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The Many Failures of the UN

Updated on September 27, 2017
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Jack is currently a volunteer at the Westchester County Archives. Jack has worked at IBM for over 28 years.


Ever so often, it is good to re-examine some of our government agencies and assess their effectiveness. The UN is long over due for an accountability report.

- Jun. 2016

The United Nations

Established in 1945.

Headquarter located in NYC.

Currently have 193 member nations.

Annual budget of $5.5 Billion.

Secretary General - Ban Ki-Moon (South Korea)

One Bright Star

I am not claiming the UN has been a total failure. In a few areas, they have made a difference. One such area is UNICEF, United Nations Childrens Emergency Fund. However, even here, after 70 years, why is this agency still in business? Hasn't the original crisis expired?

What Should Happen Now

It is high time to revamp the UN. The US should stop funding it until major changes are made. The US is the largest contributor at 22% of funding. I also think the UN Headquarter should be moved out of NYC. Preferably, in some remote location in Europe. The current location in NYC is a traffic nightmare for New Yorkers when the UN is in session. The member nations should also be forced to payback all the parking tickets they racked up all these years. If they refuse, it will be taken out of their contribution to the UN's general fund.

Our world is in crisis. The last thing we need is a New World Order.

A New World Constitution

I would like to propose some changes to the UN. A new Charter that will allow true democracy to rule. Here is the one thing that will improve the workings of the UN. All members will be given the number of votes based on their population. The one stipulation is that their government also has to implement a democratic elected government. All other forms of government will only get 1 vote. A king or a dictatorship will only get one vote because they are not elected by a democratic process.

How will this solve all the UN's dilemma? This is the most equitable way for a global government to function. A governmental body that will act with the wishes of the majority of the people in the world. Going forward, it will act as a positive incentive for all nations to aspire to democracy.

As to the funding of this new UN, I believe the most equitable way is to have each member nation contribute a percentage of their GDP. This way, the more wealthy countries will contribute more. However, everyone should pay their fair share.

© 2016 Jack Lee


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    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 20 months ago

      You are singing to the choir when it comes to me.

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 20 months ago

      Jack this was very interesting.

      I truly believe we should get out of the UN all together. We contribute the most money, and receive the least benefit.

      The UN has become nothing but a stepping stone to the "One World Power" philosophy. I think that would be a disaster.