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The Longest Quagmire: Why America's War in Afghanistan Ought to End

Updated on August 10, 2017

The Reality of It


It Must Stop

The plan to keep 5,500 United States military personnel in Afghanistan after 2016 only exacerbates the condition of American foreign policy. Instead of focusing all efforts to combat Islamic Totalitarianism in Iran and Saudi Arabia, President Obama wants to twist the knife even more by putting more American lives at risk. Terrorist organizations like the Taliban and Islamic State have taken key locations in the Middle East.

This unwinnable war ought've been won swiftly with as few casualties as possible. Instead, the United States has incurred 2,326 deaths and 20,083 injured in Afghanistan. Their selfish dedication to defend themselves, their fellow service members, and this country, ought not be looked over or diminished.

To preserve their legacies and to respect their service, President Obama ought to meet with the Secretary of Defense and all the generals. In true Major General William Tecumseh Sherman fashion, the strategy that they outline ought to consist of a "scorched earth" approach to warfare. Civilians ought not be spared. Cities and dwellings ought to be turned to dust.

No semblance of order ought to remain in militant groups. The fight against the Taliban and ISIS ought to prompt these leaders to cease the sacrificial and selfless tactics that have killed or wounded US military men and women. The senselessness of this Afghanistan War ought to resonate with the higher ups who set the planning in motion for their junior officers and enlisted personnel. This is in no way a rant against protecting oneself.

Actually, it is a call to the minds of the armed to institute better thinking in the field of warfare. Rather than have troops tie their hands behind their backs in order to spare a hostile villager, the Rules of Engagement ought to reflect more egoist principles. The individual is the primary to all military units. But before the individual is concerned, reason must be the leading part of the equation. That is why there ought to be generals who regard the lives of American servicemen and women only as it is in line with reason to do so.

To mitigate the casualties on the American side, military leaders ought to focus more on destroying strongholds rather than "humanitarian" missions to build sewers, roads, and provide food and clothing to potential enemies. The war that is being waged is more than a tragedy. It is a devastating, selfless, mess which can be resolved in America's favor in the end. Though it has taken over a decade to right the wrongs, it is still possible for the US to leave Afghanistan with the notion that there's no other option but victory.


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