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The Magic Cure for All our Political Ills

Updated on May 25, 2014

The Aliens Did It!

One of the hazards of the freedom of information available on the Internet is that it allows people with severe mental illness to publicly share their psychosis.
One of the hazards of the freedom of information available on the Internet is that it allows people with severe mental illness to publicly share their psychosis.

Saving the World Through Reverse Conspiracies

Okay, I think I understand the reasoning behind the far right/far left hatred for Monsanto, Big Pharma and Evil Vaccinators. According to the Libs (libertarians and liberals), the government is behind all this because they want to kill Americans for profit.

So, I don't understand this so-called population reduction tactic. If the government wanted to reduce the population, it seems to me that stopping immunizations, for instance, would be the ideal way to do it. We could let nature do the population reduction for us. I remember when I was a kid, polio, diptheria, mumps, measles, rubella, flu, whooping cought and all that stuff was considered the standard "chidlhood diseases" and every so often they'd publish the death toll among children and the elderly from the latest round of disease. Seems to me that if the government wanted to reduce the population, they'd just ban all vaccines. It would help reduce youth gang violence, unemployment of teens, overcrowding in schools.

They should definitely ban pesticides and genetically modified crops. This would reduce food surpluses and we'd have to stop sending all that food aid overseas. Populations in the third world would decline dramatically. Who knows, we might even bring back the old plagues of locusts, boll weevils and mosquitoes that used to be so much fun.

We could all go back to "natural medicines". They worked so well for our forefathers that the average lifespan of people ran in the low to mid 40s for most of history. If we could get back to that, The social security problem would be solved.

I think I'm beginning to see the wisdom of these Ron Paul enthusiasts. Let me get my tin foil hat and lets go hunt us some Illuminati!

It's all a big conspiracy!

Do you think they guess what we're up to????
Do you think they guess what we're up to????

Evil Aspartame!

A link to an anti-aspartame article is popping up all over Facebook and Google Plus. Same tune, new tuba. This "article" is a cut and paste from an anti-aspartame website run by a Dr. Janet Hull. Her PhD is in nutrition and, by happy coincidence, she SELLS an aspartame detox kit to the gullible. It does nothing, but then aspartame has never been proved to cause anything, so who would notice?

There is a reference at the end of the article to a Dr. Otto Warburg having received a Nobel Prize for proving cancer can't live in an "alkaline body". Warburg did actually win a Nobel, but the prize had nothing to do with cancer or "alkaline" bodies. But by another happy coincidence, the article offers a handy link to a handy web address where you can find out all about how to make your body more alkaline.

I know I sound a wee bit snarky, but these people are nothing more than snake oil salesman of the worst sort. A hundred years ago they'd have been pouring moonshine into patent medicine bottles and selling them door to door as a cure-all for everything.

We really need to be a lot more skeptical guys, when we hit the "share" button. It doesn't take long to detect your average fraud. Most of us just don't bother to take the time.

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    • twayneking profile image

      twayneking 4 years ago from Puyallup, WA

      I left off the links to all the conspiracy stuff I referred to because we all get the same spam every day. And besides, I didn't want to give the search engine robots an excuse to promote this crap higher on the search engine results. Every link to these pages only makes them rank higher on Google searches. It's easy enough to find without my help.

    • cheaptrick profile image

      cheaptrick 4 years ago from the bridge of sighs

      Interesting hub.Would have liked to have more info though.Add more and it could be a stellar hub.About time someone took the opposite view of some of this sham scam stuff that's polluting the net.