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The Luxury of France’s Economic Slavery in Africa – a Civilized & Globalized World:

Updated on March 10, 2020
Mox Willy profile image

Mox Willy is a liberal Pan Africanist living in Juba, South Sudan.

Are the UN, EU, US & AU worth the mandate they claim? Could the concept of human right be a hoax or does it upholds only Western Rights? Why is the entire World

In 1958, before France granted its 14 colonies in Africa political independence, it forced the leaders to sign a document that permits economic Colonialism to continue with effect from 1961. The imposed document was known as "The Pact for the Continuation of Colonialism" which requires each colony not to print its own money, but to use the French currency (CFA Franc) and to deposit their bank reverses to Paris. France then releases 15% of the rlbank Reserves of each country withholding 85% totaling to an average of US$500 billion all together without question. Any country that wants to cash their own 85% can only loan their own reserves at an interest rate. Meaning that, for the last 59 years (since 1961 to-date) France loots US$500 billion yearly from Africa.

This indicates that, since 1961 to-date, the total cash looted/extorted by France for the last 59 years amounts to US$29,500 billion. Absurdly, the shameless France’s President, Emmanuel Macron recently eluded that increased birthrates rates and lack of civilization are responsible for the high rates of poverty the continent. Is Africa poor when its 14 countries forcefully eject US$500 billion annually to France? In return, they use only 1% or 2% of this fund as foreign aid to Africa, and it claims to be champion of humanitarian assistance in the global media. What pains me is the inertness of the international community and human rights bodies in this scheme of this long economic. Isn’t this crime against humanity for over 430.5 million Africans in these 14 Francophone countries in Africa? To believe that this is a coordinated effort of the West, as per the Western education syllabus, where in history was it taught (from primary to University) that some African Countries were not fully independent.

I grew up all along knowing that all African Countries are free from direct political and economic colonialism, not until the former AU envoy to the United States, Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao broke the silence after leaking this outrageous truth – Watch Dr. Arikana C Video on. . France is willing to assassinate or oust any Africa President that brings this economic slavery to the open. So far, since 1963 to date France has killed 22 African Presidents for speaking against this scheme with the latest being Muamar Gaddafi for suggesting a United States of Africa – If u can flashback, France was the first country to invade Libya before NATO could come in – Read this link

Another victims of France’s determination to keep looting Africa was the darling President of Burkina Faso, Thomas Sankara; he was killed for protesting against the scheme and for changing the name of Upper Volta to the African name of Burkina Faso, meaning “Land of the Incorruptible People”. Both the AU and the African heads of States are afraid of their lives and position and are adequately muted by the presences of France troops in the Sahel and other parts of the continent. In fact, the declaration of the war on terrorism or Islamic insurgence in Africa by the West is a plot to deploy more troops to facilitate assassinations and coups against any impediment towards France interest in the continent. The 14 Francophone countries that suffers innocently under France direct economic greed and aggressiveness are; Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo-Brazzaville, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. France could not deplore the lives of over 430.5 million people living in undesirable poverty just because of 66.9 million Frenchmen and women enjoying free US$500 billion annually for the last 59 years! Humanity for Africans is to be lamented! Every nationalistic African in solidarity with these brothers and sisters in these 14 countries must share this to spread the call for a massive protest in embassies, diplomatic missions, UN compounds etc to force France completely out of Africa. The unwillingness of the world is visible, our leaders are muted by threats of death and regime change, but we are not threatened, we can protest, amplify the call for total freedom of Africa and demand UN to act or we pull out of the unfair family of the United Nations! God bless Africa!

The appetite of France on Africa's wealth
The appetite of France on Africa's wealth

© 2020 Mokili Elias Justin


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