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The Mask of Deception

Updated on September 25, 2015

"Please, Sir can you look into this?" Priya urged while trying to be polite.

At first he ignored her and then gave her a snooty look, "I don't have the time. You see this pile. All are budding authors like you who want their manuscript read. " Paused and then with a polite demeanor continued, "However, there are ways that I can put your document on the top."

Priya was puzzled and although she wanted to know, "how" she was also terrified and disturbed if she should actually pursue this kind of publisher especially since he had uncovered his true self.

Pondered over this publication house's reputation, and recollected the authors who bragged on how their books became national bestsellers. Thus, giving them the quick climb to fame and success.

That made her heart and mind play games where the ball of ethics was being tossed over to each of them. Ultimately, the heart won and she agreed to do "whatever" to bring her manuscript to the top.

Needless to say, towards the end she felt disgusted and sick.

But then when her book became one of the top sellers.

She was elated.

‘After all it's just a game,’ she muttered to keep her sanity, ‘And I prefer to stay on top of it.’


Individuals define ethics and integrity as the rules of right conduct. How we treat others and ourselves speaks volume about us, as a person.

Either this attitude can make us walk a mile, or we could dig a grave for ourselves as we breathe.

Morality is gradually becoming extinct. We are living in the world of “Me-Myself-Mine”. With the rise of social media, we are becoming like a robot. Invariably hooked to the Internet where feelings and authenticity go missing.

Man aspires for all the luxuries and the comforts, but most of us dread the hard work that go into it. Some of us dream to become leaders but dislike the concept of sacrifice. In short man yearns the easy route to living this life.
However, the question is: Is that possible? Can we get things with just a throw of a stone?

The above is making our consciousness gather dust as we have forgotten to distinguish between right and wrong. Self-pride is in plenty, and that result can be seen with the increase in violence worldwide. Women are becoming the targets of anger, hatred as they get abused physically and mentally. The innocence of children is long gone. We could blame it on the media since the war, and the bloodshed is being broadcast everywhere. Sure, we want awareness of thy man's deeds, but we forget that innocent soul who also tends to form a scar on his heart and mind thus begin to live in fear.
We are running in this rat race and losing track of our goals and principles thus, making our living a sheer sham.

The Source is not attractive! We all are wearing a mask of deception, which craves for a quick route to success, happiness, and joy. Most of us want it so bad, and we don't mind taking any course towards it.

Today man is surrounded by dishonesty and adulteration. These chew the body out of a poor man as a result: he is bitter and digs and buries his soul deep into the ground so that it never tries to communicate with his mind. Thus, making the man walk on the path of dishonesty, amorality, and sinfulness.

Unfortunately, the circumstances in life are leading man on the high roads. The choices he makes are not good for his moral being, thus leading to many side effects that are seen around. As Wordsworth beautifully said in his poem, Lines Written in Early Spring: "What man has made of man."

My 2 cents

When we put the man versus his circumstances on a weighing scale. I am sure the man's weight will be more than his state of affairs in his life.

Then why not nullify the way of life, sorrows, outlook, statuses, and resources.

I agree the path is not easy, but to step up and challenge thy man's capacity is what this skeleton is all about that it can withstand any natural fury it comes its way!

The source for morality is within us. We can either just follow our peers who are annoyed with the system of life or we could choose to make our own!

Let's carve our own route of ideologies while removing the mask of dirt, flimflam, and craftiness. That will not only give us the peace of mind but also help us carve a niche in our society with the hope that it might inspire others to take that route.


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