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The Many Reasons to Love Law

Updated on May 30, 2016

Why are you: Asking for Trouble?

I have a question to start off this hub with: Why would anyone want to be a Non-Law Abiding Citizen? Let me just put that question out there, "Front & Center." I'm sure that there are tons of answers, just waiting to spiral my way. But, there are many reasons to "Love the Law," contrary to the belief of many.

Let's start at the beginning of life on earth, yes, Adam and Eve. There were laws put in place by God, himself. He placed them there for the overall protection & in the Best Interest of man & woman's security. The 1st Historic lesson in listening to the wrong influences occurs within a week's time from the Creation of Earth, which set our world towards the course, that we live in today. God told Adam and Eve to not eat from the tree that was in the middle of the garden. However, when the serpent approached Eve and told her 'YOU positively will not die. For God knows the very day of YOUR eating, YOUR eyes are bound to be opened and YOU are bound to be like God, KNOWING good and bad. Check it out for yourself in, Genesis the 3rd chapter. All of the verses in this chapter cover the failure of man, to follow the Law's given by God.

Look, It's really easy to follow the law if you ask me. I take great pride in being able to say: I'm a law abiding citizen. I follow the court laws, I follow the county laws, I follow the city laws and I follow the countries laws. Simple enough to do, just don't desire to do anything that can put your butt in jail or worse! Put you Six-Feet Under. What's appealing about that anyway? Yuck! We all start our lives with rules at home, then at school and church (some, not all). What makes the tide change our decision to become a non-law abiding citizen in most cases, seems to be small, at least that's how it all starts out.

So, why is it that some people seem to: Ask For Trouble? By doing little lies here and little thievery there and falling prey to emotions going out of control, with an added dose of "Not Thinking Clearly?" A Better analogy of that would be: Becoming a Hot Head?

You ought to know that, there's a good feeling behind being a Law Abiding Citizen. Check out these astounding facts of Truth:

1) You don't have to watch your back!

2) Educational opportunities are not eliminated.

3) Certain Career opportunities are not RESTRICTED

4) Having pride in having Great Integrity.

These are just a few of the "No Brainer" good consequences to being a Law Abiding Citizen. What do you think? As for me, I haven't ever desired to be a person "Asking For Trouble!" Hence, the wisdom I heard as a little child: 'DON'T Go Asking For Trouble. Cause it WILL Find YOU! Another quick tip? There is nothing good in being a Law Breaking Individual, yet there are tons of unmeasurable good in practicing being a Law Abiding Individual. Now, "That's an Outstanding Reason to Love Law!"


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  • Sapphireid profile image

    Anna Taylor 4 years ago from San Diego, CA

    Hello InfoChamp,

    Thank you for reading one of my Hub articles! Seriously, as a writer, I've grown up as an admired writer of many writing facets. Thank you for your valuable feedback too, as I felt a need to provide some written material on this subject matter.



  • Sapphireid profile image

    Anna Taylor 6 years ago from San Diego, CA

    Hello Susanlang,

    Thank you for your comment! I know exactly what you mean. Many people use this reply as an "escape goat." Then there are so-o-o-o many who just don't have the guts (inner strength, I get mine from my faith in God), to resist.

    Have a great night!


  • susanlang profile image

    susanlang 6 years ago

    Because its so easy to get away with it. That's what others tell me. Go figure.