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The Media Hype over reporting the distribution of delegates

Updated on March 10, 2016

It is not known who will ultimately be the nominee for the Republican Party but the reporting by the media seems to have already made the decision based on their reporting. While Trump has a lead in the count it does not mean at this point he will win the nomination. At the present time there are 30 states or territories which must cast their votes some are winner take all but others are proportional. Some delegates are unbound according to the rules of their specific states. This means as far as I can determine that they can cast their vote for any of the candidates. As part of the unbound delegate process a convention is held in some if not all of the states.

There is nothing normal about the election cycle this year regarding the delegate allocation process. Many of the polls, if not all of them have seen a shift in results from polls taken before votes are cast either in a primary or caucus and the results after they are cast. This confuses many in the media in trying to understand the change and what it represents. The same has been true on the Democratic side. It is unlikely that one candidate will win the entire winner take all states in either political party but only time will tell if this statement is true.. There has been a significant increase in the number of voters in the Republican primaries or caucuses to date and with that increase it projects new interest in the election process. Some polls and the results have been different. In some cases a double digit lead has shrunk to a single digit result.

I understand the reporting of polls for states or territories which have not voted but it does not mean the individual leading will be the winner or the winner by the percentage he or she is leading. One thing about election polls is that they are just that they are a poll and represent a place in time and things can change sometimes overnight. The true poll is the election results when the voters in the specific states or territories cast their ballot.

The media or at least some of them report on various issues and spin it to their political philosophy. The media is to honestly report the facts regardless of what they are. Integrity in the media in some cases is lacking given the reporting by various news organizations and their broadcasters/reporters. As mentioned in the first sentence of this paragraph the media report the facts in many cases with a spin to their political philosophy. Most of us as individuals know this and adjust our resource choices dependent upon how accurately specific media presents the facts.

One thing for us to remember is that we should not let the media determine who the nomine will be in either political party. We as voters must look at all the facts and determine who warrants our vote during a primary/caucus or the general election. We must also consider the path our country has taken and who is best qualified to impact our path as a country into the future. What happens nationally at the federal government level affects our states and us? We must make our own decisions not let the media decide for us. In addition celebrity endorsements or any endorsement should not determine who warrants our vote. Endorsements are great and these individuals have a right to their opinion but the popularity of any individual should not influence our decision. Granted there may be some exceptions but it is up to us to choose whether an endorsement warrants impacting our vote for any candidate.


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