideals and became a committed Labor Zionist when she dated dedicated socialist Morris Meyerson. Together, they left their employment to join a Palestine kibbutz in the year nineteen twenty-one. When Morris and Golda married in ’17, getting settled in Palestine was their marriage precondition. When WWI broke out she threw her energy to activities of Poale Zion. After their wedding she went on a campaign to raise funds for Poale Zion which had taken her to the USA. In nineteen twenty-one along with Sheyna, her sister, they moved to Palestine.

Prime Minister

In nineteen forty six, Meir became the Jewish Agency’s Political Department acting head during Moshe Sharett’s incarceration, becoming the middleman between British Mandatory authorities and the Jews in Palestine. Two years later she became one of twenty four people who signed the Declaration of Independence of Israel. She was appointed the Soviet Union minister plenipotentiary of Israel and carried the first passport that was issued for Israel. She later served as Labour Minister as a Mapai member of the Knesset and did this for 7 years. Under Prime Minister David Ben Gurion in 1956 she became Foreign Minister. After the death of Levi Eshkol suddenly in nineteen sixty-nine, Meir was elected as the successor and served as prime minister until nineteen seventy-four.


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