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The Media - The Fourth Estate - Still Have Not Learned From The Trump Presidential Win....

Updated on November 18, 2016

The Media - The Fourth Estate - Still Have Not Learned From The Trump Presidential Win….

I came from church on Sunday and watched President-Elect-Trump’s first interview conducted by the rapidly aging Sixty Minutes,' Leslie Stahl and it did not take long to see that the Media - the Fourth Estate - still have not learned from the Trump Presidential win. The interview started out with the platitudes and then the media's bias came out when Leslie Stahl legitimately asked about the apparent Trump’s voters who are engaging in racism; however, there is a video showing Black thugs putting a beat down on a Trump voter (see hyperlink of the racist beat down, yet Miss Stahl did not see fit to balance the reportage. In addition, the additional message Sixty Minutes wanted to send is that Blacks, like myself, who voted for President Trump do not count, or moreover, we are loons to have voted for the President-Elect-Trump because Miss Stahl did not mention the minorities who voted for President-Elect-Trump. Sixty Minutes and its intrepid reporter, Leslie Stahl, also did not mention the legions of tweets that want to hurt the pending First Lady/family or simply want to assassinate President-Elect-Donald J. Trump!

As an Evangelical Christian, I do not normally use bad behavior to highlight other bad behavior – but permit me the latitude to make a salient point on ‘ignorance’ and media bias. The biased media narrative being posited about President-Elect-Trump is that much of his presidential campaign involved racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic rhetoric - but we can say the ‘same’ about Secretary of State Clinton? Secretary of State Clinton has praised the late Senator Bird - even going so far as to call him a mentor (See hyperlink of Senator Bird calling Blacks niggers Should I as a Black man fault Secretary of State Clinton for having Senator Bird as a mentor? And what of the ignorance - with a biased media not willing to enlighten the masses - of the many out there who are marching, but do not know what I have just conveyed about Secretary of State Clinton? Is it that many do know, but, as it is the wont with many Liberals, the unbiased facts… concerning racism on behalf of White Liberal politicians… do not matter in this debate - incidentally, do those who are calling President-Elect-Trump racist know that President Clinton’s mentor, James-William-Fulbright was a rank racist too (

What makes someone like me irate is that it took me just 45 minutes or so to research and write this blog, yet the media, with all their resources, cannot do what I just did or refuse to do so - because the media has no investment in objectivity. The media has been exposed over and over again via Wiki-Leaks, as to how biased the media have been on behalf of the Democratic Party. Concerning those who are marching against President-Elect-Trump and the media in general, it is apt to mention the Book of Romans where Christ Jesus inspired the Apostle Paul to write about those who are cursed with being reprobates… and so it is with many in the media and the Black Body-of-Christ. Incidentally, a reprobate from the Book of Romans’ point of view is a person, who, because of disobedience, will always believe a lie. (Bruce Springsteens’ Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (

One of the Democratic Black operatives, Mr. Van Jones, lamented the fact that his daughter awoke crying because Trump was elected President. Mr. Jones opined that he had to console his young daughter because she knew that President-Elect-Trump had ran as a racist and a misogynist and now he was, apparently, elected to implement said racist and misogynist policies. To Mr. Van Jones, I too am Black and I voted for the President-Elect-Trump and I too have children and my children are worried that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton believes that it is ok to murder children via Abortion - as a matter of fact, it is of utmost import to my children because they have a sister who is currently occupying space in my wife's womb and who is due on this coming December 12th. My children are also worried about the fact that almost all of the homes around their Black neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York, have window iron bars to prevent robberies - I wonder who are these would-be robbers? Moreover, my children are worried about the 500 or so souls who were shot and killed in Chicago alone this year from Black-on-Black crimes. I hope that you get the gist of a Van Jones selectively picking issues that seemingly only pertain to racism and misogyny and speciously allocating these issues to President-Elect-Trump.

To Many Who Make Up The Bias Black Body of Christ

For example, if a White President were to have done what President Obama has done – sanctioning same-sex marriage or support the right to murder babies, via Abortion, in their ninth month - that White President would have been drawn and quartered, if not literally, verbally. To the Black Body of Christ who thinks that one can be a Christian and be a Democrat, I dare you to drill down in this hyperlink ( tell me what you see is not pure evil? and tell me what you hear and see is not pure evil!

So far, President-Elect-Trump has chosen his Chief of Staff, yet the media is already criticizing him – does anyone thinks that if this were President Hillary Clinton making her choices to fill her cabinet that the media would have been questioning her choices? President-Elect-Trump does not owe the media, or moreover, the Democrats anything - he has a mandate from those who supported him. President Elect-Trump- may not even knows this, but I believe that he was chosen and ordained by Christ Jesus in the way he won the elections... and with the world at large seemingly being against him. I hope that the Lord moves on President-Elect-Trump to change the King’s heart so that he is like King Cyrus or King Nebuchadnezzar… eventually becoming - or if he is already - a Believer in Christ Jesus and secure his place in the Kingdom of Christ Jesus to come!.

Lately, I have been using music to help flesh out many of my blogs… the irony is that most of the artists whose music I have used - including this blog - are far-left Democrats. To that truism, I have included Bruce Springsteen’s, Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out and Badlands (Badlands


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      Verily Prime 18 months ago from New York

      Adverts have been just pulled from this blog - to the powers that are at I do not write for mammon! I write the truth from a Traditional Christian Point of view and I will always will... so pulling adverts from a given blog will not deter me because, frankly, one cannot make a living from writing for this forum.