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The Middle East in Turmoil

Updated on March 14, 2011

And the fourth an angel sounded a trumpet and whoa fell unto Israel and its neighbors....

The Book of Revelations told us there would many small wars and turmoil in the Middle East and one does not have to look far to begin to wonder. In Egypt, the populations overthrew a dictator just to have a military rule. Anti-democracy demonstrations have been occurring with frequency and the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda are working behind the scenes attempting to subvert the wishes of the people. Egypt remains a big ? 

Libya is totally another matter, one that seemed to be following the Egyptian pattern until Kahdaffi refuse to give in and stood his ground. He has stuck back at the rebels and now is on the verge of victory with a trained army fighting ragtag men with weapons. Its airforce is bombing frequently. Syria, has finally picked a side and supports Kadhaffi by shipping arms and ammo to resupply his weapon depots. All this while, the West, talks about a no-fly zone. Look, by the time it occurs, it will be too late. End of game. Even if it does happen, there is nothing to stop his army on the ground and nothing to stop Syria from resupplying. At some point, the rebels will lose. Libya will become another "terrorist" state once again out of revenge. This could open many other problems. Together with Syria and Iran, a messy Middle East.

Bahrain, a small island off Saudi Arabia and home base to the US 5th fleet to protect the oil shipping lanes that run close to Iran. Their revolution for freedom is a mix of real issues and nefarious groups that serve Iran. Iran would love nothing more than to overthrow the King there and have a pro-Iran leader. The US has given the country 10 billion dollars to show its support. Saudi Arabia is so concerned about its collapse it has sent 1000 combat troops to Bahrain to protect the regime. This is an extraordinary move for SA who also fears Iran's meddling into the unrest. The situation in Bahrain is serious for the West's oil flow. Iran may choose to stoke the fires more creating death and mayhem to anger the protesters. It may prefer to continue its subversive activity in Iraq. They already have a proxy political leader and group that has secured 50% of Iraq's parliament.

In Sanaa, Yemen, soldiers still loyal to President Abdullah Ali Saleh are battling protesters turned insurgents. Yemen is home to al-Qaeda training camps that the government has not been able to stamp out. Is there any doubt that they many provoking the unrest?

 In Amman,  Jordan, King Abdullah II fears that his own regime is next for revolt. He has mandated reforms to avoid this an even secretly flew to Iran to seek advice or solicit Iranian services.

In Lebanon, the former government was ousted and replaced with one firmly under Hezbollah, which is Iran's proxy force. They were the ones supplied with Iranian missiles that started the war in 2006 by attacking Israel. Since that time, southern Lebanon has been fortified even more and Iran continues to arm them.


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