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The Middle Class Doesn't Really Exist

Updated on November 10, 2018

With the fall of feudalism making way for the rise of capitalism, the majority of body politic in any given nation has placed a considerable amount of value in a status that has come to be familiarized as the middle class. The middle class is a socio-economic status presumed to lie between the upper class and lower class. Defined by a life filled with monotonous routines of 40 plus hour work weeks, bills paid on time, the modest accumulation of material assets such as a car and house, as well as backyard BBQs and baseball games on the weekends, the middle class has been framed as the ideal honest and honorable life. The entire idea of working hard to live a middle class life has been one popularly conceptualized as virtuous. With the incipient European colonization of North America and the subsequent inception of the United States, a centuries long propaganda campaign to generate voluntary assimilation into a life of middle class servitude was created as the "American dream". This so-called dream became the aspirations of an entire country of people and widely considered to be the very definition of freedom. For a good portion of the centuries that followed the rise of the United States empire, the existence of the middle class flourished and has been held in high regard as that which any average person could strive, achieve, and be respected for. However, due to one of the many inherent flaws of capitalist economy, the increasing wealth disparity in America has all but completely disintegrated the existence of the country's so-called middle class demographic and spawned an underlying indignation within a population that clamors for a resurgence of the so-called middle class. The issue of middle class life in the United States and its assumed respectability is one of the most common issues that contemporary politicians use as a platform in election campaigns. Appealing to the hearts and minds of the so-called middle class, politicians and public dignitaries openly pander to the average working person and promise to restore the middle class existence in shameless attempts to win their votes. But winning votes and gaining notoriety by catering to the egos of those who have been duped into believing their socio-economic status to be respectable is merely a facade. There lies a hidden agenda behind the endeavor to restore the so-called middle class. This agenda seeks to maintain the division among working class people that the perception of a middle class provides. This division prevents the working class from unifying and organizing. It promotes victim blaming and shaming.

The so-called middle class doesn't really exist. It's a pseudo class; an artifice created by the ruling class to fool the working people. The so-called middle class maintains divisive attitudes among the rank and file working class people but, more than that, it's an apparatus by which to increase the profits of the ruling class. By using the existence of the middle class as an ostensible method of proof, the working class is, by and large, convinced that ruling class status is attainable if they just work hard enough. By increasing labor capacity, production output subsequently increases. The workers are producing more and more under the guise that their labor efforts will eventually be rewarded with status among the elites who currently reign as the people who profit from their increased production output. Considering status is demonstrated by the possession of material assets, the increase in consumption will naturally correlate to the increase in production output. This increase in consumption will result in more profits for the elite class and, in fact, widen the gap between the workers and the elites as has been clearly exhibited by the wealth disparity. There is no such thing as the so-called middle class. It does not actually exist. It is a sectarian misnomer given to some working class in order to eventuate in higher profits and a further chasm between the working class and the ruling class.

Any politician or public figure that touts the existence of the middle class or promises it's restoration should be considered a clear and present enemy of the people. Restoring and maintaining the existence of the so-called middle class is an explicit effort to preserve capitalism and the class exploitation that comes from it. There is no such thing as the middle class and the perception or conviction that there is one threatens the unity and organization that is needed to procure a mass movement orientated to end capitalist oppression by the elite class. You may become relatively rich through anachronistic virtue of hard work and pecuniary frugality. But no one has ever become wealthy from it. Hard work does not equal upward mobility into the ranks of the elite class and success must not be defined by an existence that finds itself comfortable in it's own oppression.


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