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The Most Awesome Woman in America: Ann Barnhardt

Updated on September 21, 2012

Ann Barnhardt





Intellectual edge

Uncompromising faith

Unshakable strength

All these words can be used to describe the most awesome woman in America - Ann Barnhardt.

Most people are busy going about their daily business, making money, spending money, and enjoying life. Little do they know that there is an enemy lurking beneath the radar of social perception: an enemy of life, and enemy of truth and freedom, an enemy of the historic values and faith this nation was founded on. That enemy is THE enemy of America - Islam.

So what makes Ann Barnhardt the most awesome woman in America?

  • Her courage
  • Her wit
  • Her intelligence
  • Her uncompromising faith
  • Her bold, and unshakable strength

Let's look at a few of these points in depth:

  1. Courage: Ann Barnhardt single-handedly takes on Islam, and the entire world of over 1 Billion followers crumbles at her feet. In a two-part Youtube video Ann Barnhardt speaks her mind regarding American politician Lindsay Graham, and then systematically exposes the incredibly offensive teachings of Islam by reading word for word out of a Quran and burning it page by page.
    Her Quran is bookmarked with bacon.
    Her resolve is firm - to make public what the Quran REALLY teaches, which clearly is the driving force behind jihad terrorists. Unlike Terry Jones, Ann Barnhardt burns the Quran page by page, reading it, and explaining in detail why it is one of the most evil forces in the world, thus justifying it's destruction.
    After an educational, and informative reading (and subsequent burning) of the Quran she then gives her name, and address, and challenges Islam to "Come and get me!". Not only does Ann Barnhardt challenge the Muslim terrorists, but she also gives her name and address in a Youtube video. She goes as far as to post a picture of her home on her website
    Yes - Ann Barnhardt IS the most courageous woman in America. She challenges Muslim terrorists to come and have a piece of her. And she has every reason to do so. Most Americans (being wimps) are bowing to their enemy, and allowing them to intimidate, and control them by fear and manipulation.
  2. Truth:Ann Barnhardt cares not about public opinion, politically correct answers, and wishy-washy theology. She proclaims the truth as it is in black and white. She exposes Islam's call for jihad in the Quran, and the sexual mutilation experienced by many female Muslims around the world among many other evils. Her "slap-in-the-face "wake up calls directed toward some of America's "pussy-foot politicians" may incur a little anger, but a much needed correction. Her stand for truth amid the threat of death makes her a soldier of truth and a true hero - a true American!
  3. Wit: Knowing how much Islam hates pork, Ann Barnhardt decides to bookmark the Quran with bacon strips. Why? She wanted to prove that no "all-powerful" pagan moon-god deity is going to fly out of the sky and strike her dead.
  4. Intelligence: Ann Barnhardt provides a solid, common sense, intellectual approach to exposing the grave evil of Islam in an informative teaching fashion. She tells you what no one else will.
    With precision and skill Barnhardt dissects Islam, laying it bare for all to see. You will not go away wondering why she calls Islam "evil". For example, in another set of Youtube videos she exposes the horrible practice, and teaching of Islamic female genital mutilation.

All-in-all, Ann Barnhardt has become an icon of courage, faith, and truth in a world that cowers and bows to the very people who want to destroy them in the name of Allah.

If we tolerate those who do not tolerate us, what will be the outcome? Let me answer this simple question in case there are a few readers who lacks common sense: The outcome is defeat.

If we tolerate those who do not tolerate us, we will be destroyed.

America needs many more like Ann Barnhardt. God bless you, and Long live Ann Barnhardt!

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Ann Barnhardt Reads from a bacon-bookmarked Quran and Burns it Page by Page

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